Finish This Sentence: Roman Polanski Is…

…a genius? A criminal? One of the greatest film directors of all time? One of the shadiest reprobates to ever walk the Earth?

While most people have strong opinions on the talents and character of the man who made Rosemary’s Baby, Chinatown, and a particularly bloody version of Macbeth (made not long after his pregnant wife was murdered by the followers of Charles Manson), the life of Roman Polanski resists easy categorization or snap judgments by the thoughtful.

So it’s only natural we now Ask Movie Irv to flesh out that incomplete statement:

This strikes me as about the answer I would give. Verdicts from the jury of our readership now to follow.

  • Blair Kramer

    Roman Polanski is a tragic figure.

    • hypatiab7

      He isn’t tragic. His is selfish and stupid. Some people say that he should be forgiven because
      he is an artist. I say hogwash.

  • SoonerAlfie

    Due to his age, could not agree more.  A talented director who should be allowed live out his days in peace.

  • Movie Fan

    Roman Polanski ruined his career here when he chose to play adult games with a child. He should stay where he is. 

  • SoonerAlfie

    While we can’t condone his poor judgment, we have to look at the ’13 year-old going on 20″ …. did you see the photos of her at age 13?      ‘Little child?’ No. (I inserted her photo at age 13 here, but apparently that’s against the rules) …
    Now 45, Samantha Gailey Geimer is a mother of three who lives quietly in Hawaii and works as a bookkeeper.
    In January, Geimer, who publicly forgave Polanski in 1997, filed a formal request that Los Angeles prosecutors drop the charges against him.   Lest you think me a liberal nutcase … I am an older woman, with conservative values.   If the victim can forgive him, can we do no less?

    • hypatiab7

      Yes, we can remember that he raped a child, whether she later forgave him or not. Her forgiveness
      does not make what he did right or legal. And, personally, I don”t care whether she looked like Lolita
      or not, the girl was a child when the rape ocurred. Forgive one guy for raping a child and other guys
      will try to use him as a reason to let them off on the same charge.

  • Wayne P.

    Roman Polanski is possibly free to come back to the USA.  I’m not a lawyer but have not heard theres no statute of limitations on rape or sexual assault.  Of course, I could be wrong…and the law may be different if a minor is the victim, but he should have the courage to face his consequences if he wants to at least try and restore his reputation as thats the hardest thing to get back once its lost.  Regardless of any new evidence that may or may not favor him in a future trial or court hearing, if my theory isnt true, the only way to have good character is to show it going forward and ask forgiveness, whatever the cost.  But, at this stage of his life, having some peace of mind may not be worth the effort so hes happy to just let it go!  To me, a clear conscience is also preferable to staying put but not being able to put a bad part of your past behind you…

  • Joe