Draft Day (2014) Movie Review

Earlier this year, Movie Irv made a set of predictions about which high-profile films he believed were due to flop in 2014. One of these was the Kevin Costner football drama Draft Day. Of the films he mentioned that have been released, so far he’s been very much on target:

The Tom Cruise sci-fi thriller Edge of Tomorrow was greeted with an indifferent shrug relative to its cost (which was too bad; I found it to be pretty solid and inventive fun…but then I’m a little biased); the well-muscled Rock kicking butt as Hercules fared badly when, uh, “stacked” up against the well-shaped Scarlett Johansson kicking butt as Lucy—and, we also saw what happened (or maybe you blinked and missed it) to the Costner film.

Released in April—rather than in the midst of football season when fans are sitting at home watching the actual games? Or, assuming fans are thinking about the actual NFL Draft coming in May? Who knows—Draft Day failed to score big points at the box office. Did it deserve to flop? As we’re all well aware, quality and financial success do not always share a directly proportional relationship in the movie business. Irv caught up with the Costner picture, and now he’s here to tell you whether or not the film deserved its paltry slice of the 2014 pie:

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