What’s Your Favorite Don Knotts Film Performance?

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  • Tito Pannaggi

    Who is Don Knotts or what does it mean?

    • Babs

      Are You For Real ?????

      • J Carani

        You forgot one: None of the Above

        It is hard to like stupid

        • kp22kc

          I know it’s hard to put down the Shakespeare, but every once in awhile a “stupid” comedy is what I need.

  • Clint

    I love his role in “Private Eyes” with Tim Conway. His pseudo-Sherlock Holmes type character is a scream!!!

  • Trisha Johnston

    Don Knotts was a comic genius. His portrayal of Barney Fife alone would make him that. He was also a wonderful man.

    • Bryank

      Barney Fife is an icon! To this day I still laugh out loud at his antics!!

  • Hank Zangara

    Between Mr. Limpet and Pleasantville, I voted for the former, because the latter was only a cameo, not a starring role.

    • DIRK

      and Hank, who could forget his cameo in IT’S A MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD opposite Phil Silvers! Great stuff!

      • DIRK

        Did I leave out a MAD — I apologize to Stanley Kramer (director)!

  • Ani C.

    I always use that Mr Limpet noise when I want to shoo away a bad mood or feeling.


    Im sticking with Barney on the Andy Griffith Show

    • jumbybird

      Movie role…

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  • Micah

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  • Bryank

    I had to go with “Shakiest Gun In the West”. I’m sure I have the word wrong, but he knew only one in that “Indian” dialect, “waatay?” said it over and over, only he could have pulled that off! I loved it!

    • raysson

      I remember the theme song “The Shakiest Gun In The West” sung by The Wilburn Brothers,who took this song to Number One on Billboard’s Country-Western charts in 1968!

  • chris

    DON KNOTTS was a very funny man and a nice one, too.

  • Designer

    He is certainly best known for being “Barney” on the Andy Griffith show. Who else could base a career on the ability to drop a gunbelt from one’s waist when attempting to draw a gun.

    • raysson

      He was also remembered and best known as the bumbling landlord Ralph Farley on the mid-1970′s sitcom “Three’s Company”

      Not to mention after his stint on “The Andy Griffith Show”, the powers that be over at NBC gave Don Knotts his very own weekly variety series that lasted one season.

  • CE Carter

    “No Time For Sargents” was my selection. I haven’t seen any of the Don Knotts films mentioned. The pure genius of Don Knotts’ comedic timing and ability to give a solid performance is on display in the one and only scene he appears in opposite Andy Griffith in “No Time For Sargents.” No rap against Nick Adams, but for all of his screen time in this film, he never brings the hilarity that Don Knotts (and the Corporal Psychiatrist played by Jack Mann) did in their respective one-scene performances. In this film, Barney Fife had one bullet, and he hit the bulls eye.

  • frank pienkosky

    “No Time for Sargeants”…believe it or not, there are actually guys like this in the army…as an aside, I once got arrested [in college] by a cop who could have been his clone…..it was like a real-life scene from “Animal House”….they’re out there!

  • Irene Blamer

    I selected Henry Limpet because I believed this to be a movie poll. However, if the poll were for Don’s whole body of work, I would have to pick Barney.

  • spinkl

    Hollis Figg(How to Frame a Figg) by a hair over Theodore Ogelvie (The Apple Dumpling Gang), also great in The Shakiest Gun in the West & The Reluctant Astronaut.

  • clay modeling

    Ghost and Mr Chicken was his masterpiece. He did a TV show in the late 70′s as a newspaper reporter, which I found hilarious, but the show was short-lived, unfortunately.

    • raysson

      clay modeling:
      Was there a short-lived television series in the mid-1970′s based on Don Knotts’ 1966 theatrical feature “The Ghost And Mr. Chicken?” This short-lived television series probably aired in national syndication somewhere between 1973 to 1978 way before he jumped to “Three’s Company.”

  • Rocksta

    Definately Luther Heggs was his best performance “The Ghost and Mr Chicken”.

  • Radioman970

    No Time for Sargeants. He’s a bit different in that than anything else. All the rest he’s just doing Barney. If Barney were included I’d of course pick that.

  • raysson

    Two of Don Knotts’ masterpieces that were produced by the Walt Disney Studios came out to be astounding boxoffice hits. One was Disney’s 1975 Western-comedy “The Apple Dumpling Gang”(what a cast! You have in one picture not only Don Knotts but the great Tim Conway along with Bill Bixby, Harry Morgan, Jack Elam, and Susan Harris).and the 1979 sequel titled “The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again”(which reunites Don Knotts with Tim Conway).

    Also recommended, Don Knotts’ 1977 Western comedy “Hot Lead and Cold Feet” also a Disney classic!

  • jumbybird

    I thought Barbara Rhoades and her largesse would smother him in “Shakiest gun”.

  • http://www.sowhowins.com/ SimbasGuard

    I love The Incredible Mr. Limpet