The Owls Are Not What They Seem: Happy Twin Peaks Day!

It was on this day seemingly a lifetime ago that Special Agent Dale Cooper first entered the town of Twin Peaks. His life, and television, was never the same again…

Each year on February 24th, fans of David Lynch and Mark Frost‘s mind-boggling televisual odyssey (which touched upon everything from small-town life to the otherworldly and eternal battle between good and evil) celebrate all things Twin Peaks by rewatching the series and reflecting upon how there has never been, nor could their ever be, another program quite like it.

You can commemorate the day with a cup of damn fine coffee and cherry pie, obviously. But we also recommend you check out the following articles from our Twin Peaks archives:

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We’ll leave you with the music video for the haunting full-length version of the show’s theme song, the ethereal “Falling” by Julee Cruise:

Absolutely spellbinding stuff. Will we ever see more Twin Peaks? Only David Lynch and Mark Frost know (and they are being very non-committal about such a prospect). So while we wait like Agent Cooper in the Black Lodge for more of this show, we can enjoy the majesty of the two original seasons, the film, the limited event series, and a lifetime of memories from the bizarre and enduring pop culture phenomenon.