Republic Classics in Your Future and More

Republic—We Like the Sound Of It: After being tossed around like a cinematic hot potato, Republic Pictures—or at least most of the now-defunct film studio’s library—has landed on its feet from Olive Films. They are the same folks who have been cranking out Paramount titles at a rapid clip, from two Cecil B. De Mille versions of the Jean Lafitte/Andrew Jackson adventure The Buccaneer to Jerry Lewis farces like The Geisha Boy to Otto Preminger’s out-there ‘60s spoof Skidoo! In addition to Paramount product, Olive has made some other nifty acquisitions as well– Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Despair and Robert Aldrich’s Twilight’s Last Gleaming among them. Coming from the vaults of Republic in the future will be films that have already been offered on DVD in the past (including several John Wayne efforts), as well as a slew of titles that have yet to get the digital treatment. Among them: Johnny Guitar (1954), Nicholas Ray’s off-centered Freudian western with Joan Crawford and Sterling Hayden; The Bullfighter and the Lady (1951), Budd Boetticher’s semi-autobiographical matador movie with Gilbert Roland, Robert Stack and Joy Page; The Dark Mirror (1946), a noirish gem from Robert Siodmak with Olivia de Havilland in dual roles as  good and bad sisters; China Gate (1957), Samuel Fuller’s gritty set-in-Vietnam war tale with Gene Barry, Angie Dickenson and Nat King Cole; and Private Hell 36 (1954), Don Siegel’s intense thriller about missing loot, hoods and tough detectives with Steve Cochran, Howard Duff and Ida Lupino.

Lucy—I’m Home!: You’ll be able to take a trip back to a different era when The Beatles’ 1968 animated opus Yellow Submarine docks itself on DVD and Blu-ray. Gorgeously remastered, loaded with fantastic extras (audio commentary, featurettes, galleries, cel reproductions) and presented with spectacular sound options, Yellow Submarine sails again in all of its psychedelic splendor. See what happens when the Fab Four try to save Pepperland from the dastardly Blue Meanies. Showcasing such Beatles songs as “Nowhere Man,” “Eleanor Rigby,” “All you Need is Love” and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” Yellow Submarine is bound to be a new experience now, even if you’ve seen it ten times before.

  • Wayne

    Let us have all the Republic classics we can stand, Movie Irv and bring ‘em on!  Love all those old John Wayne, and/or Tim Holt westerns, Sam Fuller war pictures and, Thank God, Republic with an assist from the Duke, helped to get “The Quiet Man” on the screen at the helm of big/small studio directorial whiz John Ford.  I also have almost the entire Budd Boetticher western series of fine films, which are every bit the equal of the Anthony Mann-James Stewart ‘adult western’ greats.  :)

    • Gordon S. Jackson

      Don’t know about Tim Holt westerns at Republic (he did make a gaggle of them for RKO) but I do know there are a few Will Witney directed Roy Rogers westerns still not available: “Sunset in the West” and “In Old Amarillo” quickly coming to mind.  Would love to see them out along with a neat little Orson Welles/Margaret Lockwood/Forest Tucker/Victor McLaglen confection entitled “Trouble in the Glen” directed by Herbert Wilcox.  As for “Run of the Arrow” I think that one was picked and released by Universal when RKO collapsed.  

  • Jasonrfleming

    Great to see Johnny Guitar and Bullfighter and the Lady finally out on DVD. Same with China Gate,Private Hell 36 and Dark Mirror hope Siodmak’s Strange Affair of Uncle Harry will also be available. Plus Max Ophuls Letter from an Unknown Woman and Orson Welles Macbeth. Any word on extras or will it be movie only like all of the Olive Film releases so far.

    • Irv

      There will be cases where there are extras, but I expect them on a limited amount of titles. I know Olive is working on (the non-Republic) release of “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” with a special documentary as we speak.

  • OZ ROB

    Excited after a long wait for ” China Gate ” and it will complete the Fuller collection,Odd that down here in OZ we get  a few releases not already available to you, like this edition of Johnny Guitar ?..

    • Jasonrfleming

      In America we’re waiting for Run of the Arrow,Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street, Thieves After Dark and some minor tv work to be released.

      • Irv

        We’ll see “Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street” in the near future, but not from Republic. I believe “Run of the Arrow” is in need of some serious technical attention in terms of restoration which impacts on its availability.  

      • OZ ROB

        Had forgotten all about about Dead Pigeon.. !..Good news that it will  also be available soon,I have not heard of and have no reference for Thieves After Dark ?,, interested to learn more..

        • Jasonrfleming

          Thieves After Dark or Les voleurs de la nuit is a 1983 French film Fuller directed when he left the U.S. after the White Dog debacle. Stephane Audran the wife of Claude Chabrol and star of some of his best films is in the cast. Don’t know much more about it. There’s also a 1990 film called the Madonna and the Dragon which Fuller shot in the Philippines. It stars Luc Merenda famous from Italian exploitation films of the 70′s.

          • OZ ROB

            Thanks Jason, did you know that 16mm footage shot buy Fuller can be seen in the trailer of the The Bullfighter and the Lady.soon to be released..

          • Jasonrfleming

            Did not know that Fuller credits Boetticher with introducing him to Robert Stack when he was looking for the lead in House of Bamboo.

  • Gemini09

    Interested in seeing China Gate like my fellow Aussie Rob. Also have not seen the Dark Mirror for many years and look forward to viewing again.

  • Vann Morrison

    I’m glad to see China Gate get released on DVD. I’ve got an old copy on VHS. I keep wondering when they’ll release “A Yank in Viet Nam” starring Marshall Thompson? I remember seeing it as a kid with my parents at the drive-in. I’ve read that it was actually filmed in Viet Nam.

  • Adrmji2


  • Jamesmartin310738

    Rare John Wayne films I’d like to get on individual DVDs are Pals of the Saddle1938, Overland Stage Raiders 1938, The Night Riders 1939, Three Texas Steers 1939, Wyoming Outlaw 1939, A Man Betrayed 1941(also known under 2 other titles Wheel of Fortune & Citadel of Crime.).  

  • linn

    i would like to see the ”masie reviere” movies starring ANN SOTHERN.. they are funny and wholesome.—can you please do this– i would be ever so thankful.

    • Wayne P.

      Maisie sets #1 & #2 are both coming soon from MU right here! 

  • Robin

    The Republic movie I want most of all on DVD or Blu-ray is A Man Alone, a brilliant Western with Ray Milland, Ward Bond and Mary Murphy.

  • Arthur

    The 2 Republic films that I desparately want on dvd are MOONRISE and THAT’S MY MAN.
    Both later Frank Borzage gems.

  • Alex

    Yes……………….you are right. Especially MOONRISE