Movie Trailer of the Day: Night of the Comet

1984’s Night of the Comet poses a very interesting question: What if the only people left alive in the world were Southern California teenagers? That’s the start in this campy, enjoyable tale of two sisters who must fend off zombie-like mutants and mysterious scientists after a comet’s passing exterminates nearly all life. Of course, this being an eighties film and all, our heroes stop by a mall for a shopping montage or two and find some time to celebrate the apocalypse by dancing along to “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” The film is a genre-jumping blend that contains elements of horror, comedy, and science fiction, and its low-budget just adds to the overall charm of the flick. Stars Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney, Robert Beltran, and Mary Woronov bring their cheesy A-game to the proceedings, resulting in an underrated movie that deserves way more love than it got during its original theatrical run. (It does however have a loyal cult following, as a recent special edition from Shout Factory illustrates). Check it out, and see if comet fever washes over you!