Which Film in the “Alien”/”Predator” Series Is Your Favorite?

With Alien celebrating its 40th anniversary this year — an event we will have much more on this May — and The Predator currently available on Blu-ray and DVD, we thought we’d get your thoughts on which entry in these intertwined sci-fi franchises is your favorite! Vote below, and be sure to share your thought on all things Alien and/or Predator in the comments!

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  • speedle24

    The original “Alien” was the game changer. It scared the hell out of grown adults. Just about every extraterrestrial horror film since “Alien” is at least partially a rip off of it. I see a lot of people think the second Alien flick (Aliens) was better than the first, but I don’t even get that at all. The first film was completely unpredictable and the ultimate in suspense. We knew pretty much what was happening in the second film.

  • Melinda

    Alien by a mile.

  • Peter Currer

    The kick-ass marines fighting it out with the “Aliens” and the auto-sentries (which are only seen in the special edition) whittling down the threat to acceptable odds (not otherwise explained) as the four remote guns’ ammo monitor displays the remaining ammo in a blur of changing numbers and the hot smoking barrels traversing as they pour out thousands of explosive rounds literally blowing away the creatures. Now that is absolute firepower!