Irene Dunne

Check Out the Latest New Releases!

For whatever reason, vintage titles dominate this week’s new releases — which is excellent news for fans of classic cinema! But if your tastes veer towards the contemporary, don’t worry, we’ve got you too! We encourage you to take a…

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“Eternals” and More Marvelous New Releases Are Here!

This week’s star-packed new releases are here, bringing you everything from epic blockbusters to favorites from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Take a look! Eternals (2021) Seven millennia ago, beings from space placed them among us…and their names passed into…

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Irene Dunne Overload

Guest blogger Rory B. writes: I shouldn’t have done it but I watched thee Irene Dunne films in three days. I like them in the order I watched. First there was The Awful Truth (1937), a film I’ve already seen five times. The Awful Truth…

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