What’s Your Favorite Golden Anniversary Film from 1963?


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  • MissKitty

    Ooops! I thought Mary Poppins was ’63…looks like it was ’64…Nice lineup! A couple I’d forgotten, so I think I’ll go look ‘em up!

  • FalmouthBill

    I picked The Great Escape as my favorite of this list, but there are other 1963 movies that I would have put on the list before some listed. My actual favorite 1963 movie is Charade, then The List of Adrian Messenger, Donovan’s Reef, Courtship of Eddies Father, Sunday in New York, The Prize, and for another British entry, This Sporting Life !

  • Steve in Sacramento

    Some good movies there, but looking pretty scattershot overall: MAD, MAD WORLD isn’t really all that funny imo; neither is THE PINK PANTHER, which I remember as being a movie that Peter Sellers only began to take over; CLEOPATRA (which I haven’t seen) tends to get more notoriety (budget, length, etc.) than praise; and HOW THE WEST WAS WON is arguably more interesting on a visual/technical level than any kind of storytelling one. I do remember liking HUD and THE GREAT ESCAPE quite a bit, and FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE is arguably one of the better (and still exciting) Bond movies. I also like THE BIRDS quite a lot, but it isn’t quite up there with my very favorite Hitchcock movies (in no particular order: NOTORIOUS, REAR WINDOW, VERTIGO, PSYCHO). So since nothing’s QUITE jumping out as a favorite , I’ll recommend a few good foreign films from a very good year for foreign films: 8 1/2 (Fellini), HIGH AND LOW (Kurosawa), THE LEOPARD (Visconti), and THE SILENCE and WINTER LIGHT (Bergman).

    • OZ ROB

      Good on you Steve for adding those great 1963 Foreign Films. I would also add, Czech Sci-Fi film IKARIE XB-1 it`s influence can be seen in just about all science fiction Film & TV that followed.
      For an American film I will vote other, SHOCK CORRIDOR

  • mike

    It’s a Mad, Mad World was my first choice with the Pink Panther a close second. I still enjoy both MMW. I think was made more as a remembrance and tribute to the great comedians of yesteryear.

  • Mark Malak

    I picked Hud for several reasons,but mostly the performances.They must have been hard roles to play and they were done superbly,especially Melvyn Douglas and Patricia Neal.

  • Quiggy

    I happen to adore Ray Harryhausen movies, and one “Jason and the Argonauts” fits this category. One needs only to see the scene with the battle against the army of skeletons to see the wizardry of Harryhausen. It’s too bad drive-ins are passe, because the best venue for a Harryhausen movie was always at the drive-in, where I saw most of them.

  • Cara

    Tom Jones. A breakthrough movie and a bawdy, sly, joyous, timeless classic. And for anyone who cares, the book is just as delightful. Honest.