What’s Your Movie-Related New Year’s Resolution?

It’s that time of year again—the time to engage in serious and careful thought about those things you want to improve upon or make different in the New Year. And then neglect those pledges to yourself 24 hours after the ball drops. Maybe you do better, though; perhaps you even conduct an accounting of your success or failure with the current year’s resolution before making any new ones (ok, stop laughing).

Here, we won’t preoccupy ourselves with the staples of weight loss, saving money, getting more sleep, or being a better fill-in-the-blank. Instead, we’ll naturally focus on whatever lighthearted or serious-minded cinematic pledge you might care to make. I fulfilled my own film-centric pledge (it took me from November until April, but I did it) for this year, but I’m still working on coming up with my new one, so let’s turn to Irv to see if he’s ready with his declaration:

Irv is now on record, and we will hold him to (at the very least) investigating the works of the three specific performers he mentions. Your turn now—and look, we’ve provided a handy space below for you to record your resolution and keep yourself honest in 2014. Lights, camera…Happy New Year!


  • Masterofoneinchpunch

    I am always doing catch-up on cinema. Though I think most of us are. I tend to have smaller goals as well as BHAGs (big hairy audacious goals — this is from the great business book, can anyone guess?)

    My what was once big goal was 400 movies. I’ve been doing that for several years now and 2012 I got over 500 (books I got 48 done last year; so this year’s goal is 50). So I guess consider that a medium goal.

    Medium to large goals:
    400 Movies watched
    50 Books read (20 dealing with cinema)
    24 Full Length Movie Essays (this is more of a BHAG with me)

    Small goals:
    IMDB top 250 (I tend to stay around 12-15 behind each year; it is a strange list)
    Finish another AFI list (ranges from 3 to 25)
    Buster Keaton’s directorial filmography (3 uncredited to go)
    Entertainment Weekly’s “100 Greatest Movies of All Time” (2 more)

    Finish Academy Award Best Picture List (1 more)
    Finish the following directors who I need one more film: Charlie Chaplin, David Fincher, Hayao Miyazaki
    Dragon Dynasty label (1 more)

    I’ll have more later.

    • GeorgeDAllen

      MOIIP, I think I speak for many when I say I stand humbled in the shadow of such impressive resolutions! I cheated looking up “BHAG” so I won’t spoil anyone’s chance to say they get it without doing the research. The last book I read in 2013 was “Song of Spider-Man” (about the craziness surrounding the Julie Taymor Spider-Man musical. Very good, especially if like me you are a fan of both Spidey and Taymor); for Christmas a friend got me the book “Sleazoid Express” by Bill Landis & Michelle Clifford, which focuses on the Deuce (I must have had a psychic vision of receiving it, because I mentioned the Deuce in the text of my Top 10 of the Year, which also went up today).

      Happy New Year & best wishes w/the resolutions — hopefully in 2014 you will give us the opportunity to share one or more of your essays with the MFF crowd.

    • Masterofoneinchpunch

      Woo hoo. Took care of one goal. With the recent BD/DVD release of Cavalcade I have now seen all the Oscar Best Picture winners (one day will have to go over all the nominees.) I think I’ll be OK for the 2013 releases because I believe either Gravity or 12 Years a Slave with will BP.

      Now what is the worst Oscar winner of all-time?