What’s Your Favorite TV Episode and Movie of 2018?

With a total box office gross of $700,059,566, Black Panther was 2018’s biggest hit. It’s easy to see why, it’s a groundbreaking superhero tale packed with excitement, great characters, and, at its heart, a truly human story. While it may have been the most financially successful film of the year, it may not be your favorite (although I can’t reiterate enough that it is really great). 2018 was a fantastic time for film and TV lovers, with more viewing options than any other point in history. For this weekend’s Open Thread, I want you to take a moment to share what the best movie you saw this year was, and the best episode of TV that you saw as well. More than just sounding off about the entertainment that stuck with you this year and beyond, you’ll have the opportunity to potentially introduce your fellow MovieFanFare readers to your favorites — and learn about theirs as well!

  • Suitsme

    I am totally immersed in The Outlander series and the books. Movie wise nothing stands out at the moment looking forward to A Star is Born and others not in DVD yet. Happy 2019!

  • Kerry

    This one came out late in 2017 but I just saw it recently… it is a Netflix production. The movie is “Bright” starring Will Smith. It is very reminiscent of “Alien Nation” (1988) but with elements from “Lord of the Rings” nicely mashed in. If you like either of those movies or perhaps any of the “Men in Black” movies, you should definitely check this one out. I thought it mixed a number of familiar themes in a very original way. It also reminded me of “Fifth Element” and “District 9” in some ways. It was fun to watch and SciFi/Fantasy fans should definitely enjoy it.

  • Mark Wanek

    My 2 favorite movies of 2018 were BlacKkKlansman and Roma. Both wonderfully done, with powerful stories. My favorite tv episode (series, I guess really) of the year was The Haunting of Hill House. Really well done! Great production value and a pleasant surprise for a genre I don’t normally watch to be my favorite series.