What’s Your Favorite Barbra Streisand Film Performance?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/whatever41 Cynthia LaRochelle

    Funny Girl 1st, hands down,,,, then Yentl.

  • Wayne P.

    As actors go, shes a pretty good singer…but Yentl is the best of this bunch since the story didnt require that she do so much displaying of her real talent in that one!

  • david

    she is ugly, cant act, is a communist, used to like all her music, i even had eight track tapes until she showed her true colors in the obama election. got rid of them all, i know that doesnt hurt her but will not buy anything else she has anything to do with. did you know she gets a grant from the government which is us. for her charity, the bitch has more money than donald trump

    • Philly

      That was nasty….

      • Louis

        You are sick Philly!!!!!

  • Dave Ecklein

    Barbara Streisand’s best film was the musical she never made, but should have – “Pins and Needles” by Harold Rome and Marc Blitzstein. This was the famous topical revue put on by the International Ladies Garment Workers Union in the 1930s, usually accessible to us today through a brilliant Streisand 1962 LP celebrating the 25th annivesary of this rare pro-union artifact. It has been restaged, but deserves a cinematic treatment.

  • Debbie

    Loved her in FOR PETES SAKE

  • William Arthur Grove

    David, you can tell what you don’t like without being a shit. She’s probably done more for people than you’ll ever think of.

    • MovieManiac

      Look who’s talking…

  • maryjaneishere

    Hello Dolly, seriously? That’s like the worst musical EVER made. I think she even tries to not associate herself with it.

    • streisandfan

      Hello Dolly! was flawed and Streisand was too young–they should’ve filmed Yentl when she was 25 and Dolly when she was 40–but she wasn’t what was wrong with Hello Dolly! The quietest parts of the movie are the best–the reprise of It Takes a Woman and Love Is Only Love are the best numbers–the seemingly endless “dance” numbers, cartwheels, somersaults, forward and backward flips seem to go on and on–the gyrations are certainly energetic but seem to suck all the energy and humor out of the story.


    Love everything , but FUNNY LADY Is favorite. Great songs too! Then THE WAY WE WERE. I just go to see her in all her movies , love her 1


    she is one of the most talented women ever in music/movies,,she is just tremendous go Babs you are the BEST

  • Louis

    Any movie she is Not In!

  • rodahaco

    Not a fan at all….that being said, a great singer. And I did enjoy What’s Up, Doc?.

  • Linda M

    I love Barbra, but hate her politics! That aside, next to Judy Garland, Barbra has the best voice of any singer! I also love her for acting and directing. My favorites Barbra movies are The Way We Were, Yentl, and The Mirror Has Two Faces.

  • Bruce

    Only in “What’s Up Doc?”. Like most everyone, I find her personality, politics, and personal beliefs not to my liking. She was really funny in Bogdonivitch’s movie, though.

  • Rufnek43

    Was there a movie in which Streisand was supposed to star but someone else got the role? That would be my favorite! Otherwise, The Way We Were was the only one I found believeable–didn’t matter she couldn’t act, she only had to be herself. The lady was no actor but was a great singer, as long as I didn’t have to look at her while she sang. I swear every time she hit a high note, her eyes crossed! Streisand was born about 30 years too late. Like Brice, she could have been big on radio where the audience could imagine her looking better than she did.

  • Tammie Martinez

    Barbra is gorgeous!! So very beautiful inside and out. Her talents are breathtaking

  • John Small

    I’ve never been a Streisand fan so I’m not qualified to respond to take part in this poll. That said, I think the comments posted below by this fellow David are ugly, hateful and entirely uncalled for. (I guess it’s kind of funny that I’m not a fan of her films or music but support most of the same political causes she does…)

  • polliwogg

    Loved Funny Girl. And Funny Lady, also. But, What’s Up Doc? showed her comic talent. Her politics are HER business and have nothing to do with her acting. An amazing talent.

  • KarenG958

    You go your way, Horace Vandergelder, and I’ll go mine. Hello Dolly by leaps & bounds for me; she does a pretty darn good job in that one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carol.marsella.3 Carol Marsella

    If every American were as informed, passionate, and vocal about what’s actually going on with the politics in this country, we would not be in this mess (and this is true whether you agree with her or not.)
    That said, Barbra Streisand is a great American talent, and choosing only one of her projects to call “favorite” is impossible. If her name is attached to it, I’m buying a ticket.

    • MovieManiac

      See my comments to you above.

    • Moosejaw

      if the country ran like Babs would run it….

      …..it would be run into the ground like it currently is, by Babs buddy zer0bummer.

      You should stick to the fantasy land of movies as you have projected your fantasies into politics.

  • http://www.facebook.com/patsy.wachowski Patsy Wachowski

    her best movie was NUTS

  • John M

    Liked her best comedy role In “For Pete’s Sake”.

  • Kit

    Babs is the greatest female vocalist of the 20th century. I became a fan in the early 60s when she performed at small clubs in the Village. I have enjoyed most of her performances but my favorite films are “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever” and “Yentl”.

  • Jay

    I recently saw the movie – Hello Dolly – for the first time. I loved Barbra Streisands performance in this movie. Every song of hers was sung to perfection as always. She was both funny and serious and I loved every moment of it. I could watch this great movie over and over again and never get tired of it.

  • Moosejaw

    Not a fan…. she does best playing herself, like Doris the hooker in Owl and the Pussycat.

  • Bruce Reber

    I just loved her in “Funny Girl” with Omar Sharif (her Oscar winning performance as Fanny Brice), and the comedies “What’s Up Doc?” with Ryan O’Neal, and “The Owl and The Pussycat” with George Segal. She’s one of the greatest female singers ever, and she proved herself equally talented at both comedy and drama.

  • Jason Christiansen

    I am not a big fan of “Barbra Streisand” but i truly enjoyed her in “Nuts” and “Meet The Fockers”

  • Jane Kelly

    She is spectacular in Funny Girl! I loved her character in Meet the Fockers – it was nice to see her come back in a light hearted role.