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  • ganderson

    I have to admit to not being a big Elvis fan – either movies or music – though I am mellowing somewhat in my golden years. My favorite Elvis movie is the one he never made, ‘A Star is Born’ with Barbara Streisand. She desperately wanted him to co-star as her lover/mentor, an aging rock star whose own career was in a terminal decline, while her’s was on the rise. Elvis was anxious to take the role (which eventually went to Kris Kristopherson) and thought it would be just the vehicle to pump up his own career. I’ve always thought it would be the cast that was made in heaven. Alas, it was not to be. Elvis’ manager, Colonel Tom Parker, nixed the deal because he didn’t want any hint that Elvis was anything but still the King of Rock and Roll, he wanted top billing, and he insisted too much money. One of those cinematic “it might have been.”

    • Mario Brescio

      I also wondered how that film would have been different if Elvis played John Norman Howard and what the chemistry between Streisand and Elvis would have been. Streisand and Elvis together…I agree it would have been “the cast that was made in heaven.”

    • Johnny V

      Maybe not everyone is aware but he was originally chosen for a number of movies. “West Side Story”, for one, though it was never mentioned which role he would have played. If memory serves, the cast was to be made up of many of the current rock n’ roll stars of the time.

      Hard to believe but another was “Midnight Cowboy.” Yes, really!!! He was considered for the Jon Voight part.
      But “A Star is Born” would have to be the most remembered as “what might have been.”

      • Bruce Reber

        He was also up for a part in “Valley Of The Dolls”. IMO Elvis’ definitive dramatic role was in “King Creole”. Re: “A Star Is Born” and “Midnight Cowboy”, I don’t know how he would have done in those two.

  • tpoffj

    “Follow that Dream”, Elvis, Arthur O’Connell and Annie Helm – doesn’t get better than this.

  • Brian

    ing Creolew(1958)

  • Brian

    King Creole(1958)The Kings only Film Noir and some people consider it his best.

  • kathyferg

    Frankie and Johnny would be my favorite.

  • Movie Fan

    Elvis made two films that I enjoyed very much. The first was “G.I. Blues,” with Juliette Prowse. She was such a good dancer, graceful and beautiful with just a touch of raw sexuality. The “G.I. Blues” soundtrack is the only Elvis album I ever owned. My second choice was “Follow That Dream.” Some of the characters were a bit creepy, but I liked the song “Follow That Dream.”

  • TLC

    Frankie & Johnny was my favorite Elvis Movie!

  • luvsun

    Frankie & Johnny is the best. Should be on there!

    • raysson

      Who would have thought that Donna Douglas,aka Elly May Clampett of TV’s The Beverly Hillbillies and Elvis Presley would do a movie together?

      During production of “Frankie and Johnny”,actress Donna Douglas said in an interview once that she was in love with Elvis Presley and Elvis was set to marry her,but that didn’t happen.

      The rest of Elvis’ movies had basically the same exact formula of boy meets girl, girl falls in love with boy.boy sings to girl and the girl runs off with the boy.

      All that changed by 1968 when he starred in the best work of his career “Charro!”

      Elvis stated that he wanted to be a serious actor,even offers were pouring in for other projects for better opportunities…..even John Wayne wanted him for his next picture after “Charro!”….but that was cut short ,and it never came to life thanks to the butchering of his career to Colonel Tom Parker.

  • boeezgrl

    Tough decision for me between King Creole and Jailhouse Rock — two movies that weren’t merely vehicles to generate hit singles and had some actual content to them. I think he had the potential to be a really good actor, but the Colonel didn’t do him any favors in that regard. Most of those later movies are simply ridiculous.

    • Johnny V

      Have to agree about the 60s movies. A real waste of talent, I believe.
      It was hard to pick a favorite but, I chose “Loving You” for the simple reason, it gave, perhaps, the definitive look at Elvis as he was, the King of Rock ‘n Roll!
      “King Creole” and “Jailhouse Rock” proved, IMO, that he really could act! Also, his turn in “Wild in the Country.” The scenes in the hotel room with Hope Lange…I think he did a wonderful job with all the emotion that passed between them.
      He stated that he truly wanted to be a serious actor but, alas, it was not to be, thanks to the Colonel.

    • Mark Malak

      In my opinion,King Creole was certainly his best,but my favorite by far is Jailhouse Rock.The clothes,the hair,the music,That’s Elvis to me.You’re right about those 60s movies,but to the true Elvis fan,even as awful as they were,they’re still fun to watch.

  • Mario Brescio

    It was $3.00 a car-load night in 1964 at the local drive-in, so my mom packed us four pajama wearing kids in the car and off we went to see “It Happened at the World’s Fair.” I was only six-years-old and didn’t fully understand what the film was about, however two scenes always stuck with me. The scene where a very young Kurt Russell kicks Elvis in the leg and when Elvis sings “How Would You Like to Be” to a little Asian girl. Years later I finally purchased the film when it was released and enjoyed it all over again. It may not be the best Elvis flick, but I liked it and it always brings back memories of the drive-in days.

  • Cap’nWill

    It was 1969, Elvis played a cowboy/mercenary on the US/Mexican iborder and the film was “Charro”. He didn’t sing one note and I don’t believe he even sang the theme song. He proved he could be a good actor, without playing a Mike or Elvis clone, and really ride a horse (a real life talent), It was a good western and a real pleasure to watch. If you ever have the chance to see it please do. P.S. I’m not putting down his other films and the characters, but it was refreshing deviation from the norm.

    • Johnny V

      He did sing the theme song. Only song in the movie, btw.

  • Betty Grove

    Elvis Presley was just coming on scene when I was in high school. Never thought he was that great then and while he was a good singer he made crummy movies. Love Me Tender was the biggest bore and my girlfriends thought I was crazy.


    Worst films ever (in my best Jeff Albetson-Louis Lane voice)
    Elvis was a decent singer and some of his cuts were superb
    (Carl Perkins is the definitive Blue Suede Shoes. But Elvis trumps big mama Thornton with Hound Dog). But the movies? Butt awful. Like watching moon doggie best Eric Von zipper only without the acting or writing (sarc).

  • JA from PA

    Although I love anything with Elvis in it, he deserves recognition for two other films not mentioned in the poll: Flaming Star and Charro! It’s a shame he wasn’t offered more of these serious roles.

  • Frosty

    “Follow That Dream” has always been my favorite Elvis movie, followed closely by “Kid Galahad”.

  • GN

    You must be kidding! There is no such thing as a good Elvis Presley movie, They were all just a bunch of songs loosely connected with a silly plot line and Elvis’s acting makes Tab Hunter look good.

    • Mark Malak

      The only one that can make Tab Hunter look good is Fabian.

  • Elizabeth

    Follow That Dream

  • Hap

    I don’t have a favorite, I haven’t seen any of them, nor do I plan to.

  • Michael

    My favorite is kissing cousins

  • El15

    I don’t think anyone can deny his talent. Elvis could have had some real acting chops but The Colonel put an end to that. That said, he showed the beginnings of some good acting chops in Jail House Rock but my favorite “fluff” Elvis movie is Girl Happy!

  • Lawrence Ressler.

    I chose “Other”, because that I felt that Elvis Presley starring in the “spaghetti Western” feature, “Charo” was his best acting work of his career. I was shocked when I first saw him in this movie on television. With the exception of his voice, I almost did not recognize him in the film. Elvis Presley immersed himself into this role in this film, more than in any other movie that he ever starred in. If “Charo” had been more well received by the movie critics, perhaps Elvis Presley would have had the confidence to seek more serious acting roles, and he would have eventually abandoned his meandering music career.

  • raysson

    I agree with Lawrence Ressler. Elvis Presley’s movies from the 1960′s had basically the same exact formula….Elvis surrounded by beautiful women, Elvis getting in some kind of trouble with the girl’s father or the girl ends up running off with Elvis not to mention Elvis breaking into a song with a swarm of off key -off rhythm dancing kids. In 1968,the formula change…..I also choose “other” because I felt the same way when Elvis Presley starred in a “spaghetti-western” titled “Charro!” which was in my opinion the best acting work of his career and the greatest Elvis Presley movie ever made. The only thing Elvis sings at the beginning of the opening credits is the theme song,but the rest of it is brilliant acting and exciting western action and adventure throughout. Elvis immersed himself in this role and took it seriously more than any other film he ever starred in. “Charro!” when it was released in 1968 was not well received by the critics,but the audiences who went to see this in the cinema knew that Elvis Presley was not just another “pretty boy” in front of the camera. This was a serious role,and it was a shock to see Elvis played a vengeful character who goes after the villains who framed him and seek justice on those who did him wrong. “Charro!” had all the aspects of great spaghetti western and it shows it with Elvis Presley giving the best work of his career. After this movie ended John Wayne REALLY wanted Elvis Presley in his next picture in which it would have been a serious role for him(John Wayne wanted Elvis Presley to star in “True Grit”,but due to Colonel Tom Parker who murdered his chances for better roles and his career,the part went to Glen Campbell)and a step up from his meandering music career and an interest in meatier roles. It was also given parts in dramas too. “Charro!” gave him the confidence to seek more acting roles and better chances from beyond the same exact formulas that almost kill his career.

  • raysson

    What killed Elvis’ career? Colonel Tom Parker.

  • tone26

    they were all inane

  • Bruce Reber

    My favorite Elvis movie is “Viva Las Vegas”. He and Ann-Margret sizzle in this story of a race driver falling for a swimming instructor. VLV features great songs like “The Lady Loves Me”, “What’d I Say”, “I Need A Shoulder To Cry On” and the title tune. Lots of energetic dance numbers too. Many Elvis fans (including myself) consider this their all-time favorite. VLV was the only Elvis movie with a co-star that could match him in both charisma and sex appeal.

  • IceStormer

    Kissin’ Cousins with costars Arthur O’Connell and Jack Albertson is still my favorite. Otherwise, I wasn’t a big fan of his films or his music.

    • Bruce Reber

      Obviously you’re not one of the 50 million (including myself) – i.e. Elvis fans who can’t be wrong!

      • Mark Malak

        You got that right

  • Doctor Doom

    He actually acted in King Creole and Love Me Tender. All the others he play Elvis in.

  • rapalmi

    I’ve seen all of Elvis’ films multiple times, and my favorite has always been FLAMING STAR (also one of my fave Elvis songs). It’s also Don Siegel’s best film after DIRTY HARRY. And it’s one of the great, underrated Westerns. It’s tight and taut, fast-paced and ruthless, like a great Jacobean tragedy: a startling act of violence occurs early on, and it ricochets through the cast for the remainder of the running time, until most of the cast is dead or dying as THE END flashes on the screen. Elvis gives a strong performance, but as Siegel himself once remarked, the critics could not get past the fact that Elvis was in the film. And of course, most Elvis fans probably preferred to see Elvis in upbeat musicals.

    • Bruce Reber

      “Flaming Star” was one of the few Elvis movies I didn’t see, but it sounds a lot like “The Wild Bunch”. Also, I agree about his fans wanting to see him in Musicals instead of Dramas and Westerns, and that’s mainly why he left feature films after 1969. It wasn’t all Col. Parker’s fault.

  • raysson

    The top five great ELVIS movies in my opinion were “Jailhouse Rock”, “Kid Creole”, “Flaming Star”, “Love Me Tender”,and “Charro!” shows that he was a serious actor starring opposite the likes of Debra Paget, Richard Egan, Walter Matthau, Ina Balin, and Barbara Eden

    • Bruce Reber

      Correction – it was “King Creole”. You were probably thinking about “Kid Galahad”.

  • raysson

    Another overlooked drama from Elvis was WILD IN THE COUNTRY.

  • Fred55110

    OTHER:Stay Away Joe, You don’t have to be an Elvis fan to like that one and it’s funny.
    I, like Elvis but I, wasn’t really a fan and used to get annoyed sometimes with him, not because he did something wrong but how others reacted to him.
    This movie to myself at least made up for all of the hype friends and family members (all female of course) put on him.
    Thank You Elvis,
    Where ever you are.

    • Bruce Reber

      In my review on IMDB/TCM Movie Database I expressed MOPO that SAJ was the worst of all the Elvis movies. By 1968 he’d played a busboy, G.I., race driver, cowboy and millionaire. When they couldn’t come up with anything else, they decide to make him (get ready now) a NATIVE AMERICAN (talk about a stretch!) The offensive Native American stereotypes, silly plot and forgettable songs were enough to turn me off. In fact I titled my review “Stay Away – Period!”

      • EPSAJ

        I’m not saying I like the movie much, but Elvis playing a Native American is not a stretch, as his mother’s ancestry was partially Blackfoot.

  • Ruby Redd

    Elvis’s musicals were a lot of fun, but if you have seen one, you have seen them all. I still love the movie Flaming Star. After reading comments here, I will look for a DVD of Charro. He might still have a career a la John Wayne if only he had had better direction and more self-fulfilling roles. It would seem a lot of frustration led to a bitter end.

  • Carioca

    I was too young to see the attraction of Elvis when he was popular, but I do remember seeing “Jailhouse Rock” and being captivated by the dance in the cell blocks. And when my Mom told me that she read in the paper that Elvis did his own choreography for it, I was very impressed. Good actor, bad actor, formulaic, whatever, but to me that one dance makes up for a lot of shortcomings.

  • Gary B

    FAVORITE Elvis Movie??????? You’re saying he made more than 1?????

  • Gary B

    What songs did he sing in the film “Other” ?….I can’t find the dvd or the soundtrack anywhere…even on Amazon!

  • Cougar

    “Easy Come Easy Go”

  • Pat

    “King Creole” gave Elvis the chance to work with a great director–Michael Curtiz who directed classics like “Casablanca” and “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” “Loving You” is fun because of the parallels to Elvis’ life and some great songs (Teddy Bear, Mean Woman Blues, Loving You). For some reason that film is never shown on TV anymore and is no longer available on DVD.

  • Jane Kelly

    It’s hard to pick just one. I know most of his movies were panned by the critics & I do believe he could have had a better acting career – BUT – these movies still to this day bring me joy – I played them for my kids when they were little & they were just fun. I hope that he knows that even tho he didn’t get as much of a chance to show his acting chops – that he did make people happy!

  • 73LadyB

    Follow That Dream my favorite. Haram Scaram my least favorite.

  • SLH

    Not sure why so many people feel they have to come here and knock Elvis’s movies. What ever happened to “if you can’t say nothing nice” or “respect for the departed”…….anyway true Elvis fans are very aware of how Elvis felt about his movies. They were an embarrassment to him, which is sad. He brought and continues to bring a lot of joy to those of us who need a pleasant break from reality. Real life has a habit of being grim enough and hard enough that often times we just need something feel good and FUN !!



  • Brian

    Flaming Star and Wild In The country.(Both for Fox)IElvis like Frank Sinatra and Dick Powell use to complain about too many musicals.Dick got his break with Murder My Sweet.Frank with From Here to Eternity.Elvis never got his chance.If he made more movies like the two I mentioned he could have been a first rate actor.

  • Cougar

    How about “Easy come Easy go”?