“The Soultangler” Mixes Laughs with Scares

As its promotional materials so aptly point out, “if Re-Animator was shot on Long Island for the price of a used car, The Soultangler would be the result.”

Here’s the plot:

Insane genius Dr. Anton Lupesky has developed a drug that allows users to inhabit corpses and transform into rabid maniacs! Can reporter Kim Castle stop the carnage and save our species from annihilation?

This low-budget, yes, we will call it a masterpiece, is the latest release from the American Genre Film Archive, an invaluable resource that is preserving oddball and outsider films for future generations. The new special edition is packed with more features than you can imagine, including the following:

-Transferred from the original 1” master tapes!
-Unseen 62 minute alternate director’s cut!
-Commentary track with director Pat Bishow!
-Behind the scenes footage!
-Music video for ”Wow” by Hypnolovewheel!
-Liner notes by Bleeding Skull’s Zack Carlson!

Not bad for a 30-year-old regional horror release. Those looking for fun and mindless entertainment would be wise to get themselves into the grip of The Soultangler ASAP.