What’s Your Favorite “Best Song” Oscar Winner (1970-2012)?

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  • Movie Fan

    There were some really good songs on this list. I had quite a few of them on phonograph records. My absolute favorite song on this list is “Shaft.” No bubble gum in that song…When I hear it, I smell patchouli oil and taste Strawberry Hill wine…

  • Leonard Ulman

    the theme from Shaft helped me sell more stereo consoles — when the needle hit the record the unit was sold — as was the recording

  • John

    The song “The Way We Were” very well captures the theme of the film. Though a relationship may end due to the differences between the couple, the many good memories of it linger on. This song parallels the theme of “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” by George and Ira Gershwin many years ago.

  • Bruce Reber

    I voted for the “Shaft” theme, written and performed by Isaac Hayes. Maybe the best theme for a detective movie ever!