Which Movies Will Flop in 2014?

It’s typically a no-brainer to predict the box-office muscle of certain movies. Will the latest Captain America adventure clean up at the multiplex? Well….duh. When Star Wars, Episode VII finally comes out, do you think it’s going to make a lot of money? Uhhhhhh….yeah.

Not quite so easy, though, when it comes to guessing what movies are likely to land with a giant thud, either because of audience indifference, or hostility, or poor reviews from critics (which matter a lot less these days if they ever mattered that much at all when it comes to a film’s earning potential)…so that makes it the perfect kind of question to Ask Movie Irv!

Rather than put the question to him about this year’s likely Oscar contenders or big moneymakers, let’s see if Irv can sniff out which of 2014′s upcoming movies are likely to disappoint big-time:

OK, now we know which films this year are most likely to resemble The Lone Ranger (and, I suppose, much like that much-lambasted flop, which ones might stand a chance of making an appearance in the Honorable Mention category on my yearly Top 10); now you have a chance to tell Irv he couldn’t be more right about (fill-in-the-blank)…or that he couldn’t be more wrong!


  • Movie Fan

    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were and still are creepy. The people backing this film must be optimists. Fans of Dwayne Johnson will like Hercules, no matter what. It may do okay. Tom Cruise is a good actor, but some of his movies just aren’t interesting. Edge of Tomorrow sounds like a romance novel, not sci-fi. Word of mouth will sink or save this film, if anyone takes the time to watch it. Pay per view is where it will do best. The original Sin City was fascinating visually, with a good story. The second installment will be a rehash, so why bother buying a ticket? Wait for pay per view. Another sports film? Zzzzzzzz…..

  • jbourne5181

    looking forward to the Sin City sequel [how did Bruce survive his suicide?] I’m not interested at all in any more Tom Cruise sci-fi movies, Oblivion did suck. I think having Dwayne Johnson take over the Hercules role is a terrific choice because the guy is money at the box office. I’m 61 and I’m looking forward to this movie. as for the rest of Irvs picks, I’m in total agreement – bombs!!!