Riverboat, The Real McCoys And More Tube Treasures Coming

The Good Darren: The fondly remembered, 1840s-set Riverboat:  The Complete Series starred Darren McGavin as the ambitious jack-of-all-trades who wins a 100-foot boat called the “Enterprise” in a poker game and tries his luck at having it turn a profit for him. Joining  him (at least for part of the first season) are pilot Burt Reynolds and crew member William D. Gordon, as the stern wheeler churned up and down the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio Rivers finding western adventure and drama wherever it landed. The NBC show ran from 1959 to 1961, and also starred John Mitchum, Michael McGreevey, Dick Wessel, Noah Beery, Jr. and Bart Patton.  

Guests included Aldo Ray, Louis Hayward, William Bendix, Robert Vaughn, Vera Miles, Debra Paget, Mercedes McCambridge, Clu Gulager, Lee Van Cleef and Jan Sterling. All 44 episodes of the show are available in this six-disc set. The title is from Timeless Media, who will soon reportedly announce DVD releases for Yancy Derringer with Jock Mahoney and Peter Gunn with Craig Stevens.

From West Virginee They Came To Stay In Sunny Californi-ay: Come and meet the family known as The Real McCoys: Complete Season 1. This surprise hitcom starred triple Oscar winner Walter Brennan as Grandpappy Amos McCoy, a curmudgeonly senior who takes his family along with him when he moves from their West Virginia homestead to the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. The cast also includes Richard Crenna as grandson Luke, Kathy Nolan as Luke’s new wife and Tony Martinez as musically gifted farmhand Peppino. The show ran for five seasons on ABC beginning in 1957, then moved to CBS for its final season. All 39 episodes from the debut season are in this five-disc set.

Jackie Oh!!: CBS aired a remake of the spooky 1940s flick The Spiral Staircase in 1975. Jacqueline Bisset plays the woman who’s been struck mute since losing her husband and son in a house fire, takes doctor-ordered rest in the country at her ancestral family mansion, now operated by her uncle (Christopher Plummer) as a psychological institute. Unfortunately, a serial stalker of disabled women has singled out the sanitarium for prey, and when a storm plunges the building into darkness, the terror mounts. Sam Wanamaker, John Phillip Law, Mildred Dunnock, Gayle Hunnicutt also star in this Warner Archives release.

Snow Job: From the writers of Lost and Tron: Legacy comes Once Upon A Time: The Complete First Season, an unusual, often unsettling look at look at fairy tales. The show is set in the tiny hamlet of Storybrooke, Maine, a town with an unusual past; it seems that its residents are storybook characters long under a curse placed by an evil queen on the eve of Snow White’s marriage to Prince Charming. Bounty hunter Ginnifer Goodwin tips to Storybrooke’s secret when she learns that she is, in fact, the daughter of Snow White and only she can break the spell. Josh Dallas, Lana Parrilla, Jennifer Morrison and Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltsken co-star. This five-disc set includes 22 episodes from its initial season.

Hi-Yoooooo!: An installment in the PBS “American Masters” series, Johnny Carson: King of Late Night, offers a revealing look at the private man who made America laugh for 30 years while hosting “The Tonight Show” on NBC. An impressive array of Carson admirers offer anecdotes, from fellow late night hosts like Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno, Arsenio Hall, Joan Rivers,  and David Letterman to regular guests such as Mel Brooks, David Steinberg, Jerry Seinfeld, Garry Shandling and Drew Carey. Fantastic archival footage, photos and film of Carson away from the show help round out this absorbing portrait of an international entertainment icon.

Hamptons In: Many years after her family was ruined in her youth, a young woman under the alias of Emily Thorn (Emily Van Camp) moves back to the Hamptons and vows to take vengeance against the clan that destroyed hers, making her primary target matriarch Victoria Grayson (Madeline Stowe). Set against the lavish backdrop of the wealthy community, Revenge: The Complete First Season also stars Henry Czerny and Christa B. Allen and is on a 22-episode, five-disc set.

Steely Dan: The “Dan” in the animated show Dan vs.: The Complete First Season is a cantankerous fellow who hates on pretty much everyone. Chris, Dan’s best friend, tries to make sure his pal stays out of trouble—not an easy task, considering Dan can’t stay out of fighting with or ranting about telemarketers, the Wolf Man, ninjas, Canada, and a Shakespearean Dinner Theater, just to rattle off a few. Curtis Armstrong, Dave Foley and Paget Brewster provide the voices in this irreverent show, offered in this three-disc, 22-episode collection.

  • Michael K. French

    Any word out there about The Immortal starring Christopher George? The pilot was originally an ABC Movie of the Week. The series only ran a half season. It was a great sci-fi take off, reminiscent of shows like The Fugitive and Run for your Life.

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  • Bobby LaGuardia

    Id love to see Flying nun or Gidget with Sally Field

    • Pat27s

      Both of those shows run on Antene TV, Saturday and Sundays, if you can get that channel

      • Vantatoian

        That should be Antenna TV.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=713983697 Gordon S. Jackson

    Would love to see “Starman” with Robert Hays made available.  A ‘buried treasure!”

  • Pat27s

    Why is “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis” not available on DVD in an official release?

  • Chett56

    Would really like to see “The Prewitt’s Of South Hampton” Mid 60′s sitcom with Phyllis Diller.

  • Moviepas

    The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis(Dobie Gillis in Syndication) is delayed because of rights. The show was produced by Martin Manulis Productions for TC-F TV. Manulis, I believe, died recently. I too likd the series when originally broadcast in my country. 

    The Real McCoys Series One has been on DVD beofre in the past few years along with other series. 

    The Flying Nun has been on DVD in recent years complete. Gidget we have the three films. TV series, I have not checked yet. 

  • Joel

    The ’75 version doesn’t compare with the 40′s version starring Dorothy McGuire,( one of her first)
    Ethel Barrymore and George Brent!

  • roger lynn

    how about seven brides for seven brothers cbs show with river phoenix and richard dean anderson–it was a great show

  • Kp22kc

    Great that The Spiral Staircase is on DVD, now they need to put out the one with Nicolette Sheridan.  Also does anybody know why The Legend of Lizzie Borden starring Elizabeth Montgomery isn’t on DVD?  Another one is the old PBS Mystery series.  The one I want is Rebecca starring Jeremy Brett and Joanna David.  Wonderful version of that story.

  • Prcil

    I would like to have the complete series of “I’ll Fly Away” including the movie after the series.

  • Mfashbauer

    Will they be coming out with more Blondie and Dagwood movies?

  • Rexmorgan

    I’m looking for a good copy of “Lady, Beware”–preferably DVD, but if not VHS.  Also, good copy of “Forever Amber”.


  • Jim

    Would love to see CBS release the Omnibus series with Alistair Cooke on dvd. Video tape had not been invented when Omnibus aired, but I believe the shows were kinescoped- a film format that lends itself nicely to digital restoration.

  • Letzs

    How about DVDs of Hawiaan Eye and Stoney Burke?  Warner Brothers TV isn’t available very much but they had some great series.