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    J Edgar.(Should have been in the lineup)

  • frankiedc

    although many on the list are commendable choices, there are several that are pure garbage, such as The Rise of the PLanet of the Apes and Captain America.Hugo was a big disappointment although Scorcese is a fantastic director. Sorry, Ryan Gosling, but Drive and The Ides of March bored me. There are only three I really enjoyed, The Help, Bridesmaids and Midnight in Paris. And of those three, Midnight in Paris was the most “artistic” film although the other two were definite crowd pleasers.

  • Hank Zangara

    I like the Muppets in general, but for Best Film? Really?? You should scratch that from your list and replace it with a far better family film, Spielberg’s innovative “Adventures of Tintin.”

  • Bryan K

    I have to admit I haven’t seen all of the movies on the list, of the movies I have seen, “The Help” is , in my opinion, one of the best films I have ever seen! The acting was wonderful, the direction was impeccable, and I consider their choices of actors to have been top notch! The story line: I will never look at a chocolate pie the same way again!

  • Blair Kramer

    Of course “Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes” and “Captain America” certainly are not “garbage.” Both films were well made and are very entertaining. But when it comes to the so-called Oscars, who cares anymore? Have they gotten ANY major category right in the last 30 or 40 years? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I can’t think of a reason in the world to watch the Academy Awards!

  • Tito Pannaggi

    The film written and directed by Denis Villeneuve called “Incendies”. It was made in 2010, but it was out in big part of the world in 2011.

    A real great film!!!

  • jrfleming

    Cave of forgotten dreams is my choice. Haven’t seen cronenberg’s a dangerous method yet but looking forward to it.

  • bill


  • Uncle Gibby

    Boy, I’ve got to get out more.
    I’ve only seen three of the above movies ( and one, was on PPV) I really liked ” Midnight in Paris “. Hope it gets some honors this awards season. Best Woody Allen movie in some time. Great cast, great setting, great concept.
    “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” was good/not great but generally pretty entertaining with plenty of action.
    ” Captain America…” was the PPV and I fell asleep about one third into the movie. Can’t say the movie was horrible, I was pretty tired that day.

  • sugarpussoshea

    gotta agree with “Jessica Fletcher” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    “When Cary Grant bowed out, so did I”.

  • Fred J’ Scott

    Midnight in Paris was my favorite.

  • fred buschbaum

    I’ll admit I’ve seen very few of your list. But, since there are just a few I’d like to see I won’t badmouth the rest. (We all have different tastes). However, Speilberg hit a homer with War Horse. An epic tale of ww1 madness with humanity creeping through the armies of both sides at an individual level. fantastic scenery, the horse’s adventures, and of course the handshake between father and son as the son finally understands what has haunted his dad for so long. didn’t recognise any of the actors, but, they all fit and you could belive they were there in the mud and horror. Of course the horse should get an Oscar since he played a better part than most of the so called stars in most of the other films on the list.

  • BDavis Fan

    “The Help” was magnificent. True-to-life portrayal of black sufferage and its ravaging effects on the race itself. But also a timely, well-deserved, stunningly thoughtful tribute to the strong, enduring character of friendship and truth which is colorless, raceless, and boundless! “The Help” definitely… by far.

  • Ron Phlegar

    “The Tree Of Life” was wonderful. I loved it. It had me in tears more than once. Brad Pitt is outstanding in a difficult part and the rest of the cast deserves Oscar consideration too.

  • GenevaP

    I don’t go to see a lot of the new movies because of so much profanity, violence, excess sexual content, lousy story and overdone special effects. I cannot afford to waste money on bad movies. My pick for “best”, however, is “The Help”. Wonderful story. However, on reading above comments, I would like to check out 17 Miracles and War Horse.

  • Dana Rich

    I go to see a lot of movies because of the profanity, violence, excess sexual content, lousy story and overdone special effects. But I have to say I have not seen any of these movies. Just sayin’.

  • Gord

    I’ve only seen four – “Paris”/”Ides”/”Tree”/”Apes”, and of the four my vote would go to “Tree of Life” with honourable mention to “Midnight in Paris.” However, I would also have included “The Adjustment Bureau” and, while it was a 2010 release, “Des Gommes et des Dieux” (“Of Gods and Men”). In their own way, “Bureau”, “Gommes” and “Tree” make up an interesting theological/spirituality trilogy. “Bureau” confronts us with questions about freedom of choice, Calvanism, predestination, book of life and judgment – “Gommes” with the response of a religious community to war, its ministry (particularly of health care) to a village of non-adherents and the weighing of personal safety concerns with calling and greater responsibility. “Tree of Life” is a voyage through life from creation and birth, through corruption of innocence, growth, reacting positively or negatively to ones upbringing and environment, and finally, death mingled with notions on an afterlife.

    Fascinating to be sure, with all three of those films a good reason to look and investigate when appraising current releases. Yes, too many of them are simply from Grossoutville, or about things that go boom and bang, but there are also a few hidden gems if one takes the time to seek them out.

  • Dolores Tamoria

    I selected “The Help” first and followed closely by “The War Horse”. Loved both of them.

  • Matt Gaffney

    The Lincoln Lawyer.

  • Stephen Teller

    Melancholia deserves to be on the list. Perhaps even win.

  • horsefan

    War Horse hit it out of the park for me. Since I live in horse country, I’ve learned horses can show a lot of the same emotions we have in us.

  • Gord

    Many have mentioned “The Help” and it definitely is on my must see film list.

  • snoopy

    I know I am going to get clobbered for this one, and I’m not saying it’s ‘best picture’ or anything, but I really enjoyed Breaking Dawn. I know it got terrible reviews, but I judge merely on if it made me smile or laugh in the right places. I was engaged by it and just plain ‘enjoyed’ it. That being said I believe The Help was a wonderful movie, and my husband got to see War Horse and he loved it.

  • Pat

    “The Artist” “Hugo” and “Midnight in Paris” were all the most artistic, original and entertaining. A 3 way tie for me.”The Help” “The Descendants” and “The Debt” had the best acting. “War Horse” was nice but really just a “Boy meets horse, boy loses horse, boy finds horse” standard story bathed in nice photography and sweeping John Williams score. Typical epic-style Speilberg.

  • ed

    awards will be boring as usual and pics will be forgotting in short time

  • Helen Bennett

    My favorite of the year is “My Week with Marilyn.” Loved it!

  • Bruce

    HUGO deserves top choice. It will win an OSCAR for sure. The opening shot, courtesy Industrial Light and Magic, takes your breath away. Fantasstic film!!!!

  • r-gordon-7

    Of those I’ve seen, “Midnight in Paris” – nothing else comes close. In fact, no other movie I’ve seen in the last 25 or so years comes close… an absolutely wonderful and unforgettable movie on every level!

  • Stephen

    Although I have not seen it, yet, Warhorse seems to be the BEST.I would also like to see the Broadway version, but not very likely to.

  • Lenore Salinger

    Just like ‘IRON MAN’was snubbed in 2008 as a Best Picture nominee, I’m certain ‘CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER’ will be slighted, as well, come Oscar night. Movie Critics and The Academy Award voters seem to consistently despise films based on comic book characters. I was pleased, though, that the good Captain’s film received better than usual praise from many reviewers. This movie, along with ‘COWBOYS AND ALIENS’ (snubbed in your poll) provided me, and a friend, one of the best afternoons at the movies in years. Both films transcended their source material and became thrilling and dramatic cinematic masterpieces. Both films were far more satisfying (and Oscar worthy) than either Spielberg’s schmaltzy and bloated war epic or the final installment of Harry Potter.

  • Dick O’Connell

    Why isn’t Melancholia on your list? It is a far better film than most of those on your list.

  • Miguel

    How about “Moneyball”? It is no small feat that if you know nothing about baseball, you will still enjoy the movie.

  • Trippy Trellis


  • Al

    Drive was the best followed by The Help and Money Ball.

    • Moises

      Personally I’m isseemprd by the quality of this. Sometimes I fav stuff like this on Redit. Although this time I’m not sure if this would be best for the users. I will be sure to submit something else though.

  • Garry Stewart

    “Midnight in Paris” was the most satisfying film of 2011 for me . Others that I enjoyed included some that were released late 2010 but I caught up with them in early 2011. These include The Kings Speech, Black Swan,Lincoln Lawyer,In a Better World, Drive and Hanna .

  • Pat

    I have not seen any of the above movies yet. Of those listed I’d like to see Warhorse, maybe The Decendents. I’d like to see Hoover which is not on your list. I’ll probably wait until most of those listed come out on DVD. One I probably won’t see is The Rise of The Planet of the Apes and the Muppets.

    • Charimon

      Hi, thank you for the cemomnt. The text only appears for a few seconds but you are right, I could have put it somewhere else LOL. Cheers Alex

  • Jim Foster

    Simply loved HUGO. Went to see it twice in 3D, and have pre-ordered the DVD from Amazon (2D, of course). By far the best 3D presentation I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. The story is great as is the acting and photography. Those interested in movie history would do well to take it in, as lots of it is contained in its 128 minute running time.

    Yes, yes, I know, what occurs regarding Melies is pure fiction, but it does show you how he created special effects back when movies were in their infancy.

    For the life of me I can’t understand why HUGO hasn’t been setting boxoffice records. See it in 3D while you have the chance. Believe me, you won’t regret it!

  • joe


  • Frank2

    Am very grateful to see a peep or two for “The Tree of Life.” That it gets a mere 30-odd votes against the Harry Bloody Potter thing’s 170-odd, or the runaway [sic] horse movie’s 240-odd [!], speaks volumes about our current state of visual literacy.

  • janet m.


    • Bhanthong

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  • Frank

    I’ve seen all the films on your list and it is a good one but I’ve seen quite a few other movies this year that were very entertaining and could make up their own “best” list,such as “Crazy Stupid Love” “50/50″ “J.Edgar” “The Guard” “Super 8″ “Moneyball” “My Week With Marilyn” “Courageous”
    “Anonymous” “Contagion” “Higher Ground” “Rango”
    “Seven Days in Utopia” “The Way”,”Cowboys & Aliens” “The Big Year” “Horrible Bosses” “The Rum Diary”, “X-Men:First Class”. While all may not be Oscar worthy, I was thoroughly entertained.

  • Frank2

    How about “Margin Call”?

  • Frank

    See, that’s another good film. You can add “Young Adult” “Lincoln Lawyer” “Source Code” “Limitless”
    “Missin Impossible-Ghost Protocol”. There were a lot of entertaining films this year. Oh, by the way Frank2, love your name. I may change mine to FrankAlso or AlsoFrank.

  • janet m.

    Has anyone seen Warrior? Cowboys and Aliens was silly.

  • janet m.

    i thought Tree of Life was pretentious–just a showcase for Terry’s cinematography— and I think I’m right on about it– (I feel like I’m the kid saying, “The emperor has no clothes.”) HOWEVER, I recently rented The Tree–about a family in Australia. It was better. And–a curious film called Another Earth?
    Planet of Apes movie was pretty cool, but more entertaining than art.

  • Don

    Moneyball would get my vote and I don’t generally like sports movies.

  • John Allen

    I see so few movies in the theater, I’ve taken to compiling a “Best Movies I Saw This Year” list. Which for 2011 ranged from 1947′s “Gentleman’s Agreement” to this year’s “Captain America”. Whatever you think about the genre, I thought the latter was both one of the best of its type and one with the highest degree of difficulty. I’ve seen only 2 others on this list, but hope to see most of the rest, especially “The Artist” and “Hugo”.

  • Frank2

    To Janet M.

    “Terry” didn’t do the cinematography on “The Tree of Life.” Emperor Emmanuel Lubezki did; it has been widely reported that he had clothes on throughout the entire production.

  • janet m.

    Still Terry’s vanity piece.
    No showers for Emmanuel in between hours in front of technology? That Terry’s a taskmaster. HA!

  • Frank2

    It is well known that no one is allowed to bathe on Terry’s sets (just ask Martin Sheen or, say, John Savage).

    A wicked and cruel taskmaster, indeed, is Mr. Malick!

  • SimbasGuard

    Personally I would have voted for Thor, but since It’s not on the list I went with Captain America: The First Avenger.

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  • doris


  • ralph parker

    Recently saw “The Help.” Should win best picture! Shame Speilberg lost yrs ago for “The Color Purple”….the best film its yr! Wheres Take Shelter? The gentleman in it from Boardwalk Empire? Geez!

  • Charles Lee

    None of the above