Here’s To You, The Graduate: A Cinema Classic Turns 50

In December, it will be 50 years since The Graduate was released. Over the next couple months, you can expect countless think pieces about how the film reflected the uncertain youth culture of the late-1960s and is a perfect reflection of post-collegiate ennui that resonates to this day. (As you can see here the retrospectives are already well underway). Leading up to the actual anniversary on December 22nd, MovieFanFare will be featuring articles examining the film and its impact from time to time. We thought we’d get started by exploring the site’s archives and looking at how we’ve covered the Dustin Hoffman/Anne Bancroft/Katharine Ross classic over the years.

So here’s to you, The Graduate. Guess you didn’t need to go into plastics after all, because you’ve got plenty of staying power.

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