You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
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“Four empty bottles of booze and it’s only 10am.
Something you want to tell me, Ingrid?”

  • Wayne P.

    What’s this bottle of sour mash doing in here? You know I prefer Boone’s Farm or Mogen David!

  • Blair Kramer

    Thanks for the choice Ingrid, but none of this is necessary! To MY eyes, you already look good! VERY good indeed!

  • Darrell

    “Know this cough syrup is a lot better than those.”
    “Well,.. I was saving the best for last.”
    “That’s my girl.”

  • Darrell

    “So this is what you been using to make your hair hold its shape so well. Now I know your secret, Darling.”

  • Bryan Ruffin

    My Darling. If you are trying to use liquor to seduce me, the least you could is use a ’49, this is a ’52!
    I know, but, you were so long in getting here….and I was getting bored waiting…try not to be angry.
    Ah, my love, but for you…I would kiss an alligator! Sorry! Wrong script. I think was meant for Groucho.

  • Hugo Van Den Bossche

    You still refuse to have sex after 4 bottles? You are a strong drinking woman ?

  • Robert E Feyerabend

    Spiked it with spanish fly again, didn’t you!!

  • Kathy K.

    You ran out of booze and drank my hair tonic?

  • BuddyinTampa2013

    Cary – “Everything you need is in this little bottle . . . Vitameatavegamin!
    Ingrid – “Oh, Cary! You’re drunk AGAIN!”

  • molly friedberg

    Geraldine! If you keep on drinking like this you are going to be constipated for the rest of your life.

  • John Goodwin

    “I’m going to drink until I see stripes in front of my eyes!”

  • George

    “The stripes looked so good in the store. Am I still beautiful, Darling?”

  • John Yeazel

    I knew you were hiding something from me. You’ve been serving me……. Boone’s Farm! And I thought you were a lady of real class. You know this finishes us. If word ever got out that I, Cary Grant was drinking this swill, I’d be laughed out of Hollywood!!

  • Remo

    watch out for the lamp Cary — you know that you get sloppy when you drink

  • CLPA

    THIS is how you got $200 in deposit money last year?

  • Deb

    Sorry Cary. No amount of alcohol will erase my memory of Bogie!!

  • dave

    You don’t need to get drunk to bleach your hair.

  • hupto

    Ha! Fooled you! I secretly replaced this 1922 Glenfiddich with Folger’s Crystals!


    Yes my dear, candy is dandy BUT—

  • Heidi Lynn McDonald Stetler

    “Why didn’t you tell me how you feel? We could have drank this together.”


    Chaser? My darling, how about me as your chaser?

  • Frank

    “Chaser…darling, I’ll be your chaser…”

  • lovestorun

    This works better than ex-lax so don’t go far.

  • Dallin

    “Hey honey, I know a fun drinking game. Let’s both get drunk, and you pretend I’m Humphrey Bogart, and I’ll pretend you’re Grace Kelly!”

  • Tom

    “Look, we all know you’re a bottle blond, but you don’t have to leave the evidence in plain view!”

  • TomB

    “Take this Hadacol, dear. It’s great for a hangover, and it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals that bolsters your health every day!”

  • CJ

    Vitameatavegamin? It has everything you need, and it’s 80 proof! No wonder you never eat anything!

  • Swerve

    I know you don’t fell like having a shag now, but after a bottle of this stuff you’ll be just fine

  • Hymie Rabinowitz

    Finish this bottle, and on your knees!

  • Byron Boyd

    In fact, i’d rather have this little bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy…

  • C.A.

    You don’t really expect me to believe you darling, do you?

  • sanklin

    what kind of girl are you anyway? When are you gonna get off this merry-go-round?

  • Pat

    After a whole bottle of peroxide, your hair should be lighter.

  • Connie K.

    Hmm, Arsenic 1946………………good year.

  • banjojane66

    Cary: “Will you get me some more drinks?”
    Ingrid: “soon as I remember where I hid them!”

  • Bruce Reber

    OK Miss Hubermann, I’m giving you a choice – either help me bust Alex Sebastian or I’m putting you into detox to dry out!

  • Dana Thompson

    Who needs booze when we have you and me, just put those together and watch the sparks