From My Collection: Lost Angel

Here’s a sample pulled from my collection of movie stills, a lovely picture of Marsha Hunt and Margaret O’Brien in Lost Angel (1943).

Lost Angel was one of O’Brien’s earliest major roles, in which she plays a little girl who’s been raised to be a genius.

At the time I bought the still, it was purchased mainly because of O’Brien, but in the intervening years I’ve become a huge fan of Marsha Hunt. I was thrilled when I recently sorted through my collection and rediscovered this beautiful photo of her.

The scan really doesn’t do the photo justice. It’s an original photo on heavy stock, dating from 1943, and the quality is amazingly crisp.

The back of Laura’s “Lost Angel” still

A bit of trivia: MGM stills typically have the film’s production number written in a lower corner in white ink. Lost Angel was No. 1296.

For those who don’t collect stills themselves, the “approved” stamp on the back dates the still as an “original” dating from the film’s release. Original stills of this era were typically on heavier stock than stills which are simply reprints and don’t bear the “approved” stamp.

I began collecting stills when I was around 11 years old, after my parents gave me a half-dozen for Christmas, and today I own a few hundred. I have a particularly large collection from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, as I’ve attempted to collect as many stills as possible from MGM’s Production No. 1643.

Do you have a favorite film collectible or a piece of movie merchandise that you cherish? If so, be sure to let us know in the comments!

Laura G. is a proofreader and homeschooling parent who is a lifelong film enthusiast.  Laura’s thoughts on classic films, Disney, and other topics can be found at Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings, established in 2005.  Visit her website at



  • Bernard Seto

    My favorite film still is the shot of Audrey Hepburn
    in a red Givenchy evening dress coming down the steps of of the Lourve where the “Winged Victory
    of Somathrace” statue was display. It is a most iconic scene from “Funny Face”. Laura, do you have any original stills from another Audrey movie
    made by MGM–“Green Mansions” ? What production number was that ?

  • Bernard Seto

    Speaking of “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”,
    can you show us your favorite still from that
    movie that is in your collection ?
    Many thanks in advance, Laura !

  • Laura

    Jim, I love MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS too. I’m so sorry to hear you lost part of your collection.

    Bernard, I don’t think I have any stills of Audrey Hepburn in my collection. The scene you describe in FUNNY FACE is a great moment! I hope to share some of my SEVEN BRIDES stills on my blog in the future. (I think I need a better scanner first!) I hope you will visit my blog in the future.

    Best wishes,

  • Motman

    My favorite film collectible is an exhibitors’ book for Star Wars, a glossy 11×17 piece full of beautiful pictures. I understand very few were produced and many were ripped up to display the photos in lieu of lobby cards. I paid a whopping $25 for it several months before the film came out

  • bob carlos

    I’m an aviation nut, plane(ho,ho) and simple, ever since I saw the ’37 Dawn Patrol w/ my dad. However, I’ve been trying to locate a DVD or VHS or even a showing date on TCM of the original DP (also titled “Flight Commander”) w/ Richard Barthlmess and a very young Doug Fairbanks, Jr. Any info on this would be most gratefully appreciated.

    Also, for any of you fellow plane lovers, this is the 100th anniversity of Naval Aviation. Please contact Robert Osborne and/or Ben Mankiewicz about putting on a special retrospective on aviation movies w/ emphesis on Navy and Marine Corp Air. Many thanks in advance

  • Vann Morrison

    I know it’s probably a weird thing to collect, but I collect war movies and movies about the military in general. I’ve been doing it since VHS tapes first came on the market. I remember paying $89.00 for a VHS copy of Kelly’s Heroes when it came out back around 1982. Right now my collection stands at 992 movies and there’s at least 200 or more that are hard to find, not available or I just haven’t bought yet. More and more of the older movies are falling into the public domain and I’m waiting for a chance to get my hands on a copy of “A Yank in Viet Nam” starring Marshall Thompson. In my research I’ve also discovered that there are alot of American made movies that aren’t available in the states but are available in Europe and Asia. There are also many very good movies from Europe and Asia that relatively few people know about or have ever seen. That’s where the multi-region player comes in handy. I’ve considered writing an informational book but haven’t found the time to do it yet.

  • Jim Foster

    Love LOST ANGEL. You may not be aware of it, but Bobby Driscoll made his debut in that movie. I have a complete set of eight lobby cards from his noir masterpiece, THE WINDOW.

  • Daniel Zirinsky

    We are almost twins regarding our desires. You collect old pictures, I collect old cameras, and old family pictures(1920-40). I also have a collection of 78RPM records, mainly from WWII. I bought them new during the 40’s. A friend gave be a book of 78’s, starting with Roosevelt. (Teddy about 1898, General Pershing etc.) I usually do not write to people I do not know but our likes are similar. Have a nice day, Daniel Zirinsky. I think I have a few relatives living out West

  • Jay Albert Stockwell

    My favorite movie still (so far) is from “San Francisco”. Clark Gable gazes at his best friend and man of the cloth, Spencer Tracy as he looks upward. Clark is overcome with gratitude at finding his sweetheart, Jeanette McDonald, still alive after the earthquake and asks Spencer how to thank God. A rare and beautifully spiritual moment in the movies.

  • Clark

    My favorate Movie still is with Walley Cox & Marilyn Monroe in the unfinished (Something’s Got To Give) , i hope someone has more of that movie to share

  • milt Cine

    Looking for a dvd of Holy Matrimony (1943) starring Monty Woolley and Gracie Fields. Any info would be appreciated.

  • milt Caine

    Looking for a DVD of Holy Matrimony (1943) with Monty Woolley and Graci Fields. Any infor would be appreciated.

  • Angela Manus

    This is one of my all-time favorite movies. I paid at least $60 for a not-so-great VHS of the movie (from eBay). Even though the cost was a little steep, it was still worth it to me…considering the movie has never been produced by the studio (as far as I’m aware).