Under The Tuscan Sun

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
You’re encouraged to leave your own suggestion in the comment section below!

“That smoke? Oh, that’s just Mt. Vesuvius.
Tell you what: I’ll let you have the place at a 50% discount. …75 …90?”

  • Stacy B

    Is that a bird? A Plane? Could it be….

  • Frankenshep

    Will You CARRY Me? I am so sorry sweetheart. That idiot pilot’s skywriting is supposed to read Will You MARRY Me!

  • Jersey Joe

    Of course you can sunbath nude here. That guy? No need to worry about him, he only comes down here once in a while.

  • Wayne P.

    Why is everything so white around here…doesnt anyone like dingy?

  • Frankiedc

    Yes, unfortunately, that is my mother in law singing on that hill. She still thinks she could play Maria von Trapp in the remake of “the SOund of Music.”

  • Movie Fan

    Either that’s a small plane dropping burlap bundles or that’s the biggest bird I’ve ever seen doing what birds do-do so well…

  • bryankr

    Well, to be honest…..I had thought about carrying you up the steps; then I remembered, the camera just makes LOOK smaller. I’m not quite as young as I used to be. Too bad! Sooo sad!

  • Jo

    I don’t know what that might be and frankly I do not really care!

  • Scampello

    Wow!  I can see why you like this place so much!  You’d think that guy could afford drapes!

  • Miltonhbrown

    I thought the statue of David was in Florence?  Oh . . . that’s not a statue!?!

  • NatHil

    Hey, keep it down! We’re making a chick flick down here.

  • Vntgedrumz

    It’s a bird……………………No, it’s a plane!!

  • Caribbmichael

    Oh, that’s a sanitarium expressly for those who think they are Jesus and so that they can deliver constant Sermon on the Mounts.

  • Sochocinsky

    thats what you get when you liket your farts

  • Aedtaylor

    “Pay no attention to that woman behind that curtain”

  • Magman

    Ahha! Now I see where that “drip drip drip” is coming from !

  • ehsteinert

    Here comes that flock of geese again, and we’re wearing white! Let’s find cover quick!

  • Grayman6

    As you can see both Mt Vesuvius amd I smoke a little in the afternoon but without much help i’ll be the one to blow my top, the wine is chilled my dear shall we retire.

  • Burt

    thats not a tree branch thats a guy sun bathing in the nude….

  • Sochocinsky

    oh that big thing in the sky its the sun

  • Rhill3850

    Beware of men in white.

  • Nick Zegarac

    She said: You’re too impossibly sexy for me.
    He said: I get that a lot. Hey is that a grouse?
    She said: Yes, let’s look at the grouse.