Argo vs. Lincoln vs. Silver Linings Playbook: Final Oscar Predictions!

Emerging from screening a certain movie which shall remain nameless, way back before end-of-year lists made the rounds and the Ocsar nominations were announced, I made an instantaneous prediction about that particular film’s Academy Awards chances on February 24th, and I put it in writing.

(No, I’m not talking about my prediction about Daniel Day-Lewis winning for Lincoln. That prediction I made out loud and often as soon as I read he had been cast in the film. Just as many others did.)

Anyway, there was much skepticism in the air from my inner circle concerning my soothsaying for this particular movie…but numerous well-regarded, pre-Oscar signs later, it seems I may indeed be about to be proven correct. You’ll notice I’m keeping that prediction close to the vest here (naturally, so as not to avoid embarrassment on that tiny, tiny, now-miniscule chance I’m wrong)–but we’re giving Movie Irv no such shelter! Here he is to make his final prognostications:

Oh, sugar. I just noticed that I had already shared my big, big Best Picture prediction (that I was then busily being talked out of) on my Top 10 Movies of 2012 post. So it goes. So now, Irv and I have both put it all on the table. Your turn now! Who’s going to win?