New DVD Releases: Week of 11-1-10

Let’s kick off November with some TV greats and recent theatrical favorites. Here’s what’s hitting DVD and Blu-ray this week!

Toy Story 3

The toys are back in town for a third go ’round in Pixar’s popular animated franchise, as Woody accompanies Andy to college while Buzz, Jessie, and the rest of Andy’s playthings are accidentally sent to a day-care center. The joy of meeting fellow toys like Ken, Big Baby, and Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear quickly turns to fear when they learn that their new pals have some unfriendly plans for them! With the voices of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, John Ratzenberger, Joan Cusack, Wallace Shawn, Michael Keaton, and Jodi Benson.

The Larry Sanders Show, Season Two

This groundbreaking HBO show starred Garry Shandling as insecure late night TV talk show host Larry Sanders, whose paranoia keeps getting in the way of his happiness. Mixing fiction and reality in edgy, hilarious ways, the show also starred Jeffrey Tambor as sidekick Hank “Hey, Now!” Kingsley; Rip Torn as Artie, the show’s producer; and Megan Gallagher and Kathryn Harrold as Larry’s ex-wives. With Penny Johnson, Wallace Langham, Janeane Garofalo. All 17 episodes from the second season–including “The Breakdown,” “The Hankerciser 200,” “Broadcast Nudes,” “The Grand Opening,” and “L.A. or N.Y.?”–have been collected in a three-disc set. 

The Pacific

Band of Brothers” producers Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks present this gripping World War II miniseries that chronicles the U.S. Marine Corps’ operations in the Pacific Theater. Follow three marines–Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone, PFC Robert Leckie, and Cpl. Eugene Sledge–as they engage Japanese forces in Guadalcanal, Cape Gloucester, Peleliu, Okinawa, and Iwo Jima. Jon Seda, James Badge Dale, Joseph Mazzello star.

Beverly Hills 90210: The Final Season

Aaron Spelling’s 1990-2000 Fox drama followed Minnesota twins Brandon and Brenda Walsh (Jason Priestley, Shannen Doherty) as they relocated to one of America’s wealthiest zip codes. Joining them on their journey from adolescence to adulthood were rich girl Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth), the slick Steve Sanders (Ian Ziering), and brooding surfer Dylan McKay (Luke Perry). With Gabrielle Carteris, Brian Austin Green, Tori Spelling. All 25 episodes from season 10–including “The Phantom Menace,” “Laying Pipe,” “Tainted Love,” “Doc Martin,” and the series finale “Ode to Joy”–are featured in a six-disc set.


Set in 117 A.D., this historical actioner centers on the brutal war between Roman soldiers and Celtic Pict tribesmen. After a Roman general (Dominic West) is captured, a legendary centurion (Michael Fassbender) leads his men on a raid of the enemy’s camp. But when the son of the Pict leader is killed in the attack, the Romans are soon hunted by a vicious group of warriors, determined to get their revenge. With Dave Legeno, Olga Kurylenko.

The Facts of Life: The Complete Fifth Season

“You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have” this 1979-88 “Diff’rent Strokes” spin-off that followed housekeeper Edna Garrett (Charlotte Rae) to a job at an all-girls boarding school, where she became a surrogate mom to her charges, guiding them through adolescence and beyond. Among the girls were the spoiled Blair (Lisa Whelchel), nosy gossip Tootie (Kim Fields), aspiring writer Natalie (Mindy Cohn), and tomboy Jo (Nancy McKeon). All 24 fifth-season episodes–including “Brave New World,” “The Halloween Show,” “Store Games,” “Dream Marriage,” and “The Way We Were”–are collected in a four-disc set.

The Fugitive: The Fourth and Final Season, Vol. 1

“Innocent victim of blind justice” Dr. Richard Kimble (David Janssen) keeps on running in this classic TV drama that aired on ABC from 1963 to 1967. Freed by chance on his way to death row, can Kimble stay one step ahead of the relentless Lt. Gerard (Barry Morse) and find his wife’s true killer? The first 15 episodes from the fourth season–including “The Last Oasis,” “The Sharp Edge of Chivalry,” “Wine Is a Traitor,” “The Evil Men Do,” and “Run the Man Down”–are featured in a four-disc set

Mad About You: The Complete Fifth Season

For recently married Manhattanites Paul and Jamie Buchman, life is an ongoing romance that can even survive high-pressure jobs, neurotic friends and meddling relatives. Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt star with Anne Ramsay, Richard Kind, Leila Kenzle, and Murray the dog in this Emmy-winning 1992-99 sitcom. All 24 episodes from season five–including “Dr. Wonderful,” “Outbreak,” “Chicken Man,” “On the Road,” and the two-part “The Birth”–are collected on four discs.

V: The Complete First Season

The Visitors arrive on Earth once more in this reimagining of the 1983 sci-fi miniseries. Though the extraterrestrials come to Earth promising friendship and beneficial changes for human society, they conceal far more sinister plans for mankind. While the “Vs” pose as saviors and fool the majority of the world’s people, a suspicious counterterrorism agent (Elizabeth Mitchell) begins to organize the planet’s resistance. Scott Wolf, Morena Baccarin co-star. All 12 episodes from the debut season–including the “Pilot,” “There Is No Normal Anymore,” “Welcome to the War,” “Pounds of Flesh,” and “Red Sky”–are presented in a three-disc set. 

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  • Name Kevin Reilly

    If anyone knows how to get a DVD of The Reckoning (1971) with Nicol Williamson, I’d appreciate the help. Thanks. Kevin P. Reilly

  • Henry Shaffner


    My wife and I are interested in viewing DVD’s of some of the great Van Johnson’s movies
    of the l940’s,such as: The Gillespie series he
    made with Lionel Barrymore. Van played Dr. Red
    Adams in four (4) of these films. Can you find
    them for us? We do hope so!
    Henry Shaffner

  • Gary Hills

    When will The Uninvited- the 1944 mystery clasic starring Ray Milland/Ruth Hussey/Donald Crisp be on DVD?

  • Mary O’Ferrall

    Can you please let me know when the 1960 classic movie “Midnight Lace” starring Doris Day and Rex Harrison is finally released on DVD? I have been waiting for so long and you were nice enough to send me an email explaining why it has not been released as of yet. However, I have hopes that eventually it will come out in DVD, so I would appeciate it if you can just let me know when this happens. As always thanking you in advance a devoted movie classic fan.
    Best regards,
    Mary O’Ferrall

  • Fran Trakas

    Can someone tell me why or maybe when the movie “Two Worlds of Jennie Logan” starring Lindsay Wagner is not yet out on DVD?

  • Robert Stewart

    This is another request for “The Uninvited” wuth Ray Milland & Gail Russell. Also, is there any chance the 1930’s “Showboat” with Irene Dunne, Helen Morgan, Paul Robeson & Allan Jones will be released on dvd? It is far superior to the 1950’s version.

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  • Larry Lillibridge

    When do you think the film, “Journey to Shiloh” starring a great bunch of actors will be released on DVD? Thanks.

  • Chris Cummins

    Hello everyone!
    There’s a lot of reasons why movies don’t reach DVD–mainly due to legal or music rights issues. Unfortunately, most of the titles mentioned have never been available on DVD. For now, your best bet is to keep visiting and and when these classics are available we will let you know!

  • Marian Douglas

    I am glad to see someone else is requesting that
    The Uninvited should be on DVD. Great stars and a good story. Also, we need Rachel and the Stranger with Loretta Young and Wm. Holden; Count Three and Pray with Van Heflin and Joanne Woodard; Private War of Major Benson with Charlton Hester; and My Pal Gus with Richard Widmark and “Foghorn” Winslow. PLEASE!

  • weclark

    I would like to see the Man From Down Under on DVD
    Thank You

  • Dolores Riccio

    Yes, the Uninvited! That and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir are my favorite ghost films. Also, how about Frenchman’s Creek, the original with Joan Fontaine?

  • Jo-Anna Katts (Aus)

    I’ve been searching for a dvd version of an early 90’s vhs black comedy favourite of mine, called ‘THE UNDERDOGS also known as GIMPS’ – it starred Vincent D’Onofrio (Law & Order) and Gregory Hines. Vincent played a blinded ex-gridiron star and Gregory, a wheelchair-bound dental technician. The two team up and enter a white-water rafting competition with hilarious results. There is no record of this movie ever being made in either stars movie history. I’m wondering if anyone knows of it under another name/title?

  • Chris Cummins

    The movie you are looking for was released in the United States as “Good Luck.” You can order it at

    As for Weclark and Dolores’ requests, those movies aren’t available yet, but keep checking back!

  • Andy Kirkland

    Does anyone remember “Seven steps to Jonah” ? I think it was a Disney flick with Wayne Newton But could be wrong. Thanks, Andy.

  • Jim Foster

    There are two child actors from the 1940s who seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth toward the end of that decade. One is Freddie Mercer, a talented singer, who portrayed Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve’s nephew, LeRoy, in the four “Great Gildersleeve” films for RKO. The other is Billy Cummings, who was one of the Sullivan brothers as a boy in 20th Century-Fox’s “The Sullivans,” (a.k.a. “The Fighting Sullivans”) and Mike Osborne in “Sunday Dinner for a Soldier” for the same studio. I’d surely like to know whatever became of them.

  • Doris

    I have been looking for Midnight Lace with Doris Day. The radio station in Monterey, Ca. does a show for her birthday in April and they had said it was going to be released this year. Also would like to know if anyone knows if The Ballad of Josie, Julie and Where Were You When The Lights Went Out all by Doris Day is ever going to come out on DVD. These four would give me a complete set of her movies on DVD HELP I never could get all her movies on VHS I hope that is not going be the same for DVD’s

  • Sharon

    I would like to know if the original Blue Lagoon with Jean Simmons, will ever come out on DVD? I’ve also been looking unsuccessfully for Rene Taylor and Joseph Bologna’s hilarious comedy Made For Each Other.

  • christina west

    Why aren’t Richard Chamberlin’s versions of ‘man in the iron mask’ and ‘count of monte cristo’ on dvd? I think these were made for tv in the 70’s and much more exciting than any re-makes, in my opinion. And, wasn’t he considered the king of the mini series back then?

  • D Stana

    I would like to find Mr. Bellvedere movies/series with Clifton Webb


    I have been looking for the DVD box sets of Without A trace. This was a great series and they only have tow seasons out there is 7 or 8 seasons. Is this a concern for anyone else.

  • Marguerite Moncrieff-Buck

    To viewers hoping a DVD of “The Uninvited” with Ray Milland will become available.
    It already is. I happen to have two copies, but perhaps it was discontined after I bought mine.
    I agree, it is, without question, the best ghost story ever put out by Hollywood.

  • Nicol

    When will Universal release a DVD of This Earth Is Mine starring
    Rock Hudson and Jean Simmons?

    • Tamanna

      tapes died out with cds, cds were rendered asomlt obsolete by mp3 players (only limping on because they can’t be infected by viruses, run out of battery and are marginally more impressive than plugging your usb into someone’s drive and moving across a folder) DVDs and Blu Ray DVDS are just the same thing with an extra bit of effort and money put into the latter, they have to push us into buying bluray or why bother, we’ve had standard def for years, why change it?

  • Kai Ferano

    Dolores Riccio,
    You do know that “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” has been on DVD for awhile, unless you’re referring to the TV series, which for some reason, was never “packaged and sold” to the many fans who would love to own it.
    BTW, the name ‘Riccio’ is in our family. It’s a beautiful name.
    Kai Ferano

  • don snyder

    I have been waiting for MGM’s “Take The High Ground” with Richard Widmark and Karl Maulden.

  • Ken

    I’ve been waiting for a DVD of Sam Goldwyn’s production of Porgy and Bess. It has an all star cast including Sammy Daves Jr. and Pearl bailly. Any help on this?

  • Susan Peran

    I have a list a mile long of unreleased films (over 50 films). There are so few films of Joan Fontaine, Loretta Young, Joseph Cotten, Claude Rains, Clark Gable, and others. What happened to A Certain Smile, The Sterile Cuckoo, Dragonwyk, The Farmer’s Daughter, The Blue Veil, September Song, Born To be Bad, Test Pilot, Wild is the Wind, The Devil & Miss Jones, The Catered Affair, Susan Slept Here, The President’s Lady, Down to the Sea in Ships, My Foolish Heart, A Guy Named Joe, I’d Climb The Highest Mountain Frenchman’s Creek, Red Sky at Morning, and Margie, among others. I taped some of these when they were last shown during the ’80’s , but I sure wish they could be updated on DVD.

  • Susan Peran

    By the way what happened to Return of the Texan, Harriet Craig, The Lusty Men, Chapter II, Rockabye Baby, A stolen Life, Lucy Gallant, The Queen of Mean, The Mating Season & Beyond the Forest? As long as I was asking about the others I thought I might mention these because I know that I’m not alone as a potential customer.

  • Judith Rossi

    I’m a lover of old movies. I have a few movies on VHS that I cannot find on DVD’s Maybe you can help me locate the following on DVD or Blueray.
    The Egg & I, Susan Slept Here, Bundle of Joy and Nunsense. Susan Slept Here & Bundle of Joy are Debbie Reynald movies, The Egg & I Ma & PA Kettle and Nunsense is a Rhue McClanahan movie. Thamk You JBR

  • Sheryl Mackkirkendoll

    I’m searching for seasons 4,5 and 6 of Green Acres on DVD. Please help me.

  • Joni

    And yet another request for The Uninvited with Ray Milland! Also, I’m still waiting for more than season one of Murphy Brown.

  • Lynda

    Looking for DVD & title of a movie staring Paul Sorvino about a cop & a ballerina who fall in love, she’s been told she has to quit dancing or run the risk of never walking again. I can’t remember the name of it but I believe it has the word Sunday in the title. I can’t find it listed in his history of films in his bio either. Does anyone know what I’m talking about or am I dreaming?

  • ralph

    “The Best of Enemies”
    A WWII British film,
    With David Niven.

  • Movie Maniac

    Another Christmas season upon us and once again, no “Junior Miss” dvd release. What up Fox?


    When will they put the tv. series pvt Bejamin
    on DVD That was my favorite show, Iwould like to
    buy the series

  • Rosalie Siri

    I have been waiting for the release of NEW MOON with Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy on DVD. It was made in the late 1930’s I believe.

  • Michelle Malkin

    Ray Milland – Alias Nick Beal
    Van Johnson – Romance At Rosey Ridge
    James Cagnney – Come Fill the Cup

    Can’t find these anywhere.

  • Robert Tilden

    can anyone tell me where i can find
    Beau Gueste 1966 with Guy Stockwell
    Telly Savalas I would appreciate the info

  • bill stewart

    i’m still waiting for “55 days at Peking” staring charleston heston to be released

  • Michael Murphy

    I would like to see the Cary Grant Movie “IN Name Only” out in DVD. It with Carole Lombard and Charles Coburn.

  • David Frees

    When I was a child, I thoroughly enjoyed Disney’s SONG OF THE SOUTH. I don’t think it has ever been released because of the racial sensitivity to slavery. But the music and the stories are always delightful. Wish there was a way to see it.

  • Gudrun Rodriguez

    Would add to the request for the movie “The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan” with Lindsay Wagner. Matter of fact, many of my friends and my family are asking for it!!

  • L.R. Hamilton

    Here’s another person asking about a dvd release of Jean Simmons’ “Blue Lagoon”… also, where is the 1949 version of “the Great Gatsby”?… How about a dvd release of the 1960’s tv series, “Tarzan”, with Ron Ely? Loved it as a kid, haven’t seen it since.

  • jean b

    I am interested in Midnight Lace too, with Doris Day. Also the tv series The High Chaparral. I found it on a website last year but I got took. I never recieved it. I paid 40.00 for it.
    I have two seasons of The Big Valley is their anymore?

  • Linda

    Does anyone remember a very funny western movie starring Dan Blocker and Jack Elam? Mr. Elam played a drunken gunslinger and at the time, I thought the movie was hilarious. I think the name is “The Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County”. Would really love to have this movie, especially on DVD. Thanks!

  • Enzo from Italy

    I’m waiting for SUSAN SLEPT HERE too, with Debbie Reynolds, on DVD.

  • dolores bailey

    hi, would like to now when the boxed set of betty grable, dan dailey movies, when my baby smiles at me, mother wore tights, coney island will be avalible for sale. could you please let me no. thanks,dolores.

  • Linda

    I agree with so many of you: Please put the following films on DVD: The Uninvited w/Ray Milland; Rachel & the Stranger; Trooper Hook w/Joel McCrea & Barbara Stanwick; and, strangely because I could not think of the title until I read it here, The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan. Thank you Fran Trakas for remembering it!

  • Chris Bryan

    Hi All,
    BUNDLE OF JOY and SUSAN SLEPT HERE are both available from Movies Unlimited now, I must say that the copy I had of Bundle of Joy was excellent.
    I am waiting for Susan slept Here so cannot comment on this as yet.
    Regards Chris Bryan

  • Chris Bryan

    The 2 WORLDS OF JENNY LOGAN is currently being offered for pre – ordering by Movies Unlimited at this moment, I have ordered my copy and I hope it it is a good transfer, keeping my fingures crossed.

  • Chris Bryan

    A further release of BETTY GRABLE movies is long overdue, we have had 2 of Alice Faye, 2 of Esther Williams but only 1 of Betty Grable, come on Fox it’s time to catch up and put the fans out of their misery !!!!!!

  • Catherine Buss

    Glad to see movie lovers also want the Uninvited. I’m also looking for Count Three and Pray with Van Heflin and Joanne Woodward. Also looking for The Truth About Spring with James McArthur and Haley Mills…

  • sarah pottie

    i would like to know where i could buy the t.v. series of lassie from 1960 to 1970 with actor robert bray i mostly want the disapparance there are five epesodes if you know where i can find them please let me know

  • valerie

    where can I buy the movie THE FIGHTING SULLIVANS

  • Nadya

    There is now the possibility of transferring movies from VHS tapes to DVD. Good quality, only thing missing is the art work. I have many of the films mentioned done this way. Used to tape old movies for my mother, now treasure them on DVD. JVC makes a great machine for dubbing to DVD from VHS.