Your Questions Answered on Dick Powell, Susan Hayward Favorites

Movie Questions AnsweredQ: There is an old Dick Powell movie called You Never Can Tell, with Dick as a murdered dog reincarnated as a human to find his murderer. The movie was also known as One Never Knows. I would love to have this movie if it is ever available.

A: This 1951 film is among the most-requested we’re asked about—and has been for many years. In the film, the dog is a German shepherd and, in human form, is named Rex Shepherd. The nifty, unique fantasy also stars Charles Drake as the bad guy and Joyce Holden as Powell’s Palamino secretary. Unfortunately, You Never Can Tell has never been available in any format thanks to an oversight of distributor Universal Studios. Sadly, we have no word on its imminent release.

Q: Will The Flim Flam Man ever be released on DVD?

A: We think you’ll see this 1967 cult fave with a wide following on our site by year’s end. George C. Scott plays Mordecai Jones, an old-school con artist who teams with young ex-soldier folksinger Curly Treadaway (Michael Sarrazin) to teach him the tricks of his trade. Highly entertaining shenanigans ensue; Sue Lyon, Harry Albertson, Harry Morgan, Slim Pickens and Albert Salmi also star in this Fox release directed by Irvin Kershner (The Empire Strikes Back).

Q: Will the movie The Longest Hundred Miles be released on DVD? Made in 1967, it started Doug McClure and Ricardo Montalban.

A: There’s a small chance that this well-remembered TV movie centered on a bold escape from the Philippines during the Japanese invasion of World War II will make its way to DVD at some point. The cast featured McClure as an American GI and Montalban as a priest, as well as Katherine Ross as a military nurse who tries to rescue a group of children on a rickety bus.

Q: When are we going to have Ada, starring the brilliant Susan Hayward, in widescreen released on DVD?  Also, about a Susan Hayward set from Fox—please, please, please. I am only one of thousands impatiently waiting.

A: Susan Hayward is easily one of the most popular actresses we get requests for. Obviously, the talented and beautiful Oscar-winning brunette has quite a following.  Ada would probably be owned by Warner, and an ideal candidate for the Warner Archives. In this political drama, Ms. Hayward is a prostitute who marries singer-musician Dean Martin. Martin becomes governor, but has little control over his job because of aide Wilfred Hyde-White’s iron hand. Eventually Hayward uses her strong will and street smarts in the political arena. As for the Fox titles, the notion of seeing Ms. Hayward’s films for the studio any time in the near future isn’t likely, because it seems like Fox has essentially curtailed their classics line after a nice run. We do have some fine films starring the actress, but you’ll have to wait for Ada, The President’s Lady (one of our favorites) and others.

Q: We have already seen Naughty Marietta and Sweethearts remastered and reissued on DVD this year. When will the other MGM Nelson Eddy-Jeanette MacDonald films come out? They are long overdue. Anyone know anything about this?

A: We do. Bitter Sweet (1940) is next in line with the singing duo, this time chirping songs by Noel Coward. The tale is set in 19th century Vienna, where MacDonald elopes with music teacher Eddy, but both encounter tough financial times that lead their lives in surprising directions years later. George Sanders and Ian Hunter also star; the soundtrack features such songs as “I’ll See You Again” and “If You Could Only Come With Me.” It’s slated for this September, and there may be more MacDonald/Eddy films on the way. By the way, Jeanette sans Nelson can be seen in Smilin’ Through (1941), a Technicolor musical remake of a story filmed twice before. MacDonald plays two roles here, as a woman who dies and her lookalike, orphaned niece, a source of torment for the widowed uncle (Brian Aherne) who raised her. Gene Raymond and Ian Hunter also star in this film directed by Frank Borzage.

Q: There was a television series that aired from 1988-1991 on TV staring Lee Horsley and Sigrid Thornton, entitled Paradise, AKA Guns of Paradise. Will this be released anytime soon on DVD?

A: The good news is that Warner controls the Lorimar production, so it is a candidate for their Archives program. For the record, it ran for three seasons on CBS and starred Horsley as a gunfighter who attempts to change his reputation by caring for his sister’s four children when it is discovered that she is ill. The show had some cable play after its initial run.

Q: I am looking for the movie titled Rage starring Glenn Ford, release year 1966.

A: This riveting ticking-clock thriller stars Ford as an anti-social, alcoholic doctor living in a Mexican border town who is bitten by a rabid dog. Ford discovers he has only 48 hours to find help from a neighboring town; Stella Stevens also stars. The film is owned by Sony, so a manufacture-on-demand release is not out of the question.

Q: The Best of Enemies is a classic Anglo-Italian movie that I don’t think has ever been on VHS, never mind DVD. It is based on a true story from WWII in Ethiopa. It would be great to see this movie available on DVD.

A: This is yet another fairly obscure film that has a huge following. David Niven, Alberto Sordi and Michael Wilding star in this military comedy directed by Guy Hamilton (Goldfinger, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins).  Our hunch is that it will make its way to the made-on-demand program from Sony at some point. The anti-war farce features Niven and Wilding as British officers on a recon mission over Africa during WWII whose plane crashes. They are captured by Italian commander Sordi, who strikes a deal with them: He will let them go if they allow him to take a nearby fort. Hilarious complications ensue in this comedy from producer Dino de Laurentiis.

Q: Any word on the Canadian TV series Adderly being put out on DVD?

A: No, but we are intrigued by the notion. We vaguely remember when the 1986-1988 series briefly ran on late night on CBS, where it did well enough to warrant a brief prime time stint, where it didn’t find a sufficient audience. Winston Rekert played the title character, a special agent reassigned to bureaucratic duties after he injures his hand during a mission. In his new role, Adderly meets some odd characters and finds himself in dangerous situations. No word on a DVD appearance, though.

Q: You may have received this question previously, but are there any plans in the near future to release the 1960′s TV series Tarzan with Ron Ely on DVD?  So many other TV series have been and still are being released, but I hear nothing regarding this series, which was one of my favorites.  Also…would love to know if the Gene Wilder classic Sunday Lovers will ever be released?  Thanks for your time and assistance with my query.

A: Muscular Rony Ely played Tarzan for two seasons, from 1966 thought 1968, on this much-hyped NBC series. We have no word on this oft-requested take on “the Ape Man” swinging onto DVD soon. As for 1980’s Sunday Lovers, the anthology film with Wilder, Roger Moore, Lino Ventura, Kathleen Quinlan and Lynn Redgrave, it is a likely candidate for the Warner Archives. Although it didnt catch on  in the States, the international film amassed quite a following, based on the requests we have recieved for it.

Q:  I saw a Jack Nicholson-directed movie in the ‘70s—Drive, He Said. It had a college basketball setting, & one of the co-stars was Mike Warren. I’ve never been able to find it again. Any comments?

A: Nicholson’s directorial debut is only currently available as part of the Criterion Collection’s American Lost and Found: The BBS Story.  There is a chance that it will be issued as a single later, but right now we are not sure. Released in 1971, the film stars William Tepper as a college basketball player and Michael Margotta as his politically active friend, both of whom are concerned about being drafted. Karen Black plays a teacher’s wife with whom Tepper is involved and Bruce Dern plays his clean-living coach.  For the record, the other films in the set include Head, Easy Rider, A Safe Place, the Last Picture Show, Five Easy Pieces and The King of Marvin Gardens. Nicholson went on to helm Goin’ South and The Two Jakes.

Q: I’m a big fan of Sword and Sandal movies. Is there any chance that two of Steve Reeves’ movies, Morgan the Pirate and The Slave, will ever come out on DVD?

A: We wish we could tell you something differemt, but we have no word on the Reeves adventure epics you asked for. We’e been lobbying for Morgan the Pirate, the 1960 high seas adventure with Mr. Reeves as the infamous Sir Henry Morgan for some time. We believe the MGM Limited Edition Collection will eventually put out this must-requested swashbuckler helmed by Andre de Toth (House of Wax). 1962’s The Slave, also known as The Son of Spartacus, offers Reeves as a brave Roman centurion sent to Egypt by Caesar who, in fact, turns out to be the son of the famous slave leader. Where the American DVD rights to the film lay is unclear.

Q: Are you ever gonna release a movie starring Christopher George called Devils 8?

A: Well, unfortunately, we don’t release the titles. We are really the middle people between the studios and you, the consumer. But we can tell you that this title has a good shot at being issued by the MGM manufacture-on-demand program, since they control the American International Pictures library of which this film is part of.  George plays a government agent who has a group of ornery fellows on a chain gang released so they can be properly trained in order to wage war on moonshiner Ralph Meeker. Others in the film helmed by Burt Topper (Soul Hustler) include Fabian, Ross Hagen, Larry Bishop and Leslie Parrish.

Q: Is there any hope that the following films will be released on DVD?

Show Boat -1936 By far the best version

Little Boy Lost – A very good dramatic Crosby

The Uninvited -1944 the very best supernatural film, with Ray Milland and Gail Russell

Conspiracy of Hearts – Moving Lilli Palmer film.

With so much junk appearing on DVD each week, it is hard to understand why good films  such as these remain unavailable.

A: All good choices, with The Uninvited, owned by Universal, remaining one of our most-requested films. At one time, we understood that the ’36 Show Boat was receiving some restoration attention, and Warner was considering putting out a complete set with all three versions. Lately, we have heard nothing further about such plans. The other titles you mentioned would be much-welcomed, but we’ve heard nothing new.

Q: Is there any hope that the Anthony Andrews-Jane Seymour version of The Scarlet Pimpernel will be released on DVD? Also, the film Ladyhawke starring Rutger Hauer, Michele Pfeiffer and Matthew Broderick?

A: We expect Ladyhawke and the ’82 TV version of The Scarlet Pimpernel to be reissued at some point. Warner has Ladyhawke, but The Scarlet Pimpernel would be from an independent company. Both were popular period adventures.

Q: Would love to see Come to the Stable starring Loretta Young and Celeste Holm out on DVD.

A: We would, too. Ms. Young and Ms. Holm play nuns from a French convent  who enlist colorful characters to help them build a children’s hospital in a New England town. Hugh Marlowe, Elsa Lanchester and Dooley Wilson also star. The film is from Fox, so it’s a longshot to make its way to DVD anytime soon.

Q: Amongst the many fine films never released to DVD is one that I would dearly love to see surface. Released in 1974, Conrack was directed by Martin Ritt (what a great director) and starred Jon Voight and Paul Winfield. Based on the novel “The River is Wide” by Pat Conroy, it certainly worthy of a wider showing in a time when many of today’s films are just above mediocre.

A: Once again, another Fox title condemned to oblivion by its company. It’s a fine film that deserves a better fate, but we don’t expect it in the foreseeable future.

Q: I was pretty small at the time but my brother took me to a matinee showing of a flick where I believe Santa Claus was watching children with a telescopic instrument which had an eyeball attached to the end of it. Not sure what the name of it was, but I had to leave the theater and never felt quite the same about Santa again. Otherwise, you guys have done a great job of covering all the films that had an affect on me. Thanks!

A: The film is 1959’s Santa Claus, perhaps the most demented holiday movie of all time. This Mexican production invovled Santa squaring off against Pitch, the devil’s helper, over the soul of a little girl named Lupita. That “cosmic telescope” that creeped you out is in there, as are frightening reindeers, child slaves toiling in Toyland, lips on a talking machine and much, much more to scare kids and adults alike. It is available here.

Q: I am a big Charles Bronson fan and was wondering if there are any Bronson films that are going to be released?

A: Good news.There is a double feature of Rider on the Rain/Farewell Friend coming up. Rider on the Rain (1970) is a moody thriller with Marlene Jobert as a French woman who kills a man who raped her, then faces investigator Bronson, doggedly seeking the truth of the events. Rene Clement (Forbidden Games, Purple Noon) directs. Farewell Friend (1968) is another name for Honor Among Thieves, with former Foreign Legion adversaries—mercenary Bronson and doctor Alain Delon—teaming to pull off a heist. Also on the way down the line from Sony’s archive program is The Stone Killer (1973) from Death Wish/The Mechanic director Michael Winner. Chuck is a disgraced NYPD cop relocated to Los Angeles to stop mobster Martin Balsam’s plan to use Vietnam veterans as assassins for rival gang leaders. Other Bronson efforts we’d like to see on DVD: From Noon Till Three, Love & Bullets and Red Sun.



  • Justin Ray

    Can you tell me which studio owns the rights to the 1947 Barbara Stanwyck-David Niven film “The Other Love”? AND- might we see a release for this film in the future?

  • Alice Lund

    Is there any chance Universal will ever release Because Of You on Dvd? It’s a favorite of many. Stars Loretta Young and Jeff Chandler.

  • Luigi from NYC


    Dear Alice –

    I, too, would like to see this flick on DVD. I saw it as a youngster back in the very early 50′s. Quite an impressive performance by Loretta & Jeff. Me thinks that it was once shown on TCM several years ago.

    If you are a Melina Mercouri fan — they FINALLY released PHAEDRA on DVD. I was able to purchase a copy from AMAZON.COM.
    I’m also WAITING for the DVD release of I’D CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN — early 50′s — starring Susan Haywood. It has been shown a few times on TCM — way back when. It’s available on VHS but not on DVD.

    Again, thanks for the “PLUG” re: BECAUSE OF YOU !


  • Maria

    What’s the story with The Blue Dahlia? I’m not sure who owns the rights, but I’d have to say that’s my number one film I’m waiting for. I’ve been scouring the new Video on Demand lists, but I don’t know which film company I should be concentrating on.

  • ralph stratford

    Hello do you know who owns the rights to a film i beleive is called BRIDGE TO THE SUN starring James Shigita & Carroll Baker.Maybe i have the wrong title but i cannot find any imformation about this film.

  • rob

    Desert Fury is available in a Hollywood Collection box in Australia,,it is very GOOD! au may help..


    The Train on blu-ray ala criterion if possible.

  • Bernard Seto

    MGM/Warner , Fox should join forces and release
    all the SUSAN HAYWARD, DEBORAH KERR movies that had never been released on VHS or DVD :
    Deborah Kerr titles should include “The Journey”,
    “Edward my Son “, “The Hucksters”, “Count Your Blessings”, “Beloved Infidel” and “Prudence and the Pill”.
    Susan Hayward titles should include “Ada”, “I Thank a Fool”, “Marriage Go Around”, “Untamed” and
    “Thunder in the Sun “, “White Witch Doctor”.
    and meanwhile Sophia Loren is getting all the accolades, why can’t MGM/Warner/UA release a box
    set of GINA LOLLOBRIGIDA movies : such as “Woman
    of Straw” (with Sean Connery), “Hotel Paradiso”
    (with Alec Guinness! ), “Trapeze” (with Burt Lancaster), “Go Naked in the World”(with Ernest
    Borgnine! ). Make these movies available! They will look great on the new TV screens !

  • Susan H

    I am waiting for:
    1) “The Story of G.I. Joe” (1944), Mitchum/B.Meredith
    2) “PRINCE OF PLAYERS” (FOX), about the BOOTH family who brought Shakespeare to the US camps, etc. and whose son of the father (played by R.Massey), was James Wilkes Booth. His brother (and the other son) was played by a young Richard Burton.
    3) “MY COUSIN, RACHEL” – a Daphne du Marnier film, with (again), a younger Burton and Olivia deHavilland as the “cousin Rachel”. (I also think this is FOX.)

    Thanks – I will be HOPING!

  • Susan H

    PS: I would like to see nearly all of the ones listed, too! Ada is excellent, and “Beloved Infidel” (FOX) is okay, with good acting, but as Iunderstand it, VERY “holly-wood-ized”. Still, a good movie!

  • Luigi from NYC

    july 19 @ 2 AM

    TO Ralph Stratford re: Bridge to the sun –

    You have the correct title — it’s a true story film made in 1961 — an american/france co-production released by MGM .

    Was shown on TCM (turner movie classics )SOME TIME AGO — and based upon a true story by gwenn tarasaki.

    after seeing the flick in the theatre — i rented the book from the library back in 1961 — and to say the least — the film followed the book almost — ” TO THE T ”

    Luigi Frtom NYC

  • LaRue Wunderlich

    You have shown New Moon, Eddy/MacDonald on TCM, when will a DVD be released?

  • Terry Peters

    “Back Street” (1961) with Susan Hayward, John Gavin and Vera Miles is one of my all-time favorites!

  • Libby Huffman

    Would love to find a film from the ’50s with Jennifer Jones, Robert Stack, Chuck Connor’s called “Good Morning, Miss Dove”. Can’t find it anywhere. Will it ever be released for the public?

  • Louis Martinez

    I share the pain all of you must feel by not being able to find these gems on DVD. But, I do have a DVR from my local cable company and a DVD recorder which I use to record these gems and then burn to DVD+RW discs to keep in a collection. I may not have the fancy packaging and artwork but I do have the movie and my kids will have a chance to see these great films introduced by Robert Osborne on Turner Classic Movies. Copyright Infringement???? So shoot me!!!!!!

  • CE Carter

    COTTON COMES TO HARLEM came out on DVD years ago. What is the reason given for its sequel, COME BACK, CHARLESTON BLUE, still not being released on DVD as well. Also, a television series I’d love to see come out on DVD is Tim Reid’s, FRANK’S PLACE. What are the reasons it’s taken this excellent TV sitcom so long to make it to DVD??

  • CE Carter

    Here’s a short list of my favorite movies I wish the studios would release on DVD:
    I, THE JURY (1982) with Armand Assante;
    COME BACK, CHARLESTON BLUE (1972) with Raymond St Jacques and Godfrey Cambridge;
    KNOCK ON ANY DOOR (1949) with Humphrey Bogart and John Derek;
    DIARY OF A MAD HOUSEWIFE (1970) with Cary Snodgrass and Frank Langella;
    THE MAN (1972) with James Earl Jones [in a Rod Serling story as the first African American US president];
    BORSALINO (1970) with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon.

  • Francis Nick

    Right on, Louis Martinez. Like Mr Martinez, I have recorded many of the films requested above that have not been issued on DVD off of the Fox Movie Channel and TCM.
    With the exception of two of Hayward’s real early films, I have Susan’s complete films collected on disc, either the commerically released ones or ones not available that I recorded off the TV, including the two movies she made for Television.
    Also have an excellent copy, recorded off TV, of Desert Fury with my favorite actor, Burt Lancaster.
    Hooking-up a DVD recorder to one’s cable is the way to get those rare, favorite films not on DVD for one’s own collection.
    If you will allow, in the Q and A above, Susan is described as a brunette. Hayward has always been known and cherished as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful redheads. In fact there is a biography out on her titled, RED.

    see you at the movies

  • roger lynn

    I agree on the Longest Hundred Miles a classic film it should be out on dvd a classic film…..

  • Bob Rosedale

    Is the 1950 film “Comanche Territory” with Maureen O’Hara and Macdonald Carey available on DVD? If not, are there plans to release it on DVD?

  • Ada

    I’m still waiting for a movie called “LUCY GALLANT” to be released on DVD. It stars Charlton Heston and Jane Wyman. I love this movie and it’s been years since I’ve seen it. Another great movie that I can’t find is “RACHEL and the STRANGER”, with Loretta Young, Robert Mitchum and I think William Holden. Does anyone know about these movies?

  • Louis Martinez

    This message is for Terry Peters…….on Sunday, Sept. 25th Turner Classic Movies is showing the 1941 and 1961 versions of “Back Street” starting at 2:OO PM Eastern time….hope you have your recorder handy for that day……I sure will…….be well and be safe….fingers are crossed that TCM keeps this schedule

  • Kenneth Henderson

    Flim Flam Man is out in August from Screen Archives, along with My Cousin Rachle in Sept. The trailers are autoplay at the start of the Blu Ray of The Egyptian from Twlight Time films(Screen Archives).

    Other titles mentioned in posts can be found thru keying in the name on I saw some of those titles like Come to the Stable, You Can Never Tell etc on a search in the past day.

  • Kenneth Henderson

    Bitter Sweet. There was an original 1933 British production of this title with Anna Neagle made by her husbands company, British Dominion films. This film exists. The McDonald-Eddy title is a color remake & the 2nd of their color titles(&final one).

  • michael j.

    I have been waiting (impatiently, perhaps) for these Red Skelton movies on DVD: Whistling in the Dark; Whistling in Dixie; & Whistling in Brooklyn. Any word on these movies with Red?

  • Louis Martinez


  • Andy Pecora

    There are two films that I would like to see come out on DVD. One is ,”Where do we go from here?” with Fred McMurrey and June Haver and the other is a Dick Powell flick whose name I can’t remember but it is about Powell who is a reporter and one day he somehow gets a hold of the next days news. One day he reads that he is killed. And he tries to keep that from happening. Can you find that film and tell me the name and will it ever be released.
    Andy Pecora

  • Edward Scott

    Will “Under The Rainbow” w/Chevy Chase and Carrie Fisher come out on DVD anytime soon?

  • Louis Martinez



  • Sheryl Mackkirkendoll

    I also would appreciate Susan Hayward’s box set with Back Street as one of the movies. Will “No Down Payment” be release on dvd? Green Acres final seasons are they ready for release?

  • Dawn Delaney

    Is there any chance ” In The Heat of The Night” the television series starring Carroll OConnor and Howard Rollins coming to DVD? I really love this show.

  • Mary

    What about all the versions of Back Street? Also,Tomorrow is Forever with Orson Welles and Claudette Colbert? Thanks

  • Louis Martinez


  • Barbara

    And how about the “Questor Tapes”, with Mike Farrell, Robert Foxworth, and Lew Ayres? I’d love it on DVD, but would gladly settle for VHF.

  • Pat

    Why is it that Fox does not release many of it’s classic films, especially holiday movies like “Come to the Stable” and “Junior Miss”? They have released several film noirs.

  • Pat

    I need “Without Love” Tracy and Hepburn movie on DVD (by itself not in a collection) to complete my collection. Come on release this DVD by itself. I have bought or received as gifts, that were also purchased from your establishment the other Tracy & Hepburn DVDs, this is the last one I need to complete my set. PLEASE release seperate.

  • Gary Cahall

    Mary, Tomorrow Is Forever with Orson Welles and Claudette Colbert is coming out on DVD in August and can be pre-ordered at
    Unfortunately, there’s no word on any of the film versions of Back Street.

  • Hank Zangara

    To Edward Scott: The tastelessly hilarious “Under the Rainbow” is available from the Warners Archive Collection at, but watch out — it’s a “DVD On Demand” and may not play in DVD-R machines or PCs, only in “Play-Only” DVD players.

  • Hank Zangara

    Dear Ask Movie FanFare:
    This may be a bit outside your domain, but there are two TV series I watched as a teen in the 60s that I would love to see again. One was called “Blue Coronet,” and the other was called “Blue Light.” Any idea if these will ever release on DVD?

  • Louis Martinez


  • Louis Martinez


  • MissKitty

    All great requests…a little more recent – sorry – but, has there been anything released starring Bill Bixby? I’m especially interested in My Favorite Martian and The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, but in searching seem to find nothing of his work. Is there a specific reason, or just an oversight? Thank you!

  • Alice Lund

    Does anyone remember one of Richard Burton’s first films “The woman with no name”?. It was released in USA under “Her Paneled Door”. He played an RAF soldier. I saw it as a kid on T.V. Would love to see it again.



  • Irv Slifkin

    To: Willy Re: Lincoln Comspiracy.
    Thgat ttile and all of the other titles from that company are not available on DVD. Sunn classics Pictures used to specialzie in four-walling: renting out theaters, showing their movies and marketing the heck out of them with TV ads. They did lot sof wilderness films, supernatural docuemntaries and this was one of their most popular films. But no DVD thus far.

  • Irv Slifkin

    Willy Re: Batman

    The Adam West Batman has been tied up for legal matters for decades. It’s a case where Fox, which produced the show, claims rights as does Warner Brothers, who owns the characters. They haven’t been able to get together with a solution so it remains unreleased.

  • Irv Slifkin

    re: richard Burton Film
    Right you are. Her Pannelled Door (aka The woman Next Door) was an early Burton effort, released in 1950. It was a British production from a long defunct enterprise, so odds are its rights have not been picked up in this country. Thanks,

  • Irv Slifkin

    tr: Bill Bixby titles
    It’s weird how some actor’s titles are overlooked. My Favorite Martian was on DVD, but is no longer available and Eddie’s Father, owned by MGM, has never been out. Whgatever we have with the late actor is listed here:

  • Irv Slifkin

    Re: Come To the Stable/Junior Miss

    Fox seems to have put their classic releases completely aside for now, but there may be licenses to other companies for their titles. We are waiting to also hear about whether they will kickstart an archive program of their own.

  • Irv Slifkin

    RE: The Questor Tapes

    Isn;t it odd how this has never made anywhere on video–VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, Laserdisc, etc. The Gene Rodenberry penned sci-fi thriller is owned by Universal, so we would call it a long shot to hit the markey anythime in the near future. A shame, espeically for Rodenberry fans.

  • Jackie

    Terry Peters has it right! “Back Street” is outstanding!I cannot think of a better Susan Hayward film! My mom always liked the film ” I Want To Live” which was based on a true story..OHMYGOSH!,was Susan Hayward magnificent in THAT movie! Do ya’ll remember that one..all my old movie buff friends out there?!

  • Jackie

    MissKitty..the reason you cannot find “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father” with Bill Bixbie is because that one was a tv series. The movie starred Glenn Ford and Ronnie Howard as Eddie. That was a wonderful movie. Eddie did not like his dad’s girlfriend who was played by Dina Merril. He said she had “skinny eyes” he liked the young lady who smelled like mustard and wanted his dad to marry her..Oh what a great film that was.

  • Lou Coppola

    Northwest mounted police
    Hell Drivers
    Any word at all?

  • Gary Cahall

    Dear Hank Zangara; There’s no word on Robert Goulet’s short-lived ’60s WWII drama series Blue Light, but a feature film stitched together from two episodes entitled I Deal in Danger is available at

  • Mayka

    What about the TV series “The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd” and the movie “Knock on Any Door”?

  • Ken

    I seem to remember Dick Powell in Burke’s Law as the main star and then they replaced him with Gene Barry? Am I nuts or did this happen? Ken

  • Ken

    Do you know anything about a short-lived series called Shadow Chasers ? Is this where they got the idea for X-Files, along with Kolchak the Night Stalker?

  • RON

    When is stingy Universal going to release any of the Paramount product?
    They should be ashamed.
    Where are the great films like OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY, THE UNINVITED and the 49 version of THE GREAT GATSBY.