The Running Man

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
You’re encouraged to leave your own suggestion in the comment section below!

“Big? You’re not big!
I did Hogan’s Heroes, Match Game, and the Feud. That’s big, my friend!”

  • ray ruddick

    How could you do that to Maria?

  • Warlordaz

    “Steroids make you deaf? You’re outta here!”

  • Wayne P.

    So, so what if Scott Walker just won his recall election as a sitting Governor?  At least I beat Gray Davis in my race, AND am sitting on my big butt in this scene from “The Running Man”… Yeah, and Oh, by the way, I got a box of rocks for a brain too! …

  • Movie Fan

    Helenna Hanbasquet??? This isn’t The New Dating Game, my sadly mistaken friend! This is Hell In A Handbasket, so get ready to play NOW!!!

  • Mccoyfamily

    “That’s not spandex, you’re just wearing a really tight, gold, car seat cover, My friend!!!”

  • Mccoyfamily

    “What ever you’er goin’ to say, the answer will always be DUH!!!

  • Bryan Ruffin

    You want to WHAT?! you should have thought of that BEFORE you put that suit on! and to think you want to be elected Governor.

  • Bryan Ruffin

    Why would I give you a peck on the cheek? You might think you need a bra, but in my book, you’re still not built right for that privilege!

  • Susan

    Didn’t I tell you? DIDN’T I TELL YOU? Politicians screw their aides, not their maids!

  • Westellrhodes

    BODY? BODY?…You thought this car came with a body! Well you can have one…it’s only another $100,000.00 if you want a body. Now get out of here!!

  • rwelniak

    Survey says……!

  • marc bruin

    Welcome back to S&M live. Sorry to say that your competing contestant Susan had to drop out. So John you will be paired with Scott. Too bad you volunteered to be strapped in.   

  • Rocky

    Our survey said………Mylar!

  • Movie Fan

    We’re gonna pump YOU up!

  • Johny2291

    No, I’m not going to give you a kiss like I did to the ladies on Family Feud!! Forget it!

  • NatHil

    Welcome to Celebrity Ghosthunters! Tonight Arnuld investigates the old Family Feud studio.

  • Susanjohnston

    No, this is not a “pumped-up” remake of “Of Human Bondage!”


    Yes your going to get a kiss and you are going to like it

  • John Pinkelman

    “Get to the Choppaaaaa!!!”

  • Frank

    Do you have relatives in Chermany?

  • Serialhound

    What did you expect fo thirty-five bucks?

  • Aaron

    Don’t look now,but Hollywood remade “Total Recal”.

  • Rhill3850

    Where’s Rambo when you need him?

  • Chett

    Please remain seated until the ride comes to a complete and final stop.

  • banjojane66

    “Ok! ……………Let’s see how you work your way out of this!”

  • Praetor

    What do you mean Stanley Tucci’s playing me in the remake? What the hell is “The Hunger Games?”

  • Tom K.

    You should have used ” da’ bass rum ” in the green room – this show is live, baby !

  • Don Donna Hogan

    NO! The seats to not recline back any further!

  • nivlac

    Sorry Arnold, it will cost you a dime for another ride on the tilt-a-whirl.

  • Groover

    Act, you clod! It won’t kill ya, just try and act, for the love o’ Christmas!


    SURVEY SAYS….. You wont return

  • bornagain710

    You mean I won’t be back

  • hupto

    “I didn’t say, ‘I’ll be back.’ I said, ‘Oy, my back!’”

  • Bruce Reber

    I just ran your license, and you’ve got 20 outstanding traffic violations! Lock it up, I’m hauling you in!

  • Bruce Reber

    Sorry Mr. S, but we have a very strict “no texting while driving” law in this state!

  • Bruce Reber

    Stop laughing already! I’m a prototype Terminator model that just didn’t work out – like, who’s gonna be afraid of me in this dumb looking outfit?!

  • John Y.

    Your going to tell me everything I want to know and be happy to do it! How you say? Simple. After watching a couple of hundred episodes of “Hogan’s Heroes”, and “Family Feud”, you’ll be reduced to a drooling idiot with no will to resist. So what’s it going to be? The easy way…………….OR?

  • ron johnson

    this time, you won’t be back!

  • abcpc1


  • broncojoe

    Alright, you flip-flop politician, who’s the Girlie Man now?!?!?

  • tim

    Maria, already knew about the maid and my love child?

  • jbourne5181

    your outfit’s ridiculous!!!