Create-A-Caption: Carnival of Souls

1962’s Carnival of Souls is a perfect example of a slow burn cult film. Despite a limited budget and a short original theatrical run, the film — about a church organist whose life takes a turn for the bizarre following a mysterious car wreck — has grown in stature over the years to become a widely appreciated feature. (We seriously can’t recommend it enough).

Since October is now under way, all of this month’s Create-A-Captions will be based on classic horror films — with Carnival of Souls kicking things off. We’ve taken an especially creepy moment from the film and added a funny caption, and we encourage you to do the same in the comments below!

I know I’ve said it a lot before, but this is the last time I ever take public transportation!

  • Bryan Ruffin

    I knew it! I knew it!! When he turned left in Albuqurque, I knew we were headed for trouble! We really are hoplessly lost!!!

  • John

    “Will someone please lower the cabin lights?”

  • Bryan Ruffin

    I’m dying for a good cup of coffee!
    I think that man is a dead-ringer for my brother!
    I wish there was more room to move; I am getting so stiff.
    So glad to sit for a while; I am dead tired!
    If we go around this block one more time…….I’ll just die!

  • George Rasmussen

    Any one seen Joe Biden?

  • wapkep

    Photo taken just before the Paris Home for Aging Mimes annual field trip to the Dijon Valley.

  • Robert E Feyerabend

    HA! never had to pay; I sneaked on

  • trlovens

    “Excuse me, is this the shuttle to the Who concert?”

  • Margaret Putterman

    “Ok, by a show of hands … who wants to skip the rest stop so we can spend more time at the outlet?”

  • dirkwrestler

    happy seniors on their outing to the local Beauty College !

  • ReneCat

    And YOU said we’d avoid the traffic jam!

  • Movie Fan

    “Flintstones, meet the Flintstones, they’re the modern stone-age family…”

  • Tom K.

    (1) ” Cut ? We can’t do another take, we’ve used all the mascara in Hollywood and our faces are melting. ” (2) ” Looks like the Adams Family Reunion Picnic Trip will be an all-nighter. “