What’s Your Favorite Warren Beatty Film Performance?

Last week MovieFanFare asked the question “Warren Beatty: Overrated or Underrated?” Now we’re looking for your vote for which of the actor’s roles, from gangsters and journalists to a hairdresser and an angel, is your favorite.

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  • Mike in Oz (down under)

    My OTHER vote was for “Berry Berry’ in ALL FALL DOWN. Just saw this the other night. A very intense and well-crafted performance of a complicated and unsympathetic character. Very able support from Brandon de Wilde, Angela Lansbury and Eva Marie Saint. Skilled direction by John Frankenheimer. Based on a novel be the author of MIDNIGHT COWBOY and scripted by William Inge (who wrote PICNIC)

  • wayne via

    My all time favorite warren beatty movie is heaven can wait I love this movie this is one of the greatest movies of all time I have it on DVD I’ve seen it over 65 or 70 times since I got it on DVD I-wish paramount would re-release it on DVD and on blu-ray in a special collector’s edition with a 5.1 Dolby digital mix and a nice remastered picture I really liked the way you don’t see Leo Farnsworth’s face in the mirror you see Joe pendelton’s face instead everyone in the story see’s Leo’s face except the audience that was great but that’s how the original film here comes Mr. Jordan was. But the Chris rock film down to earth also a remake showed Leo in the mirror and to the audience I didn’t like that I like it better when we don’t know what he looks like because we can use our imagination instead. Warren beatty is at his best in this movie and a great love story as well I could go on all day about this film but I won’t in closing I like to say I highly recommend-this movie to everyone who has seen it and those who haven’t have a good day everyone out there warren if you read this this is my favorite film of yours.

  • Cara

    I voted for Joe Singleton. It might not be his greatest acting job, but it perhaps his most entertaining. As is a really good remake, Heaven can Wait.