The Phantom of the Opera: Classic Horror Movie Review

Today’s guest post was submitted by MovieFanFare reader Cam Wilson:

I believe that this is the finest of the Universal silent horror films. There is no question in my mind that this 1925 version of Phantom of the Opera still contains the most chilling unmasking scene in all of cinema… even after all of these years of movie-making, and with several attempts to imitate or improve upon the original.

Rupert Julian’s excellent pacing of the story-telling is one of the many successful elements in the film. Lon Chaney‘s masterful make-up techniques and theatrical acting provide “Erik” with the frightful and menacing characteristics that we find so believable. Amazing sets, lighting, and locations establish the crucial gothic gloominess (of the catacombs) and splendor (the opera house).

A true film classic… for Halloween, or any time of the year.

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  • Jim

    I hope you were lucky enough to see the original, uncut version, with the Technicolor scenes.

  • bubba sawyer

    I feel that all silent horror movies are superior to any movie from the last ten years or so. Nothing can beat the amazing makeup the villans wore, like in Nosfuratue or The hunchback of Notre Dame.

  • JH West

    If you missed the original, you can see the unmasked Phantom any day of the week in Congress: Henry Waxman.

  • PHANTOM2233

    i saw this movie at school…

    my class mates were yelling in terror of when cristene un-masked erik

  • PHANTOM2233

    my class thought it was a scary movie and GOOD JOB to the special effects man [ saw the original ]
    gee Erik was really angry :}


    SO SCARY [it was the original]
    p.s his face made my friend black out!