Vivien Leigh

The Criterion Collection Edition of “Parasite” and More Blu-ray & DVD New Releases


Whoa, that month went fast. As we get ready to bid October farewell, we have a huge amount of new releases for you to watch before the month ends! This week’s new releases showcase everything from a recent Academy Award…

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“The Thin Man” and “A Streetcar Named Desire” Are Among This Week’s Epic New Releases!

Wow. That’s pretty much the only word we can use to describe this week’s DVD and Blu-ray new releases. There’s a stunning amount of Hollywood heavy hitters that are now available, and if these weren’t exciting enough, other offerings include…

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The Case for Anna Karenina

Guest blogger Kendra Bean writes: When Julien DuVivier’s production of Anna Karenina was released in theatres in 1948  it received less-than-stellar notices, especially concerning its leading lady, Vivien Leigh. Critics called it a “beautiful failure” and said Vivien failed to portray…

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