What Films and TV Shows Are You Thankful For This Year?

What Films and TV Shows Are You Thankful For This ThanksgivingSure, Thanksgiving is the unofficial kickoff of the holiday season, but what is most important about the day is how it gives you a quiet time to reflect upon what in life your are most thankful for. So between gorging yourself on turkey and catching up with friends, family and loved ones, be sure to set aside some time for reflection.

Of course, Thanksgiving is also a time to sit in front of the TV in a post-turkey consumption haze. Which brings me to the point of this post: I want to know what TV shows and movies you are thankful for. Whether it be classic films like It’s a Wonderful Life or more contemporary fare like Breaking Bad or seasonal fare like Planes, Trains and Automobiles, let me know in the comments below what movies and TV shows have enriched your life.

And, most importantly, have a great holiday! Gobble Gobble!

  • Gord Jackson

    Although we Canadians have already celebrated Thanksgiving (the second Monday in October), a few personal favourites, in chronological order, that includes Christmas films.

    HOLIDAY INN (1942)
    GOING MY WAY (1944)
    MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS (1944)
    NORTH OF THE GREAT DIVIDE (1950 – Roy Rogers)

    AUNTIE MAME (1958)
    CHRISTMAS EVE (? – Loretta Young’s last film)

  • John

    Holiday Inn (1942)…hits all the holidays and the songs to go with them by Irving Berlin’s magical
    songwriting, plus nice vocals and dance numbers by the great cast.

  • Carolyn Ferrante

    “A Christmas Carol” with Alistair Sim. “Charlie Bubbles” with Albert Finney. “Mickey” with Lois Butler. “West Side Story.” “Prancer” with Sam Elliott.

  • Suzanne Scherrer

    I think I am most thankful for “That’s Entertainment!” My parents took me to see that when I was eight years old and it sparked a lifelong love affair with the movies. I couldn’t begin to list all the movies I’m thankful for, because every movie I’ve ever seen, good or bad, has had something to offer me. I am thankful for all of them.

  • Tom K.

    I am thankful that our U.S. Constitution will not allow a THIRD Innaugeration of Barack Obama. Who wants to watch THAT ? Free America is still reeling from the first term and a half ! I am thankful my family still has our Health Insurance, for now !

    • jan

      Amen! (Am I still allowed to say that or is it considered not politically correct?)

    • The Mofessor

      Really! You can’t let that go for a few minutes to answer a question “about film”?!?! Have you ever even seen a movie?

    • PKC

      Ignorant git.

  • Movie Fan

    I’m a TV-Generation person. I grew up with TV as standard fare. I’m most thankful for the advances in technology that gave me access to movies and TV shows I missed over the years. I’m thankful for the internet because it gave me access to YouTube. I’m thankful for all the movie channels on cable, such as IFC, Turner Classic Movies, AMC and Lifetime/Lifetime Movie Network. I’m thankful for companies such as Netflix and Amazon for coming up with new ways to bring so much content to my home. Generations of people devoted themselves to creating families, towns, situations and worlds, then came up with ways to introduce them to me. For all of that, I thank you!

    • The Mofessor

      I am with you 100%!

  • Johnny Sherman

    The Andy Griffith Show
    The Rockford Files
    Frank’s Place
    And movies—–WAY too many to mention.

  • jumbybird

    All of them, because without them… my life would be meaningless.

  • fred buschbaum

    anything, even all those low low budget sifi films that bubble up on marathon nites.

  • The Mofessor

    For me, it has to be “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”, which is a fairly accurate representation of how insane it can be to get back to your families during the holidays! It is both horrifying and hilarious. It is a couple of wonderful hours that I spend every holiday season and I am very thankful that it exists! If I am having a bad holiday season, I can always see that it could be so very much worse … and then … I am thankful, LOL!!!

  • jackie

    All the old Classics such as Imitation of Life,Mildred Pierce.Leave Her to Heaven,just to name a few..If i were to name all the ones I love and admire I would be typing all night…hats off to all those that created these movies and starred in them.and those that have passed on and those still alive to star in more wonderful films..OMG..and all those MUSICALS!!
    I so love those! I think I have all the sound tracks to those..Oldies..I have them on 33and1/3 rpms. You young chicks and guys don’t know what they are..do you? They are in perfect shape..I have SHOWBOAT and OKLAHOMA and CAROUSEL.SOUND of MUSIC just to name a VERY few.I saved up my allowance back in the sixties to buy THE SOUND of MUSIC ( It was so popular and SO expensive) It took me almost two months to save the money to buy it.I also have been able to save some very wonderful movies on VHS so my grandaughter can appreciate the really classic talent of stars like Carey Grant and Audrey Hepburn,Natalie wood,Walter Mathaeu and so many more.These beautiful people should never be forgotten..Their talent and dedication to their art will never be matched!

  • Kathryn James

    I’m thankful for TCM! If it wasn’t for them there would be no tv! Thank heaven for old movies!

  • classicsforever

    I’m very thankful for the creativity and talent of the writers, directors and actors of classic films and television. Modern movies and TV do not impress me in the least.

  • John

    The Simpsons. My God I love The Simpsons (up to a point, obviously)