The Criterion Collection Edition of “Parasite” and More Blu-ray & DVD New Releases

Whoa, that month went fast. As we get ready to bid October farewell, we have a huge amount of new releases for you to watch before the month ends! This week’s new releases showcase everything from a recent Academy Award winner to several classics from the Warner Archive Collection to TV season sets. Take a look at what titles are now available, there are plenty of fantastic viewing options waiting for you!

Parasite (Criterion Collection)(2019)

Winner of four Academy Awards–including Best Picture (the first non-English-language recipient) and Director–Bong Joon-Ho’s genre-bending social satire follows the family of teenager Kim Ki-woo (Choi Woo-Shik), who were just scraping by in the Seoul slums before he lucked into a position as tutor to a wealthy businessman’s daughter (Jung Ji-So). It isn’t long before the Kims have connived three more household positions working for the Park clan…but the fates conspire to derail their gravy train in shocking ways. Co-stars Song Kang-ho, Lee Sun-kyun.

The Bishop’s Wife (1947)

A Movies Unlimited favorite, this delightful holiday comedy stars Cary Grant as Dudley, a suave angel sent to Earth to come to the aid of young bishop Henry Brougham (David Niven). But is Dudley there to help Henry raise money for the construction of a new cathedral or to smooth over the clergyman’s relationship with his loving, but neglected, wife Julia (Loretta Young)? Monty Woolley, James Gleason also star.

The Opposite Sex (1956)

Highlighted by stunning production numbers and unforgettable 1950s fashions, this musical remake of “The Women” stars June Allyson as a jaded wife and mother who learns that her hubby has had an affair. Encouraged by her gal pals to get on with her life (and get revenge), she begins divorce preparations while trying to figure out what she wants. With Joan Collins, Dolores Gray, Ann Sheridan, Ann Miller; songs include “Young Man with a Horn,” “A Perfect Love,” “Yellow Gold,” and more.

Waterloo Bridge (1940)

The timeless wartime romance and oft-requested title at Movies Unlimited features a fine performance by Vivien Leigh as Myra Lester, a ballerina who falls in love with British officer Roy Cronin (Robert Taylor) in war-torn London. But when she’s led to believe Roy is killed while fighting in World War I, Myra turns to a life of prostitution in order to make ends meet. With Lucile Watson, Virginia Field, Maria Ouspenskaya, C. Aubrey Smith.

Fleabag: The Complete Series

Creator/writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge takes the title role in this acclaimed and audacious dark Britcom as scuffling London café owner Fleabag, as she struggles to deal with the suicide of her best friend and business partner; her largely promiscuous and disastrous relationships with men; and her toxic family bonds with her high-achieving sister (Sian Clifford), oafish brother-in-law (Brett Gellman), embittered widowed dad (Bill Paterson) and pretentious godmother (Olivia Colman). All 12 episodes of the series are included in this two-disc set.

Fleabag: Season 2 (2019)

All six episodes from the second series are included in this release.

Africa Screams (1949)

There’s lots of bungles in the jungle as Bud Abbott and Lou Costello sign on to join a silly safari. When Bud devises a plan to pass Lou off as a great explorer as a way to make some quick and easy cash, they find themselves off on a laugh-packed expedition to Africa that includes a giant gorilla, a cannibal tribe with plans to put the pair on the menu, and a fortune in diamonds. With Shemp Howard, Joe Besser, Max and Buddy Baer, and, as themselves, Clyde Beatty and Frank Buck.

A Christmas Love Story (2019)

With the annual Christmas Eve fundraiser just around the corner, youth choir director–and Broadway one hit wonder–Katherine Clark (Kristin Chenoweth) learns that she must not only write the show’s big number herself, she’ll also need a replacement tenor. She finds a gifted singer (Kevin Quinn)…and gets an unexpected shot at a holiday romance when she meets his widowed father (Scott Wolf). Keith Robinson, Eric Close, Jennifer Aspen co-star in this “Hallmark Hall of Fame” drama.

Mr. Topaze (AKA I Like Money)(1961)

Humble teacher Albert Topaze (Peter Sellers) was scrupulous to a fault–as he found from his sacking for refusing to raise a privileged student’s grade. A local politician (Herbert Lom) thought the notorious naif would make the perfect front for his sketchy business dealings…but he’d get a hard lesson once his supposed patsy got a taste of power. Long-sought take on the Molnar stage farce, Sellers’ one-and-done effort at directing, also stars Nadia Grey, Leo McKern, Michael Gough, Martita Hunt. AKA: “I Like Money.”

Daughters of Darkness (1971)

Terror and eroticism mix in this surreal slice of Euro-horror. At a nearly deserted Belgian seaside resort, honeymooning couple Stefan (John Karlen) and Valerie (Danielle Ouimet) are joined by bloodthirsty (and, ostensibly, medieval) countess Elizabeth Bathory (Delphine Seyrig) and her lesbian lover, Ilona (Andrea Rau). What are the new guests’ link to a series of recent murders, and what does it mean for the young newlyweds? With Paul Esser, Georges Jamin. AKA: “Children of the Night,” “Erzebeth,” “The Promise of Red Lips.”

Bonanza: The Official Eleventh Season, Volume One (1969)

Airing on NBC from 1959 to 1973, the perennially popular oater chronicled the adventures of the close-knit Cartwright clan on their Nevada ranch, the Ponderosa, in the mid-1800s. Lorne Greene played widower patriarch Ben Cartwright, with Michael Landon (Little Joe), Dan Blocker (Hoss) and Pernell Roberts (Adam) as his sons. 14 episodes on 4 discs.

Bonanza: The Official Eleventh Season, Volume Two

14 episodes are included in this two-disc set.

Fatima (2020)

Fatima, Portugal, 1917: Over the span of several months, a trio of shepherd children– Lúcia dos Santos (Stephanie Gil) and her cousins Francisco and Jacinta Marto (Jorge Lamelas, Alejandra Howard)–claimed to have had repeated visions of the Virgin Mary. As their family voiced skepticism and the local government sought their silence, the pilgrims that they encouraged would receive a miraculous affirmation. Retold tale of faith co-stars Sonia Braga, Harvey Keitel, Goran Višnjić, Joaquim de Almeida.

Black Lightning: The Complete Third Season (2019)

Nine years after giving up his superhero alter-ego, Black Lightning, Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) is just your average, everyday high school principal. But the electricity-controlling crimefighter must reluctantly come out of retirement in order to protect his community from a dangerous gang known as the 100. Debuting in 2018, this action-packed CW series–based on the DC Comics character–also stars China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, Christine Adams, and James Remar. All 16 episodes from the third season are included in this three-disc set.

Hidden: Series 2 (2019)

Straight-talking DI Cadi John (Sian Reese-Williams) obtained transfer to her native North Wales so she could care for her terminally ill retired DS father Huw (Ian Saynor). However, when the fresh corpse of a long-vanished local girl turns up in the river, she’ll find that her picturesque hometown isn’t without its dark side. Atmospheric, partial Welsh-language procedural also stars Sion Alun Davies, Nia Roberts, Victoria Pugh, Lowri Izzard, Sarah Tempest, Garmon Rhys. All six episodes from the second series are included in this release.

Patrick Still Lives (1980)

Skin-filled gorefest from Italy finds the comatose, telekinetically-endowed Patrick (Gianni Dei) a guinea pig of his scientist father (Sacha Pitoëff). Evidently, dad’s plan involves using his son’s incredible psychic abilities to exact revenge on his unsuspecting enemies. Mariangela Giordano, Carmen Russo, Paolo Giusti also star in this unofficial follow-up to the 1978 Australian horror flick “Patrick.” AKA: “Patrick Is Still Alive,” “Patrick Vive Ancora.”

Cold Light of Day (1989)

Gripping true crime drama tells the disturbing tale of Scottish serial murderer Dennis Nilsen, whose killing spree in London in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s earned him the moniker the “Muswell Hill Murderer.” The film changes Nilsen’s name to Jorden March as it depicts his practice of persuading young men to accompany him to one of his two properties where he would kill and dismember them. Bob Flag, Martin Byrne-Quinn, Geoffrey Greenhill star.

Friendsgiving (2020)

This November, just-divorced actress Molly (Malin Akerman) and freshly-dumped BFF Abby (Kat Dennings) agreed to forego the family drama and set a holiday table for their inner circle. As the guest list filled up with party crashers, they’d quickly learn that relatives don’t have a monopoly on dysfunction! Writer-director Nicol Paone’s seasonal ensemble farce co-stars Chelsea Peretti, Christine Taylor, Jane Seymour, Aisha Tyler, Deon Cole, Wanda Sykes, Margaret Cho, Fortune Feimster.

Wolfman’s Got Nards (2018)

Back in 1987 it got caught in the box-office undertow of “The Lost Boys,” but thanks to home video, the kids-versus-horror icons family adventure “The Monster Squad” got a second life, and a cult following that still endures. In this affectionate documentary tribute directed by “TMS” actor André Gower, the film’s phenomenon is discussed and celebrated by his co-stars, director Fred Dekker, co-writer Shane Black, and other industry stalwarts and devoted fans.

The Last Starfighter (1984)

Alex (Lance Guest) is a young video game whiz living in a trailer park who learns that the Starfighter arcade game he’s mastered has been used to recruit him as a spaceship gunner in the planet Rylos’ struggle against an evil empire. Partnered with alien pilot Grig (Dan O’Herlihy), Alex will put his skills to the test as he becomes caught up in an interstellar conflict. Catherine Mary Stewart and Robert Preston co-star in this fun sci-fi actioner. Now newly restored from a 4K scan of the original negative and featuring a 4.1 mix originally created for the film’s 70mm release never included on previous home video formats.

Christmas in Evergreen (2017)

Widower Ryan Bellamy (Teddy Sears) and his 8-year-old daughter, Zoe (Jaeda Lily Miller), are passing through the small town of Evergreen, Vermont, when Zoe wishes on a snow globe that she and her dad can spend Christmas in the picturesque burg. As a snowstorm prevents them from leaving, it sets the stage for a little holiday romance between Ryan and local veterinarian Allie Shaw (Ashley Williams), whose planned trip to Washington, D.C., is also canceled. With Holly Robinson Peete, Barbara Niven.

George Stevens: D-Day to Berlin (1994)

Stirring, personal look at the final year of World War II featuring frontline footage shot by noted Hollywood director George Stevens (“Shane”) and his colleagues, such as William Saroyan and Irwin Shaw, who were known as “The Stevens’ Irregulars.” Compiled by George Stevens, Jr., the program includes color footage of D-Day, the fall of Berlin and more.

That’s Dancing! (1985)

Gene Kelly, Liza Minnelli, Sammy Davis, Jr., Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Ray Bolger take you on a tour of Hollywood musicals. Famous dance scenes from “42nd Street,” “The Wizard of Oz,” “Oklahoma!,” “Flashdance,” and other films are seen, with stars ranging from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to Shirley Temple and John Travolta.

Hans Christian Andersen (1952)

Danny Kaye stars as the Danish cobbler-turned-storyteller extraordinaire in a fanciful family favorite, loosely based on Andersen’s life. Lavish sets and ballet sequences and a Frank Loesser score that includes “Inchworm,” “Thumbelina,” and “The Ugly Duckling” add to this timeless fantasy. Co-stars Farley Granger, Zizi Jeanmaire, Joey Walsh; directed by Charles Vidor.

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