Create-A-Caption: Teen Wolf

Celebrating its 35th anniversary this month is Teen Wolf, Michael J. Fox‘s other 1985 summer blockbuster (after Back to the Future). In the film Fox portrays a high-school basketball player who discovers that his puberty has unexpected consequences — namely that, due to a family curse, he becomes a werewolf. His hairy problem soon makes him a local celebrity, but will his newfound lycanthropy make him into a monster? This howlingly funny comedy was such a sleeper it that in spawned an animated series, a sequel (with Jason Bateman) and, later, a gritty MTV reboot. No, seriously. Anyway, the original is still the best, and the focus of this week’s Create-A-Caption. We’ve taken a still from the furry flick and given it a funny caption. Do the same below, awooooooo!

Teen Wolf

Some high schoolers take the whole party animal thing a bit too literally