Cosmic Camp: Wacky Sci-Fi Flicks New to DVD/Blu-ray

As Star Trek reminds us, space is the final frontier. It’s also the home to countless sci-fi B-movies. And isn’t that an amazing thing? Recently, a trio of these out-of-this-world flicks have come to DVD and Blu-ray to enchant a new generation with their considerable thrills, schlocky storylines, and wonderful — if somewhat low budget — production design. Take a look at this trio of forgotten sci-fi classics that are now available!:

The Man from Planet X

New from Shout Factory is this 1951 science fiction fave about an astronomer (Raymond Bond) who made camp within the foggy Scottish moors to track an uncharted planet’s too-close orbital brush with Earth got an unanticipated bonus, as one of the rogue world’s denizens came in for a landing. Does he pose a threat…or is he the one in danger from the military and government scientists? Edgar G. Ulmer’s low-budget gem, shot in a mere six days, also stars Robert Clarke, Margaret Field, William Schallert.

Star Crystal

If you have the need for sci-fi that’s a bit more contemporary, KL Studio Classics has just, um, unearthed this 1986 effort. It’s the year is 2035, and the survivors of a doomed space station escape on a shuttle that recently returned from an expedition to Mars, its entire crew wiped out after discovering an egg containing a mysterious crystal and an alien lifeform. The ship’s new inhabitants try to make it back to Earth as the deadly monster starts taking them out one at a time, but what is making the creature kill? C. Juston Campbell, Faye Bolt, John W. Smith, Taylor Kingsley star in this spacey shocker.

Star Slammer

KL Studio Classics also just released this ’86 flick to DVD and Blu-ray that asks the question of how can you possibly improve on a “women in prison” flick? Set in outer space, of course! When voluptuous star babe Taura (Sandy Brooke) causes the ruthless Bantor (Ross Hagen) to lose his hand while defending herself against him, she winds up doing hard time on a prison ship. Now, she must face an array of extraterrestrial horrors before she can lead her fellow inmates in revolt. Aldo Ray, Marya Gant, and John Carradine co-star in this outrageous mix of sci-fi and comedy. AKA: “Prison Ship,” “Adventures of Taura,” “Star Slammer: The Escape.”

We think any — or better yet, all — of these far-out flicks will set you up for an evening of campy and cosmic fun. Check ’em out and see for yourself!