Sound Off About Your Favorite Midnight Movies!

Believe it or not, the midnight movie is alive and well. Once a mainstay of alternative culture — especially during the 1970s and ’80s — the midnight movie shines a spolight on the dark corners of the cinematic fringe. Pink Flamingos. Eraserhead. Heavy Metal. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. These are among the most notorious (and well known, enough that some of these films have infiltrated the mainstream) examples of the genre, but recent years have seen everything from Donnie Darko to Hedwig and the Angry Inch added to their ranks. Every weekend across America select theaters still show midnight movies, and that’s not even including how many people hold their own psychotronic film festivals from the comfort of home.

So for this weekend, we want you to share your midnight experiences with us. Did you idle away your teenage years doing “The Time Warp” again and again? Which of these cult flicks are your favorite and why? What qualities do you think a midnight movie must have? Tell us what you think below. To quote Eraserhead, you’ve got your good things and I’ve got mine!