Monthly Archives: March 2012

Guest Review: The Andromeda Strain

Guest blogger Rick29 writes: This superior  1971 science fiction outing pits four dedicated scientists against a microscopic menace capable of destroying all life on Earth. Its critics have labeled it slow-moving and overlong, but I find it intellectually exciting. Its…

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Guest Review: An Education

Guest blogger Cat Geissler writes: Paths aren’t paved before they’re walked on in this lifetime. For the average middle-class teenager, life-changing moments like attending college and starting a family are planned before the graduation cap tassel is switched over to…

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The Musketeers and the Movies

They’ve been featured in movies and TV shows many, many times, dating back to the early days of silent films. They’ve been turned into animated canines, modernized, Broadway-ized, Disney-ized, serial-ized, transformed into western heroes, portrayed by Brat Packers, featured with…

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