A 007…And Seven

Article-Bond-drinking-mint-julepThe virtual explosion of surprise over James Bond drinking a beer in Skyfall was a bit absurd, and played almost like some practical joke from one of the spy’s arch enemies seeking to display just how gullible the media can be. (“Is that a SPECTRE I see over your shoulder?”) Call it a vast victory for product placement: The kind that not only gets the brand a major slot in a movie, but gets folks–including “The NBC Nightly News”–buzzing to the tune of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of free publicity, for both the film, and the endorsement. But Ian Fleming’s secret agent 007 has been having the occasional brew almost since his very beginnings in the author’s bestselling series of espionage novels, which commenced in the early 1950s!

Sponsorships and other marketing arrangements have had a long history with the James Bond film series, and have helped pay the freight, in fact, for the super-scaled extravaganzas that so many of us enjoy. The spy only switched from his famous Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch, for example, when other companies offered to front the fee for all the free publicity that attended gracing 007′s wrist.

The most blatant advertisements may have come in Moonraker, which seemed to feature a bevy of well-placed brand names, reaching a nadir with a closeup, in a drawer, of a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. Behind the scenes, many countries have also lobbied for Bond’s filmmakers to lens an adventure on their shores. The most amusing response to the Bond brou-ha-ha may have been in The New York Post, when a bartender said that 007 drinking a beer would be like the spy giving up his Aston Martin automobile. Bond drove a Lotus Esprit in two of Roger Moore’s Bond movies, and a BMW in some of Pierce Brosnan’s adventures as the secret agent!

In Ian Fleming’s original stories, Bond’s drink of choice was indeed a vodka martini–”preferably with 4 parts Vodka to one of dry Vermouth, with a twist of lemon peel” (shaken, not stirred, of course)–but he also imbibed bourbon, whiskey and, every once in a while, even a Calvados. In the films, Bond sipped a Mint Julep with Goldfinger, a Rum Collins in Thunderball, saki with Tiger Tanaka, ouzo in For Your Eyes Only, and a Mojito in Havana! And as for wine, 007 has enjoyed Mouton Rothschild (various vintages) in both the books and movies: Chianti, White Bordeaux, Moselle, and Pouilly Fuisse in the novels, and sherry (among others) on celluloid.

Across all the series, of course, Bond has favored champagne, ranging from Dom Perignon, to Taittinger, and Bollinger’s. Perhaps the oddest aspect to this manufactured imbroglio is that 007 ordered a beer in The Living Daylights, almost24 years ago ago (” A Bud, with lime.”) And in the predecessor to Skyfall, Quantum of Solace, he also had a bottled beer (at a bar in Bolivia)! But, alas, no one paid for a label to be widely displayed..

As for Ian Fleming’s 007, James Bond didn’t like British ales. But he was known to occasionally drink Lowenbrau in Switzerland, Red Stripe in Jamaica, and Miller’s High Life in America!

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  • Blair Kramer

    James Bond uses a box of Lark cigarettes as a bomb in LISENCE TO KILL. Well… At least it drove home the fact that cigarettes are bad for your health!

    • stldjen

      But cigarettes are so soothing for the nerves, and in today’s world a welcome respite.

  • stldjen

    Yes, that’s Connery with a mint julep in Kentucky.
    That’s still my favorite Bond movie. I saw it when I was 9 or 10 in the theater.
    I was really delighted when Shirley Bassey came on stage at the Oscars and belted out the theme song even though her voice was not quite up to the original recording; it is still one of the best Bond themes and I get chills all up and down my back when I watch the opening credits of Goldfinger.
    I did like Skyfall a lot. It was diverse but I’m still wondering why the all ended up at Bond’s ancestral home (Skyfall). It because they needed to put something in the story about the title?

  • talaktochoba

    first off, Priss Brosnan was the single worst Bond ever, the Richard Simmons simpering worst one could imagine–far, far worse than George Lazenby, worse even than Peter Sellers, and so deserved no better than Halle Berry pathetically imitating the first Bond girl, Ursula–who i think is also the only non English speaking Bond girl, hers being no better than Arnold’s in “Terminator” and so both were dubbed;

    any cursory reading of Ian’s novels would show Bond despised all things German from his pre-war experiences almost so much as he did all things Russian in the Cold War shadows he operated in, so James would’ve no more driven a Porsche or BMW than he would’ve a Zil;

    in the books they had to practically peel his “lady’s” Barretta from his gun hand and his blower Bentley from his driving hand!

  • Eric Nilsson

    You didn’t mention the Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet that was passed by Oddjob when he went to “separate [Goldfinger's] gold from Mr. Solo.”

    • Bruce Reber

      I dont’ recall Oddjob passing a KFC, but the two CIA guys were tracking the signal from a transmitter placed on Solo, and were backing out of the KFC parking lot with the image of Col. Sanders in plain view.