Movie Review: The Ides of March

Is George Clooney awesome or what? It’s OK to admit it—I already confessed while Playing the Movie IFs Game that, were I (Movie Irv’s producer) to be trading places with one of cinema’s power players, he’d be the one. The star of Out of Sight? The director (and co-star) of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind? The star, co-writer, and director of Good Night, and Good Luck? Who wouldn’t envy this career?

OK, Leatherheads might not have been all that, but that’s a minor glitch on a pretty spotless record. Michael Clayton himself is back in the co-writing, directing, starring…and co-producing chairs for the much-anticipated political thriller The Ides of March, which co-stars Ryan Gosling, the up-and-coming leading man who helped make Drive a movie to talk about.

What’s Movie Irv’s verdict on the latest Clooney? Let’s find out: