You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
You’re encouraged to leave your own suggestion in the comment section below!

“Harold Lloyd? Never heard of him. Why do you ask?”

  • Tito Pannaggi

    Thank you Martin Scorsese! We needed this film. This is this century’s most important film. Good that someone is mentioning the film history’s most important director Georges Méliès!

  • Martha Johnson

    I HATE daylight savings time!

  • DGlover

    You’re right Dad!!!!!!!!! The view up here is great!!!!!

  • Rufnek

    How’d I get here? Some kid in a Robin Hood suit gave us some “pixie dust” and told us we could fly

  • John George

    I’d really rather have a didital watch!

  • John George

    that’s a DIGITAL watch…. sorry :-)

    • John Stanton

      It’s still the funniest caption of the first 33 I’ve read.

  • john

    thought i was in coney island and i was on the wonder wheel,,hmmmmm

  • Jim Foster

    Oh, just hangin’ around. Why?

  • wayne

    What’s all that white stuff coming down behind me?

  • marcb

    I knew Mr Thompson like to wear women’s panties.

  • Ron

    I’d even hang off a beem like this one to watch those Can Can girls dance and show their undies. After all, this is Paris ain’t it?

  • Darrell McCoy

    I can’t believe it, Willie Wonka has a candy shop inside this clock.

  • Ada

    Hey, let me in, you want me to to what? You’re kidding me, right?

  • Marilynn Curry

    Really? You did not just ask me for the time, did you?

  • George M

    Hey Dad, I can see our house from here!

  • Joescarp

    I didn’t think this is what you meant when you asked me to hang on a minute.

  • CE Carter

    The next time this clock has to be re-set for Daylight Saving YOU can do it.

  • MikeD

    “Did Orson Welles work on this clock?”

  • Mr. Ed

    “Mom told me not to be late for dinner. I wonder what time it is?”

  • Rocky

    “….I love Paris every moment,
    every moment of the year….”

  • Jeff Heise

    “Mr. Scorsese? Mr. Richardson? Did I hear someone say lunch?”

  • Edward

    man talk about being on the wheel of misfortune!!!

  • Dave McCool

    Do you think I’m too young for deodorant?

  • Dave McCool

    I’m thinking about auditioning for the remake of ‘Back to the Future’

  • Gloria

    Well…they WERE clean underwear…

  • Cal

    I can so tell time! When the big hand is at eight and the little hand . . .

  • Anonymous

    changing to DST

  • Ted

    Mar 11…change to DST

  • r-gordon-7

    “I’m trying to keep this thing from striking midnight before it gives Woody the idea for a picture – THAT’S what I’m doing up here!”

  • Magman

    How long until the lightening strikes so I can go back to the future?

  • Dave Manning

    Man!! When they said time marches on, they weren’t kidding!!

  • Hord

    “I think my stool is slipping! Not the one at my feet!?!”

  • Bill

    I’ve got some time on my hands.

  • Rob Jan

    The Doctor’s steady regenerative retrograde de-ageing reached a natural limit when he could no longer reach the bottom of the TARDIS console…

  • john

    It just occured to me that this scene has already be done in another movie. Yes, I remember now… was “The Thirty-Nine Steps”! So why am I hanging on to this frigging clock hand thinking I ‘m doing something never done in movies before!!

  • Doug

    “Boy, was this a bad idea. Help me Tin Tin!”

    Btw, why isn’t the train wreck on the dvd?


    Little boys will do just about anything to see their sisters friends dressing for the sleep over…

  • jcinema

    Now that my film won five oscars, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE FIX THIS CLOCK!!!

  • Susan Johnston

    Where did you say those 39 step are?

  • RICK

    IT’S OKAY.

  • Woody

    I guess my mom is right. It would be easier to tell time if I got glasses.

  • Sochocinsky

    no im not the mouse that ran up the  clock

  • banjojane66

    “I knew I should’ve same those minutes on my phone!!”