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Guest Post: The Set Design of “Lassie Come Home”

In today’s guest post, Constance Metzinger analyzes the set design from the family favorite Lassie Come Home: For this month’s featured TV/Movie set I chose the classic Lassie Come Home, not because it’s a particularly noteworthy bit of set design, but rather…

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Young Love Is the Focus of “Now and Forever”

In this guest post, Constance Metzinger remembers the 1956 British film Now and Forever. “You can’t separate us! We love each other!” Lonely upper-class English schoolgirl Janette Grant (Janette Scott) falls in love with handsome Mike Pritchard (Vernon Gray), a…

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The Faces of Jack Pierce

Jack Pierce himself only had one face, one which wasn’t particularly liked in Hollywood, but – as a makeup artist – Pierce created many faces. So many that the few we will highlight in this post will only scratch the…

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