“Morbius” and “Father Stu” Lead Off The Latest Releases!

Looking to take a bite of weekend fun? Then sink your teeth into this latest batch of new releases. From vampire comic book films to cult classics, there’s a ton of options here to enjoy. So take a few minutes and check out the great (and diverse) array of titles that are now available!

Morbius (2022)

For brilliant biochemist Michael Morbius (Jared Leto), it’d been his literal life’s work to conquer the rare blood disorder that had left him infirm since boyhood. He’d find his breakthrough via gene splicing with bat DNA–but the controversial cure also left him with superhuman strength, speed, flight…and a craving to consume human blood. Big-screen debut for Marvel Comics’ Living Vampire also stars Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, Jared Harris, Tyrese Gibson, Al Madrigal.

Father Stu (2022)

Aging out of a nondescript boxing career, Stu Long (Mark Wahlberg) made Hollywood his next stop, and got as far as an L.A. grocery store. His romantic pursuit of a religious coworker (Teresa Ruiz) and a motorcycle accident combined to make him reassess life, faith, and his frayed ties with his parents (Mel Gibson, Jacki Weaver)–but in the wake of his choice to enter the seminary, fate would provide one final obstacle. Fact-inspired effort also stars Malcolm McDowell, Cody Fern, Winter Ave Zoli.

The Witches (2020)

Back in 1968, orphaned Chicago kid Charlie Hansen (Jahzir Bruno) felt lucky in moving to Alabama with his loving grandma Agatha (Octavia Spencer). That’d change when they went to a local hotel hosting a coven of conventioneer witches…and he fell prey to the schemes of their leader (Anne Hathaway) to transform the world’s children into mice. Second screen pass at the Roald Dahl fantasy from Robert Zemeckis also stars Stanley Tucci and the voice of Kristin Chenoweth; Chris Rock narrates.

Benedetta (2021)

For 18 years, Sister Benedetta Carlini (Virginie Efira) lived a penitent and exemplary existence in a 17th century Tuscan convent. Given charge of the abused and recalcitrant novitiate Bartolomea (Daphne Patakia), she’s flustered by her protégé’s physical attraction…and must deal with the consequences as she reciprocates in kind. Paul Verhoeven’s audacious, fact-inspired effort also stars Charlotte Rampling, Lambert Wilson, Olivier Rabourdin.

Ambulance (2022)

With his wife requiring a six-figure surgery, veteran William Sharp (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) saw no other out than to join his career criminal adoptive brother Danny (Jake Gyllenhaal) on a brazen bank heist. When the job went sideways, they opted to carjack an ambulance for escape–and found unwilling passengers in an EMT (Eiza Gonzalez) and the very cop they wounded. Michael Bay’s nail-biting redo of a 2005 Danish thriller co-stars Garret Dillahunt, A Martinez, Devan Long.

Love Slaves of the Amazon (1957)

An archaeologist (Don Taylor) was skeptical of a Brazilian explorer’s (Eduardo Ciannelli) claims about his onetime imprisonment by a hidden tribe of green-painted warrior women hoarding a fortune in treasure. He’d find out personally that the tale was true–and that his captors desired his aid in repopulating. Writer-director Curt Siodmak’s actioner, shot on use-it-or-lose-it stock left over from “Curucu, Beast of the Amazon,” co-stars Gianna Segale, Ana Maria Nabuco, Tom Payne.

The Horse Soldiers (1959)

For his only Civil War feature, director John Ford crafted a stirring true story of a Union cavalry raid into Confederate territory. With orders to destroy a railroad line and cut off enemy supplies, the colonel (John Wayne) in charge of the mission clashes with the army medical officer (William Holden) sent to accompany his unit. Constance Towers, Judson Pratt, Hoot Gibson also star.

Farewell Amor (Criterion Collection)(2020)

Brooklyn cabbie and Angolan émigré Walter (Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine) had to brace himself for a reunion after 17 years when his wife Esther (Zainab Jah) and daughter Sylvia (Jayme Lawson) landed at the airport. The fitful assimilation back into one another’s lives may be leavened as Sylvia revolts upon her strictures of her mother’s acquired religious zeal and strives to express herself through dance, in writer-director Ekwa Msangi’s assured feature bow; Joie Lee, Nana Mensah co-star.

Hostile Territory (2022)

Inspired by a true story. Upon returning home after the Civil War, former POW Jack Calgrove finds out his wife has died and his children—now presumed orphans—were loaded on a train bound for hostile territory deep in the American West. With the help of a fellow Union soldier, a troop of elite Native American sharpshooters, and a former slave searching desperately for her own daughter, Calgrove races to intercept the orphan train before all hope is lost.

Butter (2022)

For 423-pound Scottsdale teen Butter (Alex Kerstig), life meant parents who fed but didn’t get him, classmates who teased him mercilessly, and pining for the pretty girl (McKaley Miller) he catfished into thinking he was a jock from another school. His choice to post that he’d be gorging a fatal last meal on New Year’s Eve–while livestreaming it–brings repercussions he could never have expected. Take on the Erin Jade Lange YA favorite co-stars Mira Sorvino, Brian Van Holt, Mykelti Williamson, Annabeth Gish.

Chariot (2022)

Troubled by the recurring dream he’s had thousands of times, Harrison Hardy (Thomas Mann) turned to the strange sleep specialist Dr. Karn (John Malkovich) for help. Concurrently, he moved into a L.A. apartment building populated by all manner of eccentrics, including actress Maria (Rosa Salazar), with whom he has instant mutual affinity–and whom he might have loved in another life. Oddball sci-fi thriller also stars Scout Taylor-Compton, Shane West, Vernon Davis.

Hotel Fear (1978)

With her father away at war, teenager Rosa (Leonora Fani) dutifully helped her mother Marta (Lidia Biondi) maintain the family’s rundown lakeside hotel. Unfortunately, the paying clientele were the worst sort of degenerates–and after a tragic accident for Marta, the young woman was completely at their mercy. Who, then, is the strange figure who’s preying on her predators? Francesco Barilli’s striking gothic/giallo mix co-stars Luc Merenda, Francisco Rabal.

King Tweety (2021)

When the regent of the Canary Islands mysteriously vanishes, the hunt is on for the next in line of succession–and who should it be but Tweety Pie (voiced by Eric Bauza)? As Tweety, Sylvester (also Bauza), and Granny (Candi Milo) settle into a lush royal lifestyle, however, there’s a conspiracy afoot to make sure the throne stays vacant…will that bad ‘ol putty tat be a participant? Animated full-length frolic also features the voices of Riki Lindhome, Flula Borg, Joe Daly

Ahed’s Knee (2021)

Feeling the stress from the imminent loss of his terminally ill mother, a middle-aged, controversial filmmaker (Avshalom Pollak) ruefully headed to Arava for a government-sponsored chalk talk about his latest work. Asked to sign a waiver regarding no-go areas of discussion, his pent-up frustrations–with the circumstances of his nation, as well as his own–will boil over to stunning effect. Nadav Lapid’s personal opus co-stars Nur Fibak, Yoram Honig.

Fatherhood (2021)

Tech worker Matt Logelin (Kevin Hart) was blindsided by the abrupt passing of his wife (Deborah Ayorinde) barely over a day after she delivered their daughter Maddy. In the face of inconceivable loss, and a mother-in-law (Alfre Woodard) who thought the new responsibilities beyond him, he’d find his balance between career and loving parenting. Winning dramedy based on Logelin’s memoir also stars Lil Rel Howery, DeWanda Wise, Anthony Carrigan, Frankie Faison, Paul Reiser.

Hacks: Season 1 (2022)

Veteran standup Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) was worriedly watching the Vegas crowds shrink–and her casino bookings getting cut back accordingly. Millennial comedy writer Ava Daniels (Hannah Einbinder) was feeling the cancellation blowback from an ill-considered tweet. The reluctant pact for mutual professional survival and the generational friction that follows fuels this engaging HBO Max dramedy. Carl Clemons-Hopkins, Kaitlin Olson, Christopher McDonald, Paul W. Downs also star.10 episodes on 2 discs.

The Little Rascals: ClassicFlix Restorations, Vol. 6

This release contains the final 23 Our Gang sound shorts produced by the Hal Roach Studios: Bored of Education (1936) to Hide and Shriek (1938)—with each short newly scanned and restored from the original Hal Roach 35mm film elements.

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