Create-A-Caption: The French Connection

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
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The French Connection

Popeye Doyle was determined to not lose at Red Rover ever again.


  • 116thDream

    Hey!! I thought this was the Reservoir Dogs casting call! guess I wore the wrong hat!

  • Movie Fan

    Thanks to my sister, we now know what we had for breakfast and we are NOT amused…

  • jack

    Maybe I should have gotten a bigger size in this hat………..

  • Chancellor23

    When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way

  • George

    Are they really going to shoot me in the back because of this hat!

  • Fargo44

    Look behind me? I’m not going to fall for that old trick!

  • Julia

    This is the worst suit I’ve ever worn and the HAT, are you serious!!!!

  • R.widmann

    That’s right, I’m a badass, you better not forget it

  • PJ

    Whudda thought Bruce Willis would react so harshly to my wearing his hat?


    I’ve warned you, you CAN’T park here!

  • abcpc1

    “Am I ACTUALLY wearing this stupid friggin hat”?!

  • abcpc1

    “Tell me…is that Jack Lemmon standing behind me with a MUSTACHE?”

  • Gerald

    I need a Cup Of Coffee!!!!!!!!

  • lovestorun

    Where’s the nearest restroom?

  • CLPA

    What makes you think someone wants to hurt you?

  • Steve

    Did you ever pick your feet in Poughkeepsie?

  • Henry Houdini

    I have six fingers on my right hand…..seriously….count them again!

  • Pythy

    When the sign at the haberdashers said “Hats — half off,” this isn’t what I thought I’d get.

  • ILMer

    Tired of previous years’ attendance, Popeye Doyle decided it was time to get tough about the Policeman’s Ball.

  • retiredcop

    open that donut truck and no-one gets hurt got it?

  • Emanuel Askew

    The only way out is in my hand you’re either going to jail or you’re going to hell I don’t care which you choose but you’re going!

  • Praetor

    Thirty years on the force and all I got to show for it is this lousy hat.

  • Max

    When they make a movie of this I hope they get Ed O’Neill to play me.

  • John

    Look at me. I’m supposed to be an NYPD police lieutenant. Instead I look like either a homeless wino, or Bozo the clown! I’ve got six bullets in this gun and I’ve brought some of the boys for backup. The wardrobe department is going to pay for their crimes!

  • Bruce Reber

    I really wanted a second take on the car chase-I didn’t tear up that damn car as much I would have liked!

  • Noname

    “I gotta pipsquick of a gun and a hangover,you got any more questions?”

  • Quick McQuick

    You think my hat is mean? My driving is meaner!!!!!!! Get it!!!!!!

  • delron

    I am going alone to the Pharmacy to get my French Letters and something for this
    bloody pain in my guts..

  • joescarp

    Are you going to buy two tickets to the Policeman’s ball or aren’t you? It’s a simple question.

  • movie mogul

    Does this hat make my head look big?

  • jumbybird

    That rail bridge on the right is my favorite NYC bridge… You can get a good view from the Triborough bridge

  • jumbybird

    I’m in front and all I have is this silly popgun.

  • zak

    That bridge ain’t high enough to drop ya where you’re goin pal

  • jazzlifer

    OK, “pretty please with sugar on the top”, now will you come out with your hands up!?

  • Magman

    So what’s their probllem? I paid $9.95 for this hat at Walmart.

  • RICO


  • RICO


  • FilmFan104

    “Hey Charnier! If this Smith and Wesson 38 wasn’t made of licorice and “Stormy’s” shotgun wasn’t just a stage prop, I’ll bet you’d be scared now, wouldn’t you pal?”

  • Jane

    “Hey!” ” When we say this road is closed for construction,…………we mean it!” “Right boys?”

  • FilmFan104

    I fear that Joan Rivers may give these “Fashion Police” a rather bad review, in her Oscar Night post mortem. “Who are you wearing, Popeye and friends, Salvation Army?”

  • stan

    allright wise guy who stole my hat