Movie Trailer of the Day: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

When Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me debuted at the Cannes film festival in 1992, it was infamously greeted with boos. Why? The audience was expecting something more akin to the quirky tone of Twin Peaks‘ first season than the bleak exploration of secrets and abuse that the film offered.

You may know “who killed Laura Palmer,” but how did she spend the last week of her life? That was the central question that was explored in the movie — which recast some supporting characters, featured David Bowie in a (admittedly excellent) supporting role and delved more into the mythos of Killer Bob, the evil spirit who found a place to dwell in Twin Peaks.

Despite being a critical and commercial failure, the film has been re-evaluated in recent years, with many fans finding it to be an expectations-subverting masterpiece these days.

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This post originally ran in 2017 and is being reprinted today as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Twin Peaks!