Bogart and Cagney: Tough Guys, Tough To Find

Tough Guys, Tough To Find: Warner Archives is now offering up a salute to a pair of the most iconic figures in the studio’s history—Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney—with the DVD bow of a half-dozen long-sought entries from these two-fisted titans’ respective resumes.

Battle Circus (1953) starring  Humphrey Bogart, June Allyson China Clipper (1936) starring Ross Alexander, Humphrey Bogart The Crowd Roars (1932) starring James Cagney, Joan Blondell These Wilder Years (1956) starring James Cagney, Barbara Stanwyck
Battle Circus (1953) China Clipper (1936) The Crowd Roars (1932) These Wilder Years (1956)

Battle Circus (1953) offers Bogie as the sexist MASH unit doctor who falls for pretty nurse June Allyson in Richard Brooks’ Korean War drama…

Bogart may be King of the Underworld (1939), but after his hoods leave surgeon Kay Francis a widow, she writes a prescription for payback…

Ace pilot Bogart goes head-to-head with driven, ambition-blinded air freighter boss Pat O’Brien in China Clipper (1936)…

O’Brien and Bogey are at odds again,  as a hard-nosed cop and a traffic violator brought into escalating conflict, in The Great O’Malley (1937)…

Cagney portrays an auto race champ fallen into a bitter professional and personal rivalry with his kid brother in The Crowd Roars (1932)…

These Wilder Years (1956) finds industrialist Cagney looking to build a relationship with the son given up for adoption a generation ago, and meeting a roadblock in the form of orphanage administrator Barbara Stanwyck.

Here are some scenes from 1939′s King of the Underworld starring Humphrey Bogart:

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  • Wayne P.

    Whod a thunk it?  A not so bad Warners pic with Kay Francis in it where the studio didnt try to pay her back for wanting out of her contract, but most anything with Bogie in it is pretty good in my book!

  • Bjodrie

    I wonder when they will release Come Fill The Cup(1951)with James Cagney?

    • hypatiab7

      I agree. What an amazing cast this movie has, too – James Gleason, Raymond Massey and Gig Young
      along with, of course, James Cagney. I have a feeling that it’s being held back due to some similarities to
      “The Lost Weekend”. I want copies of both (I have “The Lost Weekend”).

  • Blair Kramer

    I remember an absolutely brilliant comment Cagney offered in an interview.  He said that it didn’t matter if he played hero or gangster,  whenever he did a fight scene,  his opponent always had to be bigger than him.  Preferably,  MUCH bigger than him!  The difference in size always allowed Cagney to be vaguely sympathetic. And when he was particularly evil (Cody,  f’rinstance),  his smaller size made him seem even more psychotic!  After all,  only a lunatic would attack a much bigger man!  

  • Bryan Ruffin

    They, both, were brilliant actors! I am convinced that Bogey was never really given the kind of chance to play the characters he could have, that he was typecast at an early stage. Make no mistake, he was the quintessential “tough guy”, in my book! I just think there was so much more to his ability than what we were able to see.
    Then there is Cagney…..White Heat- Yankee Doodle Dandy. Talk about far ends of the spectrum! Cagney could play it! 

  • David Malin

    How about bringing out “The Oklahoma Kid” on DVD? A western with both Cagney and Bogart, how can you go wrong?

  • mark

    just wondering if come fill the cup (1951) warner bros with james cagney is going to come out on dvd would love to see it, thanks.