My Five Favorite Cary Grant Films

Five Favorite Cary Grant FilmsGuest blogger David Lobosco writes:

Cary Grant (1904-1986), in my humble opinion, is the patron saint of all leading man. Sure, there were actors out there that might have had more of an acting range, but Cary could make any movie he was in seem great. It took a lot of work for him to get the scenes just right, but when the audience sees the finished work on the screen, he made it look so easy. That is a person who has a great understanding of his craft.

The following is a list of my five favorite Cary Grant films:

5. Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948)

I never fully appreciated this comedy until I became a home owner, but Cary Grant expresses the frustration of building a dream house with great hilarity. He works well with Myrna Loy as his long suffering wife, and his character in the film is the kind of a neighbor I would want. I just would not want to live in his house!

4. Suspicion (1941)
Cary Grant teamed with Alfred Hitchcock in this compelling tale of a secretive husband possibly trying to kill his wife (Joan Fontaine). Grant showed a different side of himself in this movie. The audience could not really tell if Cary is a good guy or a bad guy in this film. You don’t really know what kind of person Grant is until the end of the film. The ending will surprise and maybe even upset some, but that is what Alfred Hitchcock films were all about.

3. Penny Serenade (1941)
If you want to watch a real tear jerker then watch this film. My grandfather got me into this movie as a teenager, and I am not embarrassed to say the film makes me cry every time. The movie is about the trouble a couple (Grant and Irene Dunne) are having trying to have a baby. Grant was robbed when he did not win an Oscar for this performance. Now that I am a proud parent the film means even more to me now.

2. North by Northwest (1959)
This film marked the fourth and final time Grant would work with Hitchcock, and what a movie it was! The movie is on the long side, but Cary plays a man who loses his identity to the point that it truly pulls you into the movie. The movie has everything, from witty Grant dialogue to suspense that literally jumps out at you. One of the most memorable scenes is Grant running away from the crop duster. Grant literally takes the audience across country, and he tries to prove who he really is.

1. Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)Arsenic and Old Lace: Cary Grant
This film is not only my favorite Cary Grant movie, but it my favorite comedy of all-time. Only Cary Grant, under the direction of Frank Capra, can make two murdering aunts hilarious. Grant goes from a mild-mannered author in the beginning of the movie to a manic and crazed person by the end. Even though Cary is the focal point of the movie, the supporting cast of Raymond Massey, Peter Lorre, and Jack Carson add charm to the movie as well. This is a good film to watch at Halloween – it is not too spooky but good clean fun. You don’t even have to be a classic movie fan to love this film, because the comedy is timeless like all of Cary Grant’s movies.

What’s your favorite Cary Grant film? Let us know in the comments!

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David Lobosco is a 37 year old fan of the golden years of entertainment. He was close to his grandfather who instilled in him a love of great entertainment. He currently writes a blog called The Great Entertainment Media Archive.

  • Trystan

    In Name Only is my favorite. Cary Grant falls for a girl despite being married himself. Its a wonderful. Performance and a rare one where things don “t always go his way.

  • Samantha

    I would add “People Will Talk” as my favorite CG movie. It should be a required film for screenwriters.

  • Ruth

    To be honest, I adore just about any Cary Grant movie (even Kiss Them For Me). I love to watch him act.

    My favourites, in no particular order (because I can’t decide) are:

    North by Northwest
    To Catch A Thief
    Monkey Business
    Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House
    The Bishop’s Wife

  • Mary

    1. Holiday-he had wonderful chemistry with K. Hepburn, plus just a great film –(also in Bringing Up Baby)
    2. Penny Serenade-can’t watch it without crying–especially the scene in the judge’s chambers.
    3. Only Angels Have Wings–what a man!
    I could go on and on–he was simply the best.

  • evrrdy1

    There are so many films in Mr. Grant’s resume how can one chose only 5 as favorites….? How about

    Operation Petticoat
    Walk Don’t Run
    Bringing Up Baby
    The Philadelphia Story
    Destination Tokyo
    The Bishop’s Wife
    The Bachelor and the Bobbie Soxer
    Mr. Lucky
    Father Goose

    and many, many others. He was such a pleasure to watch and performed so fluidly in comedies and dramas that, in my opinion, he was overlooked as an actor during award ceremonies by his peers and the industry.

  • Valerie

    And you should not forget Gunga Din!

  • kent gravett

    Hard to do–limit his range–isn’t it? But for me, Mr. Lucky shows him at his best in so many ways. Also, a neglected film, Room for One More with then wife Betsy Drake. Plays the father and the husband to the hilt in a warm-hearted family film. I agree with People Will Talk showing him as a measured, confident, and extremely tolerant professor. (now isn’t that a rarity)

    PS: One never forgets Gunga Din.

  • Juanita Curtis

    No-one mentioned The Philadelphia Story one of his great comedy roles alongside Holiday and Bringing up Baby. I also love the Hitchcock roles especially Notorious because of that kiss with Ingrid Bergman, There will never be another Cary Grant – truly iconic.

  • John Primavera

    2. The Bishop’s Wife
    3. North by Northwest
    4. Notorious
    5. Arsenic and Old Lace

  • mike jaral

    hard to choose, I like all his movies. operation petticoat, north by northwest, room for one more, monkey business. I just love the last scene in operation petticoat where they had to leave in the blooper when the kids called him “Mr. Grant”. He once appeared at BCC college in broward county florida. they presented him with a t-shirt, and he put it on. I had a t-shirt shop, and had specially made that for him. they took a picture of him wearing it. I was so proud. I guess for a comedy, monkey business would make me laugh more than most movie comedy’s. I felt really bad when he passed away. we lost one of the best actors. I even liked walk don’t run. his last movie.

  • Blair Kramer.

    I understand that “Father Goose” wasn’t terribly successful when it was released (ostensibly because the character Grant portrayed was more like Bogart and less like Grant), but I don’t care. I think it’s hilarious. Also, “Charade” isn’t just one of Grant’s best films. It’s one of the best action/comedy/mysteries of all time. It has all the elements necessary to make it an unforgettable classic. And yes, Cary Grant is best remembered for his light romantic comedies. But one cannot watch “Notorious,” “Penny Serenade,” and/or “Mr. Lucky” and come away with the view that he had a limited range. You may cling to that belief if you wish, but it just isn’t true.

  • nikki

    my all time favorite of his has to be mr. blandings builds his dream house, however when he does that “you remind me of a man” routine from the bachelor and the bobby soxer, even my young grandsons howl with laughter. he was one of a kind , just remarkable.

  • Vince Briani

    Vince Briani

    1. An Affair to Remember
    2. Notorious
    3. North by Northwest
    4. Indiscreet
    5. The Philadelphia Story
    6. His Girl Friday
    7. The Awful Truth
    8. Penny Serenade

  • thom bennett

    1. North by Northwest
    2. To Catch a Thief
    3. The Philadelphia Story
    4. Suspicion
    5. An Affair to Remember

  • David Pierce

    The following is a list of my seven favorite Cary Grant films:

    1) Charade
    2) To Catch a Thief
    3) Arsenic and Old Lace
    4) North by Northwest
    5) Gunga Din
    6) Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House
    7) Father Goose

    in this order: btw: I was in the play Arsenic and Old Lace in high school – such good memories.

  • David Ecklein

    Any film with Cary Grant in them is guaranteed immortality. No one here has mentioned any musicals. Hr doesn’t sing in it, but Cary is the needed quirky romantic interest in Grace Moore’s “When You’re In Love” (1937) to glue all her wonderful singing together. This film and the other Grace Moore films deserve full restoration and DVD reissue.

  • BoB

    Only five? My list would be much longer. But let’s just add “Walk, Don’t Run” simply to watch Cary making coffee while whistling the theme from “Charade.”

  • paul

    I was a male war bride.

  • Aunt LoLo

    North by Northwest
    Arsenic and Old Lace
    People Will Talk
    Would have to be on my list…

  • Tim

    “People Will Talk”..Hmmm…never saw that one. Just Googled it…will HAVE to see it now!

  • Mario Brescio

    The first Cary Grant film I remember seeing was at the drive-in. My mother had four kids so she often took advantage of $3.00 a car load nights. The film was Houseboat (1958) with Cary Grant and Sophia Loren. It was weeks before I could get Sophia’s song “Bing Bang Bong” out of my head.

  • samm

    My Favorite Wife is top of the list.
    Irene Dunne is wonderful in it too.
    I’ll never forget the trapese and the scene with the dresses/hats and the psychiatrist. Hilarious!!

  • ganderson

    Four or five years ago I taught a sunday school class for college-age students and we would usually do a quick ‘get-to-know-you’ moment at the start of each hour; stuff like ‘what’s your favorite pizza, ice cream, restaurant’ and so forth. One morning I asked ‘who is your favorite actor?’ and got the expected — Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp and the like. One young girl was obviously embarrassed, looked side-to-side at her friends, and finally said, ‘Cary Grant.’ Half the kids clapped and half said ‘who?’ Thanks to David L. for a great post and for bringing back some wonderful memories. My favorite, hands down, is Arsenic and Old Lace, which is not just one of the great comedies of all time, but one of the great movies, period. Cary was truly the master of the double-take, nay, triple-take — one of my favorite scenes in all movies is Grant’s discovery of Mr. Spinnalzo in the window seat. Great scene, great movie!

  • jack

    all of them were great, from his first to his last as long as he was in them.

  • Michael Margolies

    Glad to see three people mentioned Gunga Din. When I was a kid there used to be a TV show called Million Dollar Movie and a movie would run a couple of times a night for a week. I saw Gunga Din about 5 times that week. Love the entire cast esp. Cary and the great Victor McLaglen who for those interested was a top heavyweight and once fought Jack Johnson in a 6 round exhibition.
    Also the opening 3 seconds in Arsenic and Old Lace is Ebbets Field (with a quick second cut in of Yankee Stadium) as I remember it.

  • Judi

    Bringing Up Baby.

  • Candace

    Cary Grant is my favorite actor of all time, and i’m fortunate enough to own almost all of his movies. It’s very difficult to name only five. He had some great co-stars, female and male in his pictures. I guess my most favorite is:

    1. Notorious, followed in no particular order by

    My Favorite Wife
    His Girl Friday
    The Awful Truth
    Bringing Up Baby
    To Catch a Thief
    The Philadelphia Story
    Only Angels Have Wings
    I Was a Male War Bride
    North by Northwest

    and so many more!

  • Martin Stumacher

    Gunga Din
    North By Northwest
    Destination Tokyo
    Affair to Remember
    Operation Petticoat and anything that Cary Grant appeared in!

  • fred buschbaum

    From Gunga din through north by Northwest to father goose, how can you pick a handful of favorites? No one has mentioned an early one seen so long ago that the name eludes me. As a Cockney Wastral in london scheming to get ahead, a truly good example of his range and ability. Since he’s been gone, many newer great actors measure their talents against him, hoping to be compared favorably. Never seen one of his films I didn’t like.

  • Cs9

    A notion as SILLY as most of his movies are great- pick 5. Impossible!

  • Gord Jackson

    I’m very fond of “People Will Talk”, “Monkey Business” and “North by Northwest”, but my personal favourite will always be “An Affair to Remember.” A little saggy in the middle, its first half especially has some great, sophisticated dialogue (and chemistry) between Grant and wonderful co-star Deborah Kerr. And the tv interview scene with Robert Q. Lewis makes me wonder how many actors would love to appear as bored and disinterested as Grant’s Nicky Ferrante character did, but know they can’t.

  • Cs9

    But anyway-Arsenic and Old Lace, Notorius, Gunga Din, Bringing Up Baby, North by Northwest, Destination Tokyo, His Girl Friday, The Awful Truth, To Catch a Thief, et. al.

  • Chuck Millstein

    Two others not mentioned- The Pride and the Passion (with Sophia and Frankie- not Sinatra’s finest performance) and of course My Girl Friday.

  • Josep

    Together with Hitchcock they were the top:
    North by Northwest
    To Catch a Thief

    but also Charade
    An Affair to Remember…

    In contrast, in The Philadelphia Story Jim Stewart was better. Actually there is a scene in which Cary Grant cannot refrain from laughing off script at Stewart’s hilarious performance.

  • SeBADo

    1. Charade
    2. To Catch a Thief
    3. Bringing Up Baby
    4. North by Northwest
    5. Arsenic and Old Lace
    6. She Done Him Wrong

    I had to choose 6…





  • Sky

    North By Northwest
    Gunga Din
    Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
    Bringing Up Baby

  • Sky

    I know you asked for 5, but I had to add Talk of the Town to my above list.

  • Tom

    Well, “The Awful Truth” is my all-time favorite film, and Cary Grant is in it – so ipso facto…..but really, he is so funny. People sometimes forget that he was a great physical comic, and his use of facial expressions stuns me. In this one, with Irene Dunne, he reminds me of Mortimer in “Arsenic and Old Lace.” “The Awful Truth” is laugh-out-loud funny, particularly towards the end with the police!
    Also, I adore Audrey Hepburn, and Audrey and Cary pair so well together in”Charade!”
    Had I had a son, I always planned to name him “Grant.”

  • Einie

    How can you pick JUST FIVE?!
    – Holiday (Kate was his best co-star!)
    – In Name Only
    – To Catch a Thief
    – The Philadelphia Story
    – North by Northwest
    – Mr. Blandings
    – Bringing Up Baby
    – His Girl Friday
    – Gunga Din
    – The Bishop’s Wife

  • Michael Otis

    Only one person mentioned “Holiday” also starring The Great Kate…I love all their movies together and Holiday also has the great character actor Edward Everrett Horton.

  • Andy Baddish

    Cary Grant often said that Arsenic & Old Lace was not a good film. He thought he over acted in it

  • LE Wilson

    I simply can’t pick just five. Cary Grant is one of my all-time favorite actors, and Katharine Hepburn is right there beside him. So it’s obvious that my favorites include The Philadelphia Story, Bringing Up Baby and Holiday, but Notorious and Indiscreet along with Room for One More and Only Angels Have Wings show his range of acting abilities. When I discovered screwball comedies, I fell in love with My Favorite Wife, The Awful Truth, and His Girl Friday. This year during TCM’s Summer Under the Stars, I saw This is the Night and had to get it because he stood out even though he had a smaller role. His comedic timing, his charisma, his voice, his lively expressions…these are what make Cary Grant the great actor we know and love.

  • Helen Bennett

    I Was a Male War Bride. Hilarious!

  • Craig Stockton

    Although flawed, I really like ONCE UPON A HONEYMOON. He had such terrific chemistry with Ginger Rogers. The scene where he is taking her measurements with a metal tape measure is priceless. You can see again what a great pair they made when watching MONKEY BUSINESS. I wish they had done more together.

  • roger lynn

    1)Charade-in fact in my top 10 as my all time fave 3rd only to to kill a mockingbird..
    2)father Goose
    3)north by northwest
    4) that touch of mink
    5)to catch a thief..I am glad Mr Grant won a Kennedy Center Honor,,wish he would of accepted the afi life achievement award,,I put him not winning an Oscar up there with Barbara Stanwyck-Alfred Hitchcock……….

  • Rick

    GUNGA DIN and TALK OF THE TOWN. In the latter film
    you don’t find out until the end whether Cary or
    Ronald Colman gets the girl. Rex Ingram also has a marvelous supporting role.

  • Al Featherston

    I agree with most of the posters in this thread — it’s hard to find a disappointing Cary Grant film.

    I do think he went over the top in “Arsenic and Old Lace” — but that’s the beauty of it.

    Still, I think his best was ‘Notorious”. The cheminstry between him and Ingrid Bergman is electric. And I love the duality of the characters portrayed by good-guy Grant and Nazi Claude Rains. Rains is a bad guy who truly loves Bergman. Grant is a good guy who uses her to get what he wants … my favorite Hitchcock film.

  • Grace

    I’m glad so many people listed Charade as one of their top favorites – it will always be mine!!

  • Rick

    Some good picks. I am very partial to “Mr Blandings’ Builds His Dream House” and “Arsenic and Old Lace”. But I would have included “That Touch of Mink” with Doris Day.

  • tim

    bringing up baby, his girl friday, arsenic and old lace, mr lucky, north by northwest.

  • Norman Cooney

    Gunga Din is the movie I would have voted for,he played all the emotions in one film!!

  • Gary Koca

    Five of my favorites:

    North By Northwest
    The Philadelphia Story
    Gunga Din

    Robert Osborne of TCM said Cary Grant was his all-time favorite male star. I am not surprised. He did everything well and did it effortlessly.

  • Gary Koca

    How could I forget His Girl Friday? And my mother’s all-time favorite movie was An Affair To Remember, especially the very last scene in the movie.

  • Jess

    My favorite Cary Grant movie is Father Goose.

  • Ranny Nella

    Cary Grant may be the only actor whose body of film work has the least amount of ‘turkeys’ in the bunch. Most every film of his is a three to four star effort (Four stars being the height of excellence). And, even in his lesser projects, Grant is always a joy to watch. He was a consummate actor and worked hard to make his ‘Cary Grant’ character seem effortless. He was all the things that people said about him: Suave, debonair, humorous, sophisticated and romantic – he could also be sinister, dramatic and dangerous. His comedic timing is a thing of beauty. Even at his scruffiest, he exuded that grace and charm that was so much a part of his persona.

    Among my favorite films of his (in no ranking order) are:

    Operation Petticoat, That Touch of Mink, His Girl Friday, Gunga Din, Charade, Bringing Up Baby, My Favorite Wife, Houseboat, Father Goose, Monkey Business, Only Angels Have Wings, Arsenic and Old Lace, Mr. Lucky, Notorious, To Catch a Thief, North By Northwest, The Bishop’s Wife

    All of them are winners. If you’re a youngster and unfamiliar with CG’s work, pick any film on my list and watch it. You’ll see what all the fuss over him is about. ‘The Bishop’s Wife’ would be a good starting point – in keeping with the season.

    I agree with all who have said there will never be another actor like him. How fortunate we are to have his legacy of films to enjoy and marvel over his extraordinary talent.

  • Sue

    There are so many–but my favorites are His Girl Friday and Bringing Up Baby. He could really do it all!

  • Larry Wiseman

    after reading all of the different peoples favorites, i can’t believe NO ONE listed the film; “TOPPER” which in my opinion, rates right up ther with all of the other comedies of Cary Grant! thank you!!

  • Frank D.

    Now, how in the world am I supposed to pick a favorite movie made by an actor so talented? Cary Grant was great in drama or comedy.

    I’ll do my best and choose three. NORTH BY NORTHWEST (drama) ARSENIC AND OLD LACE (comedy) MR. BLANDINGS BUILDS HIS DREAM HOUSE (drama/comedy)

    Modern actors will never replace the greats of the past.

  • Noel Bjorndahl

    1.Only Angels have wings
    2.An Affair to Remember
    4. Holiday
    5. North by Northwest and His Girl Friday (equal)

    Nothing beats the wonderful stoicism he projects in Hawks’ sublime Only Angels Have Wings but he made so many good and great films and made his indelible mark in all of them.

  • KarenG

    All of them.

    But if I had to pick 5, they’d be the ones that I’ll watch every time they’re on TV, or that I have dvds of, in no particular order –

    Arsenic & Old Lace
    Gunga Din

  • Cat

    I didn’t care much for “Penny Serenade” – it’s okay, but there are better Cary Grant movies. A few of my favs are:

    North by Northwest
    The Bishop’s Wife
    Arsenic and Old Lace
    The Philadelphia Story
    His Girl Friday
    Walk, Don’t Run

  • Trippy Trellis

    An Affair to Remember
    North by Northwest
    The Grass Is Greener
    Every Girl Should Be Married

  • Lin96

    All his movie are great just because he’s in them.
    Two that I didn’t see above were:

    I Was A Female War Bride.
    That Touch of Mink

  • Steve P

    Five? Only five? I’ll make it simple: All of them. I have never seen a Cary Grant film I didn’t like.


    1 The Bishops Wife
    2Night and Day
    3MR Lucky
    4Destnation Tokyo
    5People Will Talk

  • Leslie

    Did anyone mention None But the Lonely Heart? A wonderful movie with Cary Grant as a ne’er-do-well cockney, and Ethel Barrymore as his mom in a love-hate relationship – until she is diagnosed with cancer. Wow! And, how bout She Done Him Wrong with Mae West? Another great performance (and I think his first). Then of course, Gunga Din, Bringing Up Baby and all of the others. What an actor

  • Robert Stewart

    The Awul Truth
    Penny Serenade
    Mr. Lucky
    His Girl Friday

  • Susan

    I’m with Steve P. Never saw a Cary Grant film I didn’t like and I LOVE most of them !! I can name my personal favorites for various reasons but could never pick only five of his best. When Archibald Leach transformed himself into Cary Grant up there on the silver screen magic happened the likes of which no one else ever has or will compare to.
    I own hundreds of dvd’s and more Cary Grant movies than any other one actor or actress.

  • Susan

    No one mentioned The Grass is Greener, what other actor could carry off that part with as much class hmmmm?

  • Susan

    My apologies I see The Grass is Greener was mentioned oops !!

  • Dave McCool

    Here are my favorite Cary Grant films.
    Father Goose
    To Catch a thief
    Talk of the town
    Mr Lucky

  • MB

    There isn’t one Cary Grant movie that I don’t like! His Girl Friday and I Was A Male War Bride are two of my favories! He was definitely an original! There will NEVER be another actor like him!

  • Daniel E. Coates

    My 5 favorites are:
    Bringing Up Baby,
    Philadelphia Story,
    The Awful Truth,
    Topper and
    Arsenic and the Old Lace.
    Next 5 are:
    My Favorite Wife,
    The Bishop Wife,
    North By Northwest,
    Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House and
    His Girl Friday. My least favorite is Penny
    Serenade. I hated that movie.

  • Bede140

    Arsenic and Old Lace
    Mr. Lucky
    Destination Tokyo
    People Will Talk
    Gunga Din

  • Carol R.

    Favorite CG films: Father Goose, Penny Serenade, In Name Only, None by The Lonely Heart, North by Northwest, Notorious, Mr. Lucky… to name a few. For those who say he had no range, look at Father Goose compared to Penny Serenade, and look at the timing in His Girl Friday, and his earlier ones in which he played a gangster often. No beating him. I do think he picked some scripts that weren’t equal to his talent at times, though. Great talent!

  • Hilde

    How can I choose a favorite? Impossible to choose just one. To me, Cary Grant is the greatest actor of all time. He did not get the respect he was due for an amazing body of work. I am slowly acquiring all of his films. I will never grow tired of him. Sadly, there are young people today who do not even know who he is. When we introduced our son to some of his films, he became a fan, too.

  • Sammi

    I love Cary Grant. But how can you just pick 5? here’s my top ten:
    1 Notorious
    2 An Affair to Remember
    3 North by Northwest
    4 The Bishop’s Wife
    5 The Talk of the Town
    6 Only Angels Have Wings
    7 Topper
    8 Gunga Din
    9 To Catch a Thief
    10 Bringing Up Baby
    That was hard. It should really be the top 25!

  • Judy

    Any movie with Cary Grant is the best. Absolutely my favorite actor.
    Mr. Blandings
    The Awful Truth
    Penny Serenade (my all time favorite movie and he should have won an oscar for this)
    My Favorite Wife
    An Affair to Remember

  • Ryan X

    1] the awful truth
    2] only angels have wings
    3] gunga din
    4] the philadelphia story
    5] his girl friday
    6] notorious
    7] bringing up baby
    8] penny serenade
    9] north by northwest
    10] my favorite wife

  • Tom S.

    Bringing Up Baby and The Awful Truth are both great and feature Skippy the wire-hair fox terrier who played Asta in the Thin Man films. Also, you can’t mention the supporting cast of Arsenic and Old Lace without including Priscilla Lane. She wasn’t necessarily better than anyone else but she was Priscilla Lane and that’s enough for me.

  • chad

    Notorious!Notorious!Notorious! As said in a previous post, the chemistry between Grant and Bergman in this film is ELECTRIC. Grant’s character is so great, the entire movie you see him just staring at her, wanting to give himself up to her, but too afraid to let himself go and show vulnerability. And as for beautiful Ingrid, I don’t think I have ever seen a better acting performance, by a male or female, than hers in this film. She never even needed to speak in this film, her face portrayed every emotion to perfection. What a movie!

  • Blair Kramer.

    It’s probably impossible to choose Cary Grant’s best film, but what do you think of THIS question… Which film offers Cary Grant’s best Performance? I’ll explain the way I would evaluate this question, and then provide a logical answer. Basically, nobody could do light romantic comedy better than Grant. But he was also outstanding in dramatic roles. If you lighten a Grant character in an otherwise dramatic film, then you would likely have something very special. To my mind, his best performance can be found in his most emotionally satisfying film. It’s the light hearted Christmas drama called “The Bishop’s Wife.”

  • Neil Blount

    I agree that Cary Grant was the most versatile actor of his era. My two favorites were the commedy’s Operation Petticoat and Father Goose. I put OP first because Tony Curtis was also terrific. The one liners came fast amnd furious from both great actors. In my book, there will never be another Cary Grant.Actually, in my view, you could make a list of 30 actors and actresses from the period 1935 to 1965 and they would all stand head and shoulders above any of today’s entertainers.

  • Kay S.

    I think Cary Grant was just fantastic. Considering he didn’t have any formal training, it was marvelous that he could act in so many genres. I have seen most of the movies mentioned, but there is one I didn’t see listed – it is SUZY with Jean Harlow, made in l936. He actually sings in this movie and it was wonderful. It was a love song – and I just loved it. Try to catch this movie.

  • Doug

    The Awful Truth, with Irene Dunne, is another good one.

  • mel w.

    1) operation petticoat
    2) father goose
    3) to catch a thief
    4) north by northwest
    5) gunga din

  • WT

    Cary Grant was one of those actors who made every movie in which he acted enjoyable. He has so many wonderful films that I cannot choose only five; therefore, here is my short list:
    1. Notorious
    2. Penny Serenade
    3. An Affair to Remember
    4. North by Northwest
    5. His Girl Friday
    6. Room for One More
    7. She Done Him Wrong (with Mae West)
    8. In Name Only
    9. Bishop’s Wife
    10. My Favorite Wife
    11. I Was a Male War Bride
    12. Philadelphia Story

  • Ronald Black

    You remind me of a man……..

  • Jim Foster

    Select FIVE favorite Cary Grant films? Be serious! As Signor Matiste (Fortunio Bonanova)frustratedly exclaimed at his futile attempts to mold the untalented Susan Alexander Kane (Dorothy Comingore) into an opera star in “Citizen Kane,” IMPOSSIBLE, IMPOSSIBLE, IMPOSSIBLE!

    It was 1939, and I was three and a half when my parents took me to my first Cary Grant movie, that being “Gunga Din.” Annie, the elephant, held the greatest fascination for me at the time, but that changed as I grew older and was afforded the opportunity of seeing it several more times, thanks to its subsequent periodic rereleases. That was when the talented actor who portrayed Sgt. Archibald Cutter became a lifelong favorite.

    I couldn’t begin to single out five titles from the long list of motion pictures in which Cary Grant appeared. As other respondents have stated, I feel that there will never be another like him. He truly was the one and only.

    This past Thanksgiving evening I attended the special showing of a brand new 35mm print of “Bringing Up Baby” at a suburban Minneapolis theatre. What a rare treat to watch this classic Cary Grant comedy with an audience, the way it was intended to be seen. Laughter truly is contageous.

  • John in San Diego

    Totally agree – just not “cricket” to select just five of his movies. But if I have to, I could watch these over and over:

    Arsenic & Old Lace
    Bringing Up Baby
    North by Northwest
    Philadelphia Story
    To Catch a Thief

    Alphabetically, that is – not in order of my everlasting appreciation. The guy was a truly great actor.

    • hypatiab7

      Since so many people made a list of ten favorites in no particular order,
      I’ll end with the same.

      Arsenic & Old Lace
      The Philadelphia Story
      Bringing Up Baby
      Gunga Din
      Mr. Lucky
      To Catch A Thief
      People Will Talk
      None But The Lonely Heart

  • Larry

    I would have to pick Bringing Up Baby and His Girl Friday over Blandings and Arsenic. Grant himself strongly criticized his role in Arsenic in later years, saying it was way overdone; and George Washington Slept Here, with Jack Benny and Ann Sheridan, covered most of the ground Blandings did a full six years earlier, and it was based on a Kaufman and Hart play to boot (and I don’t mean George Washington’s boot!).

  • mick c

    His by far is The Bishop’s Wife. By leaps and bounds. My family watched this every christmas. The worst has to be People Will Talk. I know you asked for his five best but I thought I’d be different

  • Alfie

    Difficult to select only 5, but here goes –
    Gunga Din
    An Affair to Remember
    Philadelphia Story

  • Hitchfan

    “Nasty little cur”

  • DIRK

    so glad PENNY SERENADE is included here — not much seen, and always noted as a tear-jerker, but there is Plenty of Comedy in it also! If you haven’t watched it for fear of crying openly, please give it a try (especially at this season) and laugh along with Uncle Joe from TVs PETTICOAT JUNCTION in a small role. Plus the DEVICE that moves the action is truly inspired!! I always wonder why it hasn’t been used since in contemporary films!!!

  • Brian Hendrickson

    I realize that; being quite a bit younger than most of the responders; I have not seen nearly enough of CG’s films. But from the ones I have viewed, I certainly do agree that he was one of the screen’s most talented actors of all times! And I certainly plan on buying more of the movies which were mentioned by you fans, and certainly look forward to the enjoyment of watching them!

  • John

    It is impossible to pick a favourite. But I’m going to watch one tonight that I didn’t see mentioned “The Pride and the Passion”.

  • Maureen

    I love all of Cary Grant movies but my top five are:

    Arsenic & Old Lace
    Father Goose
    Bringing Up Baby
    The Bishop’s Wife
    Philadelphia Story

  • Robert Dato

    TALK OF THE TOWN with Ronald Coleman and Jean Arthur is my favorite Cary Grant film.

  • Suzanne Albert

    That Touch of Mink with Cary Grant and Doris Day.

  • Terry J Gross

    The three with Irene Dunne: The Awful Truth, My Favorite Wife and Penny Serenade are all wonderful!
    Bringing Up Baby and Notorious round out my top five. I was lucky enough to see him in person here in San Francisco doing his one-man show talking about his life and career. His wife and daughter were in the audience too,\.

  • tony

    Like all the other contributions, it is almost impossible to list the best 5 as he always gives a most consumate performance. After struggling, my top 5 would be:

    North by Northwest
    The Bishops Wife
    The Awful truth
    Bringing Up Baby

    Who’s going to replace these great stars of yesteryear??

  • T. Schmidt

    Yes it is hard to pick just 5 out of his movies and all of you have done a fine job of doing so. But after all has been said and done no one listed, I believe his last movie, Walk Don’t Run.
    This movie had some of the best commedic time in it than any of his other movies.

  • C Louise Gettig

    Cary Grant was one of my All-time-favorites and number one on my list, can watch over and over and over, an do just that.
    #1- An Affair to Remember
    North by Northwest
    Walk Don’t Run
    Operation Petticoat
    Father Goose
    and that’s just for starters. Read his daughter’s new book about Cary, a winner.

  • Pelayo

    The best, by far, is CHARADE. North By Northwest is ruined by the last scenes, which made me not to understand the film at all. The worst, also by far, is Arsenic and Old Lace, I can’t believe there are some people who liked it, the worst ever of Frank Capra.



  • FACE

    I just glanced over the comments…and I’m glad someone included His Girl Friday – always hit the funny bone!
    Even that little bit when he’s implicating Hildy’s husband Bruce in a “scandalous” situation, by enlisting Vangie’s (?) talents…and she asks:
    “What does he look like?”
    Walter responds:
    “That guy in the movies, Ralph Bellamy…”; and of course, the part is played by Ralph Bellamy…

    OK…so I’m easily amused! ;>)

    In any case, Arsenic and Old Lace for many years was my favorite Cary Grant movie – for a brief time, my favorite movie in general ( was pretty young when I first caught it) – perhaps surpassed only by the original Mel Brooks 1969 version of the Producers; then again, we’d be comparing apples and oranges, wouldn’t we…

    But I was wondering: can anyone either confirm or deny something I thought I once heard, or read – that Arsenic and Old Lace was Cary’s absolute least favorite of the some 82(?) movies he made?

    Thanx – nice blog/website!


  • FACE

    Oh….and BTW, A quick glance of the above listings reminded me of how many Cary Grant movies I’ve seen and truly enjoyed…among them:

    Mr Blandings builds…
    Father Goose
    North by…
    Operation Petticoat

  • Lynn Steffan

    These are the ones I can and do watch over and over again:

    An Affair to Remember
    The Philadelphia Story
    Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
    His Girl Friday (FACE, I love that Ralph Bellamy line, too.)
    Charade — If for no other reason than the scene when Audrey Hepburn says, “You know what’s wrong with you?” Grant says, “No, what?” She leans in close, closes her eyes, and says, “Nothing.” Pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?

  • Connie

    I agree…Cary Grant was a dream boat & had a range of talents from serious leading man to comedian.
    1. Mr. Blandings builds his dream house [comedian & dream boat leading man]
    2. Bishops Wife [charming leading man]
    3. Arsenic & old lace [comedian]
    4. Suspicion [leading man–& slight villan at times]
    5. An affair to remember [leading man–charming]

  • Vince Briani

    Favorite dozen….
    An Affair to Remember… His Girl Friday… Indiscreet…
    North by Northwest… Notorious… Philadelphia Story…
    My Favorite Wife… To Catch a Thief… Bishop’s Wife…
    Charade… Penny Serenade… Gunga Din…

    Presently reading his daughter’s book…. interesting memories of her loving Dad.

  • Linda

    My favorite Cary Grant film??? Most of them, but I would say the ones he did with Irene Dunne and Katharine Hepburn. They were really good.

  • JoAnn

    Definitely The Philadelphia Story followed by My Favorite Wife, Holiday, Father Goose and Charade. I’m obviously a romantic comedy fan, but Charade is one Hitchcock film that I can – and have – watched over and over.

  • mk

    Comedies have long been underappreciated. Very few comedies’ even get nominated for an Oscar let alone win; even Actors in comedies are shunned. Hollywood insiders believe anyone can give a great performance in a comedy but only “talented” actors can give a great performance in a drama, in my opinion that’s BS.
    My five favorites:
    Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)
    His Girl Friday (1940)
    Topper (1937)
    Bringing Up Baby (1938)
    That Touch of Mink (1962)

  • Jean Noah

    Okay, it is really hard to only name 5 top Cary Grant movies. He was so underrated as an actor! Here are just a few of my faves:

    Father Goose
    Penny Serenade (here you really see how good an actor Cary was)
    I Was A Male War Bride (watching him answer questions meant for brides/mothers is hysterical – “Oh my aching back!” I laugh every time.)
    Notorious (another one that highlights his acting ability and oh those scenes with Ingrid Bergman!)
    Bringing Up Baby (still my favorite screwball comedy of all time)
    The Bachelor & The Bobbysoxer

    The list just keeps going!

  • gr


  • Maryjo

    There has never been an actor who was so consistent a performer and who left such a great near flawless body of work as the Great Cary Grant.
    I particularly enjoyed his teaming with (1) Katharine Hepburn, (2) Deborah Kerr and (3) Ingrid Bergman. Here’s my Top Ten.
    1. Notorious – Cary,Ingrid and Hitchcock – a gem.
    2. North By Northwest – Cary, Eva Marie Saint & Hitch again. Brilliant.
    3. Holiday – Largely forgotten today, Cary & Kate.
    4. Bringing Up Baby – Cary & Kate A great favourite today, and rightfully so !
    5. I Was A Male War Bride – another match made in heaven – the Oomph Girl herself – Ann Sheridan and Cary seemed very much in sync in this film.
    6. The Philadelphia Story – The film that revived Kate Hepburn’s career after some box office stinkers, Cary,Kate and Jimmy Stewart. Purrfect.
    7. An Affair To Remember – Cary and Deborah Kerr made one of the most enduring love stories, not as good as Casablanca,but in that category.
    8.The Talk Of the Town had something to say and did so with the usual Grant class. I loved the train set…
    9.His Girl Friday – another example of clever, snappy, dialogue. Rosalind Russell stole this picture, and the pairing of Roz and Cary was inspired.
    10. The Grass Is Greener. Originally a successful
    stage play which carried a bit of that stageiness into the movie. Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, Robert Mitchum and Jean Simmons combined their awesome talent and hit a home run. Grant under plays his role to great effect.

  • Patt Illouli

    1. The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer
    2. Monkey Business
    3. Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House
    4. Arsenic and Old Lace
    5. Father Goose
    6. Houseboat
    7. Charade
    8. North by Northwest
    9. The Bishop’s Wife
    10. My Favorite Wife
    11. Notorious
    12. To Catch a Thief

  • Richard Scheuer

    I was lucky enough to meet Cary Grant in Memphis where he was doing his one man show. He was very gracious with someone who was in awe of him and his humor was greatly appreciated as I almost forgot my name when we were introduced.

  • Walt Bales

    I am so delighted to see my favorite Grant film mentioned quite often: The totally underrated “Father Goose,” with one of Cary’s great performances (along with Leslie Caron) and a stupendous script. Please see it if you haven’t!

  • tngram

    There are so many movies to choose from, it’s hard to choose a favorite. I love CG in every thing he’s ever done. One of my all time favorite actors. There just aren’t any like him any more.

  • Lisa

    Bringing Up Baby, People Will Talk, Arsenic and Old Lace are my favorites. But really, anything he was in works for me. He’s at the top of my list of all time favorite actors.

  • Tommielu

    Of course An Affair to Remember and Father Goose.

  • Doghousereilly1

    “North by Northwest” hands-down.

  • Brygolf

    1.father goose 2 charade 3 arsenic and old lace 4 operation petticoat5 north by northwest 6 affair to remember

    • moviemaven

      Could not agree more.

  • George_baker

    Father Goose, Bring Up Baby, Operation Petticoat,Charade,North by Northwest

  • Baby12

    Arsenic and Old Lace. I love movies that are a comedy along with some suspense.

  • Johnvolker

    All said is so true. I have to add Charade as one of my all-time favorite performances of Cary’s. Between 2 leading actors…word for word, they were dynamite…and ooohhh that boat scene! 

  • misshayworth

    The Bishops Wife, Philadelphia Story

  • Go

    notorious, bishop’s wife..I loved his performances and he was gorgeous to look at to!

  • Steve in Sacramento

    I’ll go with The Philadelphia Story (he’s both wildly sarcastic and generous at the same time – and at the height of his good looks), His Girl Friday, Notorious (I’m not positive his performance is better here than in other movies, but it’s just a fantastic movie), The Bishop’s Wife (well, except for the ice skating – oh, that’s not Cary?!), and The Awful Truth (he seemed especially energetic in the late 30s).

  • Poppy516

    The Bishop’s Wife, Gunga Din & Mr Lucky all were Carey’s great movies yet forgotten. He was not only talented, gifted & handsome; he was legendary for the wide range of types of films he could act.

  • Anne Rouse Schulman

    1.  Indiscreet (I laugh out loud at the dance…when he’s in the circle by himself…classic); 2.  To Catch A Thief; 3.  Notorious; 4.  An Affair to Remember and 5. North by Northwest

  • lovejohn

    “Notorious” — Grant, Bergman and directed by Hitchcock….what a trifecta!

  • C.Vernee

    My favorite movies of Cary Grant,  Bringing Up Baby , Arsenic and Old Lace; North by Northwest; Charade and An Affair to Remember.  He was the best, so believable and quite a comedian , but also wonderful in suspense movies.

  • kerry

    I think “Bringing Up Baby” is hysterical and and loved Cary Grant with Kathryn Hepburn.

  • Leafawn

    Bringing up Baby & The Awful Truth (probably the most genius comedy performances ever on film by Grant, plus great co-stars), The Philadelphia Story, His Girl Friday, Notorious, North by Northwest and Father Goose

  • Megan

    I also love The Bishop’s Wife; seeing Cary as an angel made me look forward to the afterlife!

  • Belle2

    Holiday is really good.  Cary Grant might be best remembered today for playing sophisticated playboys, but I always preferred him in more down-to-earth roles like Johnny Case in this movie.

  • Teddysmith22017

    Bachelor and the bobby-soxer

  • Dana-thompson

    Bringing up Baby, An Affair to Remember, The Bishops Wife

  • Christiana19119

    “An Affair to Remember” — he was never more suave and yet endearing.  “North by Northwest” — it’s such a great story, and he’s sooo good in it (why didn’t he get an Academy Award for that?). “Talk of the Town” with Jean Arthur — great movie! “The Awful Truth” and “My Favorite Wife” with Irene Dunne — both wonderful screwball comedies, and he and Irene Dunne made the best onscreen couple.  Have to add a sixth movie:  “Houseboat” with Sophia Loren — they worked well together in this funny little story.

  • Wade

    How can you pick 5 almost everything he did was good from Binging up Baby, Penny Serenade, Philadelphia Story, To catch a Thief, Asenic and Old Lace, North by Northwest, and many more An impossible task to pick 5

  • Cbdledw

    An Affair to Remember, Charade, Notorious, North by Northwest, Indiscreet . . . but I could give you another five in an instant.  He was so good in so many movies.  He made it look easy, that’s why he never won a competitive Oscar.  He made it look sooooo easy.

  • Brygolf

    surprised no one has mentioned the grass is greener  with bob mitchum and deborah kerr

  • Kendall Combs

    I loved People Will Talk by far. If we only had the type doctor & friend, Cary played so very well in this role, I think alot more people would cared for & cared about…

    Binging up Baby, The Bishop’s Wife, An affair to Remember…I totally agree with the other comment about not being able to pick just 5 of Cary Grant’s best flicks!

  • Boyington

    The chemistry between Cary and Grace Kelly in TO CATCH A THIEF is just amazing and makes most modern romance scenes look juvenile and exhibitionist. I also love him in FATHER GOOSE, OPERATION PETTICOAT, CHARADE, My FAVORITE WIFE, and THE EAGLE AND THE HAWK, but these titles could change on a weekly basis!

  • Mckayrick

    Let’s face it, is there a Cary Grant film would you NEVER watch again?

  • Carroll Vernee

    For pure slap stick comedy: ” Bringing up Baby,” w/ Kathrine Hepburn; Great fun.  My” go to “Movie.1938, then “Arsenic and Old Lace.” very close second,,,,,,,,,then “North by Northwest” and last but not least , “An Affair to Remember”

  • Kcferg

    Don’t forget Mr Lucky!!

  • Joe USMC

    Gunga Din, Mr. Lucky,North By North West,An Affair to Remember, To Catch a Thief, The Bishops Wife plus many more. Next to John Wayne, James Cagney, Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant Movies are my favorite collection.

  • Msidd

    An Affair to Remember, Bringing Up Baby, Charade, North by Northwest, Operation Pettycoat

  • D Petersen

    That Touch of Mink, Father Goose, Arsenic and Old Lace, An Affair to Remember and The Bishop’s Wife.

  • Ralph Smith Sr.

    Gunga Din.
    My Favorite Cary Grant movies.
    One of my favorite war movies.

  • Crafty-lady

    When I was six years old, my mother sat me in front of the tv to watch old movies with her! Well, I saw my first Cary Grant movie and it was love at first site. I have loved him ever since….he is my first love. So anything he is in is my favorite. I love the movies where he was funny especially. 

  • Archie Leach

    Indiscrete, Arsenic and Old Lace, To Catch a Thief, The Philadelphia Story, Charade, Bishop’s Wife
    (Sorry know that is six but which one could you remove?)

  • SMedlock

    An Affair To Remember, of course.

  • Roger Lynn

    1) CHARADE

    he should of received the AFI LIFE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD,,,,,Notorious,Operation Petticoat,Penny Serenade honorable mention

  • Stephw

    Bringing up Baby, North by Northwest, To Catch a Thief, None but the Lonely Heart and Bachelor and the Bobby soxer

  • Richardrandbman

    I keep coming back to Notorious for my favorite-but Only Angels Have Wings, The Awful Truth,My Favorite Wife and North By Northwest  demand almost equal attention

  • Bcsanig

    I love Father Goose, Charade and That Touch of Mink

  • Elizabeth J. Y.

    Bringing Up Baby for comedy.  Notorious for drama.

  • Vcw1216

    Notorious; Bringing Up Baby; The Philadelphia Story: The Bishop’s Wife; North by Northwest; To Catch a Thief–and so many others.  Cary Grant’s genius was not only in selecting roles for which he was so very well suited but also roles that have withstood the test of time.  Generally, he played urbane and witty, but in Baby and N by NW he is endearingly befuddled–and he is equally adept at either characterization.  I never tire of watching his films.   

  • Suebom2

    Talk of the town

  • hypatiab7

    Cary Grant is one of my all-time favorite actors. It’s impossible to list only 5 of his movies as favorites. So, in no particular order:

    Arsenic & Old Lace
    The Philadelphia Story
    To Catch A Thief
    People Will Talk
    Gunga Din
    Mr. Lucky
    Bringing Up Baby

  • kathleenwong

    All good choices, but you left out my favorite, The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer. I love the picnic competition and good transition for Shirley Temple… and Myrna Loy is the most under appreciated actress I can think of.

  • Clpapa1

    Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House, In Name Only, Bachelor and Bobbysoxer, My Favorite Wife, Bringing Up Baby, plus all the rest of his movies. 

  • Sherm50

    That Touch of Mink
    To Catch A Thief
    of course North By Northwest!!
    but aren’t they all wonderful? what actor could do so such so easily , Cary Grant was 1 of a kind ot be sure!!

  • Sherm50

    oh yes, In Name Only was excelllent can’t belive he didn’t win an award for that one,so many sides of his pesronality in that amazing movie, I cry every time I watch it!!   A must see!!!!

  • Carolyn E Naclerio

    Arsenic and Old Lace, Bringing up Baby, The Awful Truth, Topper, North by Northwest, The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer, Suspicion, Affair to Remember, Nortorious, To Catch a Thief,

  • Jcog1557

    Hard to select; every Gary Grant movie was excellent and when a movie is showing that is starring Gary Grant, I watch it and many times more then 10 times; was brilliantly cast in all topics…….the best actor of all times!

  • Janet Smith

    One of my favorite is Operation Petticoat. Even though Tony Curtis steals the show, along with everything else, Grant is the perfect foil.

  • Facklerama

    I agree with Sherm, “In Name Only” should be at the top of everyone’s list. So many other good ones.

  • Genraymel

    Bringing up Baby, Arsenic and Old lace,Mr Lucky,The Philadelphia Story, The Bishops Wife

  • cindy

    An Affair To Remember,The Bishop’s Wife,Arsenic and Old Lace,North By North West,Suspicion,Bringing Up Baby,Penny Serenade,and Charade.He was great in everything !

  • Karen Kearns

     I have watched Cary Grant movies all my life, and I am 63 years young!  I have especially loved “Walk, Don’t Run,” “Mr. Lucky,” “My Favorite Wife,” “Operation Petticoat,” & “To Catch a Thief.”

  • Just in NC

    First a comment on Suspicion notes, the ending Hitchcock planned was completely different but the studio rejected it as they did not want to sabatoge their leading actor…afraid fans would not like him so the original Hitchcock ending was reshot much to Hitch’s dislike.

    Movies…well I say thank you to hose who mention Holiday and Gunga Din, musts for the top 5! Here is my list after removing obvious picks like N. by NW., Notorious, etc. I really enjoy the early Cary films, if you are a fan of his, then you must see these, oh, don’t wait to see them on TCM, it won’t happen on several of these titles.

    Hot Saturday (must see pre code film)

  • chicago

    So far no one has mentioned “His Girl Friday”–Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell are fabulous together!
    There are so many great “One Liner’s” in this movie–you will die laughing. This is a Grant  “must see” movie

  • PKMeans

    Arsenic and Old Lace, An Affair to Remember, That Touch of Mink, To Catch a Thief, North by Northwest

  • Filmax


  • Georgiapeach7559

    the blogger said cary grant did’nt have “much of a range” as an actor.  what could he be thiking.  of all the great actors, he could play any role and make it look like the real thing.  just look at all the many different kind of movie roles he played.  so many different ones.  i am surprised that the blogger said such a crazy thing. 

  • Blackr423

    Gunga Din, Notorious, Mr Lucky, Charade, The Bishop’s Wife

  • Carroll

    Gary Grant had the greatest range of emotions, Comedy to Suspense. He did it all.  Bringing up Baby, Arsenic and Old Lace; classics.  North By Northwest, To Catch a Thief, Father Goose, Charade,

  • teddy

    The Bachelor  and the Bobby Soxer, North by Northwest

  • Christiana19119

    It’s impossible!  In order to be fair, it has to be the 10 best movies.  I got it down to these:  Philadelphia Story, Charade, North by Northwest, The Grass Is Greener (this would also be on my list for Jean Simmons, Deborah Kerr, and Robert Mitchen), An Affair to Remember, Notorious, The Awful Truth, and My Favorite Wife.

    I can’t narrow it down any more, and I left out other favorites (for example, Houseboat, Holiday, The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer).

  • edro3111

    North by Northwest by far.

  • Debbi52

    I can’t think of any I don’t like.  I’ve been watching classic movies since I was 7 (more than 50 years).  Cary Grant was my favorite very early on.  Loved Mr. Lucky, My Favorite Wife, Arsenic & Old Lace, The Philadelphia Story, Bringing Up Baby, Holiday, Operation Petticoat, The Bishop’s Wife, & Gunga Din.

  • Zirlene

    Two of my favorites: “I Was a Male War Bride”, with Ann Sheridan.
                                  “Monkey Business”, with Ginger Rogers and Marilyn Monroe.

  • Joeccosta

    North by Northwest followed either by Notorious or Bring Up Baby.  And 1944’s None but the Lonely Heart.

  • Leisajill

    Add the Philadelphia Story to that list.

  • Pamhandle

    One of my favorite comedies and Cary Grant movies is Arsenic and Old Lace. Such wonderful lines. His aunts say there are 13 bodies in the basement and he says there are hundreds in the attic. They say they put flowers on the graves and he says he put neon lights on his. And the picture in the article looks like where Jack Carson is telling Cary Grant that he has to hear the plot of the play he is writing and Cary with the cloth stuffed in his mouth and tied to a chair says “The plot?” Well, you don’t really understand it but it sonnds like it. It is all too funny. North by Northwest, Suspicion, Notorious, and To Catch a Thief round out my list. But he has many more that I love.

  • Mjesusfreak16

    an affair to remember. In my top five

  • Sandyclarke47

    arsnic and old lace i laugh so hard when i see it! and charade

    • Pamhandle

      I agree. Such a funny movie.

  • ohmortimer

    Love them all but especially:

    His Girl Friday
    Bishop’s Wife
    I Was A Male War Bride (“I don’t like that name Florence”)
    Only Angels Have Wings
    The Devil and the Deep

  • Jillian

    I love them all, but The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer is really hilarious, along with Arsenic and Old Lace. 

  • Sallystyle

    Definitely Arsenic & Old Lace – brilliant movie and lots of fun.

  • corky

    Charade, To catch a thief, An affair to remember, Father Goose,  North by Northwest, The Philadelphia Story

  • Drpkane

    North by Northwest
    An Affair to Remember
    Philadelphia Story
    His Girl Friday

  • Colf

    I can’t pick a favorite CG film or even a top five but some thoughts off the top:

    None But the Lonely Heart – I was introduced to this one on TMC when the immortal Jack Klugman when guest programmed for an evening – lovely off-beat drama – great performance by CG playing a shiftless cockney bloke trying to please his dying mother.

    Charade – CG was asked to portray James Bond – here we get a taste of what it would have been like if he had accepted the role. Just fantastic (Arabesque was a great follow up/pseudo sequal starring Gregory Peck – completely different film and characters but same director and tone)

    Room for One More – what a surprise this one was. Underrated and available only on the VOD archive format but heartwarming and wonderful nevertheless. Betsy Drake, Grants co-star and wife at the time, couldn’t really match Grant’s charisma but who could?

    His Girl Friday – one of the best screwball comedies ever. Rosalind Russel, before she chainsmoked her way from a beautiful leading lady to a quirky old broaqd (Mame), held her own with Cary and then some.

    The Philadelia Story – CG, James Stewart and Kate Hepburne, fantastic story and supporting cast. Terrific timeless situation comedy.

    To Catch a Thief – had to pick a CG/Hitch pairing and I have watched NBNW far too often to get the same kick out of it as I do TCAT. Grant is excellent as always. More of an action/adventure yarn as opposed to the usual Hitchcock suspense.

    CG was wonderfully well rounded and could do just about anything; romance, romantic comedy, dramedy, action, suspense, screwball comedy etc. The public had issues with accepting his as anything but sauve and dashing though so films like the aforementioned None But the Lonely H and Houseboat are oft times overlooked. Grant’s one shortcoming was an aversion to period pieces or costune drama’s so we don’t get the CG western or pirate film or victorian piece. He tried at times but the efforts fell short (The Howards of Virgina). All in all a terrific actor who had a remarkable longevity and an unparalled and very diverse body of work. No westerns or attempts at a musical but you can’t have everything…..  

    • Leafawn

       Guess you could say Night & Day was a musical… But either way he did his fair share of singing (Suzy etc). Nice summation by the way…

    • hypatiab7

      Grant probably would have done very well in a musical. He could sing a little and definitely could dance. And he had excellent comedy timing. After all, look at what a musical did for James Cagney (another vaudevillian). It got him an Oscar.

  • Raynagood

    How could the leave out “Indiscreet”, with Ingrid Bergman.

  • KP1_22031

    Gunga Din, Bringing up baby,  operation petticoat,  batchelor and the bobby soxer,  father goose

  • WT

    Next to James Garner, I think that Cary Grant was my second favorite leading man because he played such a range of characters.  I liked most of his films; however, the top ones are: (1) Penny Serenade, (2) Notorious, (3) His Girl Friday, (4) Affair to Remember, (5) In Name Only, (6) I Was a Male War Bride, (7) Monkey Business, (8) My Favorite Wife, (9) Room for One More,  and (10) North by Northwest.

  • W.D.(Bill) Southworth

    Arsenic & Old Lace.

    • Pamhandle

      I’m with you Bill. Arsenic & Old Lace never gets old and I take it out and watch it ever so often. Some of the lines are just so funny.

  • Poppopfaber

    I do not know of any of his movies that I did not like.

  • Frogsitter

    I love all of the mentioned movies, but what about Monkey Business and Arsenic and Old Lace and Bringing Up Baby.  These were all great movies, too!!  I love watching them all.

  • John

    I also thought Bring Up Baby and Father Goose were pretty good as well. 

  • Ppeters

    Loved Carey Grant in “An Affair to Remember”  with Debra Kerr.

  • Margie

    Arsenic and Old Lace
    Gunga Din
    North by Northwest

  • Mwr5

    He made every movie he was in better, The Philadelphia Story, His Girl Friday, The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer, My Favorite Wife, Penny Serenade.

  • Ex-Submariner 663

    To have a list of favorite Cary Grant movies and not include Notorious makes one wonder if they ever saw a Cary Grant movie. The supporting cast alone is worth the price of admission!

  • Ric0153

    Arsenic and Old Lace
    Only Angels Have Wings
    North By Northwest

  • Ric0153

    Honorable Mention:  Operation Petticoat

  • Oracle52

    The Philadelphia Story
    Mr Blandings Builds his Dream House
    An Affair to Remember
    Bringing Up Baby

  • Randallhorn000

    Bringing Up Baby. “I’ll be with you in a minute, Mr. Peabody!”
    Arsenic & Old Lace. “Others. You mean OTHER OTHERS?!!”
    North by Northwest. “What’s the ‘O’ stand for?”  “Nothing.”
    Notorious. Devlin: “Don’t you need a coat?” Alicia: “You’ll do.”
    His Girl Friday. “That dumb immigrant will flop on me, as sure as you’re born!”
    Gunga Din. “Very regimental, Din.”
    Operation Petticoat. “We sunk a truck!”
    Holiday.  “When I find myself in a position like this, I ask myself what would General Motors do?
                     Then I do the opposite.”

  • Dog888k

    CG held his own playing against Mae West in She Done Him Wrong. And in Blonde Venus Dietrich in her gorilla suit was keeping an eye on him before she did her Hot Voodoo routine.

  • Isis

    I really don’t like him but in NORTH BY NORTHWEST he WAS great.

  • Sandy G

    I can’t get it down to 5 – there are too many I like – but if I have to:

    North by Northwest
    Philadelphia Story
    Monkey Business
    Bringing Up Baby

    Oh, and The Bishop’s Wife, Arsenic and Old Lace, His Girl Friday, Once Upon a Honeymoon…

  • Dog888k

    Its easy to trash a weak movie like Dream Wife, but Cary and Deb Kerr work well with one another; a warm up for An Affair to Remember.

  • Leedegrance54


  • LindaBeth727

    Cary Grant…sigh…!!! I agree with all of the listed and would like to add Bringing up Baby, The Philidelphia Story and Father Goose.

  • Be9bi

    Charade, North by Northwest, Gunga Din, Arsenic and Old Lace,His Girl Friday, Father Goose,
    Oops ,!’ve got 7 favorites But of course he was good in every film he ever made. Sometimes better in some then others. 

  • Rob Maynard

    “Good in every film he ever made”? You evidently have yet to see his first, Singapore Sue. I do love Anna Chang and Joe Wong in that one, however.

  • Blademan

    Those and : Only Angels Have Wings, Charade, Mr Lucky, Holiday and The Philidelphia Story.

    • Blademan

      Philadelphia that is.  

      Plus Gunga Din, It Takes a Thief and His Girl Friday.  All the Hitchcock and Hawks stuff, actually. 

    • hypatiab7

      Argh! That’s another favorite – “Mr. Lucky”! There are so many, it’s impossible to just choose five. I think I may have confused “Morning Glory” with “Hoilday” in another message. I’m not sure.

  • cindy

    I love Cary Grant ! My favorite movies are 1) An Affair to remember,2) The Awful Truth(he’s hilarious), 3) Suspicion,4)North By Northwest,5) Arsenic and Old Lace,6) The Bishops’ Wife,7) Bringing Up Baby,8) Monkey Business,9) People will Talk,10) Charade.There will never be another Cary.

  • cindy

    I forgot my favorite “Tear Jerker” Cary movie” Penny Serenade.

  • Homesick New Englander

    Notorious for drama.  Bringing Up Baby for comedy.

  • Smokefyre

    THE AWFUL TRUTH is one of my favorite movies of all time, so it has to be included (in my humble opinion). How about Cary singing the theme from AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER while he’s taking a shower in his last movie, WALK, DON’T RUN? It always cracks me up.

    • Leafawn

      I love the Awful Truth too (along with so many others listed here), but I actually wanted to comment on his singing the Theme to An Affair to Remember in Walk, Don’t Run! I love the way he does these sneaky little film references. He also whistled the theme to Charade in the same shower in Walk Don’t Run..And then there’s all those sneaky references in Bringing Up Baby (references Jerry the Nipper from the Awful Truth), His Girl Friday (he even says Ralph Bellamy looks like Ralph Bellamy! for crying out loud), and the leopard spotted dressing gown in My Favorite Wife…. Love it!

      • Wayne P.

        In His Girl Friday Cary Grant also mentions Archie Leach during the dialogue in the press room while scene chewing…that, of course, is his real name (Archibald Leach)!

      • Bruce Reber

        He also sang (or hummed, I can’t recall exactly) “Singin’ in the Rain” in the shower after he sent his suit to be pressed in “North By Northwest”.

  • dog888k

    Don’t forget Some Like It Hot, where Tony Curtis as Shell Oil Jr. does a perfect Cary accent while courting Sugar (MM). And Jack Lemmon says, “Where did you get that accent? Nobody talks like that?”  

  • Talbottrail

    Gunga Din & Once upon a Honeymoon with Ginger Rodgers.

  • Roger Lynn

    my favorites are That Touch Of Mink,,,,Father Goose,,,and my all time fave was Charade his best film,,,,None But The Lonely Heart,Houseboat round out top 5
    5) Houseboat
    4) None But The Lonely Heart
    3) Father Goose
    2) That Touch Of Mink
    1) Charade

    in fact Charade is in my top 10 of all time great films,,and my top 10 of all time favorites……………

    • hypatiab7

      I also enjoyed “None But the Lonely Heart”. Grant could do terrible cads beautifully.
      And, I like “Morning Glory, too. It’s very dramatic, but I figure that it was taken from a stageplay. It’s also the movie that the silly line about the callalilys comes from. And,
      it gives Grant a chance to show off his acrobatics.

  • Roger lLnn

    forgot NORTH BY NORTHWEST it will push Houseboat to number 6

  • Frank1168

    I was not a big fan of Mr. Grant, but I will submit my favorite role. In Gunga Din, Sergeant Archibald Cutter, In the Queen’s service. Long live the Queen!!!

  • dog888k

    In ’86 not too long after Cary died in Davenport, Iowa, a midwest call-in radio show I heard took a call from a guy in Davenport.  The show host asked him how people in Davenport were handling having Cary Grant die in their town. The caller said, “We are now Of All Places.  The news media are all saying, ‘Cary Grant died in Davenport, Iowa, of all  places.’ ”
         Re Cary movies; has anyone seen The Pride and the Passion?  It was on TV once back in the 60s, but I don’t know if it has ever even been put on vhs.      

    • elginman

      Was that movie with Sophia Loren and Frank Sinatra? big bomb, terrible, yuck.

      • dog888k

        That’s the one. But allrovi said it made a lot of money. Supposedly Frank’s attempt to do a Spanish peasant accent was so bad his voice was edited out of the trailer.

    • verneaux

      It’s out on DVD as part of the Frank Sinatra: MGM Movie Legends Collection

  • Percy

    Charade and To Catch a Thief.
    The three best actors—Bogart, Mitchum and Grant. 

  • R Quesenbury

    “An Affair To Remember,” “To Catch A Thief,” “The Batchelor and the Bobby-Soxer”, Operation Petticoat,”, “Father Goose,” “Charade,” “Indiscreet”.

  • Cinziajuly

    north by northwest, arsenic and old lace, bringing up baby, to catch a thief and my favorite wife. north by northwest is in my top 5 movies of all time—i just love that flick ! 

  • Peck Richard117

    I think Cary Grant had the most range of any leading man–he could play silly, suave, sophisticated, brooding, sinister and more. I can’t think of anyone else to match him

  • Ed Tully

    1) The Philadelphia Story – he hit his stride in this film; I think it is the defining role of his career
    2) His Girl Friday – such great overlapping dialogue, I think it was Rosalind Russell’s best role.
    3) Arsenic And Old Lace – I’m a Capra nut; wasn’t there a headstone with the name “Archibald Leach” on it in the cemetery between their houses? “Charge!”

    • hypatiab7

      Just saw “Yankee Doodle Dandy” again (of course, it was the Fourth of July). And
      the same actor who plays the Brewster brother who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt
      plays Roosevelt again in a tiny scene in this movie, too.

  • DWilmanski

    My Cary Grant favorites are:  a.  Notorious; b.  North by Northwest; c.  Arsenic and Old Lace; d.  Charade; and e.  Suspicion.

  • Dixiegarden

    Cary Grant apppeared in so many stand-out, memorable movies~!  I adore him with Katharine Hepburn, Irene Dunne, and Rosalind Russell, among others. However, the train scene in North By Northwest of his necking with Eva Marie Sainte is so sexy, so hot, it’ll be forever burned into my brain!

  • faithful

    Cary Grant ran the gamut from witty, lover, drama, etc.  All his films were great.  Notorious, An Affair to Remember, Night and Day, To Catch a Thief, The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (what other actor could play that role), Charade, Suspicion, That Touch of Mink, North by Northwest, Indiscreet, To Catch a Thief, Male War Bride.  Never saw “Penny Serenade” or “Walk, Don’t Run” and a few others that were mentioned; hope they will be viewed in the near future. 
    It would be an injustice to limit his acting ability to just five great movies. 

  • Doc Reid

    An Affair to Remember, Charade, Arsenic and Old Lace, Monkey Business, North By Northwest…

  • NativeMont

    Father Goose. He is not debonair which he typically is in a movie. So the grumpy guy makes this film even funnier.

  • shuggiplum

    Mr Grant reaches deep into his sole in “NONE BUT THE LONELY HEART”, pulling his own past, and deep internal struggles with his own mother, who in later life had mental illness. Brought her to the states taking care of her till her death. One of the finest films of tremendous authenticity.
    His understated acting pulls your heart into the struggles of that universal theme of Mother and Son.

    In Penny Serenade, he hits his peak of emotional theater when begging the orphan director to give him a chance as a father. It is a monologue that should be framed and way ahead of its time.

    In “His Girl Friday” his rapid paced dialogue, and up keep to the great Roz Russel, made history, with it’s breathless movement of quick wit. And you can’t beat that script. Every time I see it, I hear something new in its underlying theme of socialist penning, long before the McCarthy period stamped down on Hollywood.

    Ironically, Arsenic and Old Lace, a classic favorite, was the one movie that Mr. Grant hated. Felt it was his worst. Over the top and silly. I must have seen this 200 times over the course of my life, and still love his mugging.

    I miss great actors like Cary Grant. So diverse, so willing to take risk. What a guy…

    • hypatiab7

      Sounds like Cary Grant and Charlie Chaplin had similar problems with mentally ill mothers that both brought to the US for better care.

    • Cougar

      How come no one mention ” I Was AMale War Bride” It’s great!!!

  • Connie Cupcake

    I totally agree with you. The amazing Cary Grant is an icon and my all time #1 Hollywood Star. My favorite movie starring him is “The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer” with Shirley Temple and Myrna Loy. It’s one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, and is a classic among my entire family!! Love that Cary Grant!!!! 🙂

  • Jon Paley

    I love all of Cary’s movies but my favorites are : Suspicion, Mr. Lucky, Bringing up Baby, North by Northwest, and An Affair to Remember.

  • Bruce Brown




  • Joseph23006

    Too bad the writer confined himself to five movies, twenty would be better! Most were light but no mention of the dark side in ‘None bu the Lonely Heart’ with Ethel Barrymore.

  • Bringing Up Baby

    You can not beat Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn.

  • David de Rochemont

    To Catch A Thief > Cannes after the War; Grant; Kelly; Hitchcock….it doesn’t get any better!

  • Dancing Donna

    The Awful Truth and My Favorite Wife, both so funny, with Irene Dunne!

  • joescarp

    One of my two favorite actors (Bogart being the other). It would be easier to ask which are is worst movies. Then there would be very few to choose from.

  • Joseph

    North by Northwest
    but also Charade, and so many others

  • hiram

    Charade, North by Northwest, Notorious, Bringing Up Baby — and just to offer something different for consideration, Destination Tokyo. But how can one pick five?

  • Beckett

    My top 6 are, Father Goose, Charade, Suspicion, Arsenic and old Lace, Houseboat and That Touch of Mink. List could go on he has so many great movies.

  • williamsommerwerck

    “Arsenic and Old Lace” is horrible. Capra apparently told Grant to grotesquely over-react, and it is a terrible performance.
    I won’t argue your other choices; they’re all excellent performances. But let’s not forget that Grant occasionally “walked through” a part without contributing much. Fortunately, these are in the minority.

    • hypatiab7

      “Arsenic & Old Lace” is marvelous. It is the kind of movie where overacting is a total necessity. Grant’s mugging, Massey’s scariness, Lorre’s fear and relief, Carson’s idiocy and the aunt’s sweetness were all played to the hilt and fit the movie perfectly. Plus, I
      love any movie that shows Grant’s vaudeville background. He was an acrobat, and bits
      of this show up in several of his movies.
      Other Cary Grant favorites are Charade, To Catch A Thief, The Philadelphia Story,
      Bringing Up Baby and, in spite of its racist overtones, Gunga Din.

      • williamsommerwerck

        My understanding is that Grant was not happy with the final results.
        I have no doubt Ms Hepburn was happy with everything Mr Grant did with her.

  • jo

    Notorious! Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, AND Alfred Hitchcock. What could be more perfect?

  • rukidding?

    I agree with you about “Arsenic and Old Lace” being the favorite Grant film, however, my list would have to include “The Bishops Wife” and definitely, “Father Goose”.

  • Moviebuff54

    Bringing Up Baby & Notorious-THE BEST!!!

  • tom

    So many from which to choose…but I’ll have to go with “THE BISHOP’S WIFE”. Not only is it my favorite Christmas movie, because it blends the true meaning of Christmas while even mentioning Santa Clause, but he comes across great as an angel with common sense.

  • rodahaco

    North By Northwest, To Catch a Thief, The Philadelphia Story, Holiday. Four of my faves,although there are still too many to chose from.

  • ptrcbarba

    people will talk and arsenic and old lace are my favorites although anything with him in it was great

    • hypatiab7

      How could I forget “People Will Talk”? That is an all time favorite. And Hume Cronyn
      was such a marvelous little weasel, too.

  • Eric Nilsson

    I agree with Hiram about “Charade.” It was a very suspenseful movie. I would also add “Father Goose,” although I am probably in the minority. Regarding “Father Goose,” Cary Grant, even at his advanced age, could sing, dance and mug as well as James Cagney in some of his movies.

  • Kevin

    Angels Have Wings, His Girl Friday, Bringing up Baby, North By Northwest, To Catch a Thief

  • lg

    “Arsenic and Old Lace” and “Monkey Business” for comedy. “Penny Serenade” for full-box-of-tissue-drama. And “Charade” for watching 2 of the most beautiful actors together on screen.

  • nick nuzzo

    the bishop’s wife,arsenic and old lace,mr.lucky,my favorite wife,an affair to remember,great classy actor,there’s not a movie of his u wouldn’t like

  • Lyle

    Charade, The Philadelphia Story, Gunga Din, Notorious, Topper.

  • Steve in Sacramento

    Mine, not necessarily in order: The Awful Truth, His Girl Friday, The Philadelphia Story, Notorious, and North by Northwest. Then again, I haven’t seen all of Grant’s movies, and there are a lot more good ones that I have seen.

  • NSG

    I also love Arsenic and Old Lace. Such a classic. The emotions Grant goes through are so hilarious. He stretches these for extreme comedic effect, and they really work, even now! He should have garnered an Oscar for this movie, but sadly, he never won a competitive Oscar.
    That’s another story, though …

  • Phil from Fort Worth

    The Awful Truth, Notorious, Charade, North by Northwest, Gunga Din

  • tone26

    where do you start? gunga din,bringing up baby,the howards of virginia etc. etc. the all time champ

  • Gayle Feyrer

    My Top 5, well 6, Cary Movies: Notorious. Holiday. His Girl Friday. To Catch A Thief. The Philadelphia Story (love the movie more than his role in it.). North by Northwest.

  • emk00

    North by Northwest(5), Father Goose(4), Arsenic & Old Lace (3), Philadelphia Story (2), Operation Petticoat (1) I love all his movies and have most of them.

  • Jan

    Cary Grant could not make a bad movie if he tried. He was just too………..well, Cary Grant.

  • KarenG958

    1. Charade. 2. Suspicion, 3. Arsenic & Old Lace, 4. His Girl Friday, 5. a tie between Notorious & Gunga Din.

  • Demise

    No one mentioned the awesome, Father Goose, where he tries to look scruffy.

    • Little Old Lady

      Yes,,,and it must have been extremely difficult to make Cary Grant look scruffy!

    • Mark Malak

      I love the scene where that girl wants Walter to kiss her.It’s Cary doing an imitation of himself.Hilarious!

  • Lulabell

    1. People Will Talk 2. Charade 3. North by Northwest 4. Monkey Business 5. The Bishop’s Wife. All of these roles just seemed to be perfect for him.

  • Rex Bobinette

    In no order … Bringing Up Baby, Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream House, North By Northwest, Gunga Din, and Notorious!

  • Capoman

    Father Goose. Gunga Din, Destination Tokyo.

  • Name

    Has anyone seen or mentioned “Room for One More”? with Betsy Drake who he was married to for a while. That movie was based on a real life family. Love that flick!

    • Virginia

      He also made Every Girl Should be Married with Drake. It’s one of my favorites. Liked Room for One More too. Funny that Grant played so many fathers so well–Mr. Blandings, Penny Serenade, yet didn’t become a father himself until he was in his 60s.

  • BarbinOK

    Cary was wonderful in everything he touched! Loving good laughs without a lot of tension, I really love “Monkey Business.” And by the way, Happy 102nd Birthday, Ginger!

  • sandy

    My favorite Cary Grant movie is Arsenic and Old Lace. My other favorite is I Was a Male Order Bride. They’re both hilarious

  • Becky

    My all time favorite Cary Grant movie is That Touch of Mink with Doris Day. And who could forget An Affair to Remember! Cary was the best!

  • David

    How about “Topper”, Cary as ghost George Kirby along with Constance Bennett provided great entertainment. It was my introductions to Mr. Grant and I have been a fan ever since.

  • Laura B.

    Holiday and Notorious

  • Clifton A. Arnold

    What about operation petticoat or Father goose or the great adventure, or my girl friday

  • footcenter

    Bringing up baby, awful truth, north by northwest, I was a male warbride & topper would make my top 5

  • Tiffany D. Fontaine

    My favorite is “The Awful Truth,” and “Charade.” I agree completely about AGrant – I always thought that had I had a son, I would have named him Grant.

  • Stefano Kanoles

    Charade … Houseboat … Notorious … great films. Don’t think there’s a Cary Grant movie that I don’t enjoy

  • Tony Raz

    Notorious / Bringing up baby / His Girl Friday / Arsenic and Old lace / North by Northwest in that order

  • nicolas

    North By Northwest is my favorite of his films. the others would be An Affair to Remeber, His Girl Friday, The Bishops Wife, Notorious. I know a lot of people like Charade, and the beginning of the film is really good, but just seems to die to me, and his being in the shower with his suit on, just doesn’t make it for me. Walter Mathau though was really good in that film. I know this will be balsphemy, but I actually liked the remake with Mark Wahlberg and Thadie Newton more.

    • Bruce Reber

      Yes, IMO that IS blasphemy! The original 1963 “Charade” (the best Hitchcock film never directed by Hitchcock, as it’s been called) with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn really rocks! From the beginning it only gets better as it goes along. I hope I can see it again soon (it hasn’t been shown on TV for almost 10 years). Also, I admit I didn’t see the remake.

  • Joseph23006

    Archie Leach did it all, love with sincerty, cunning with suaveity, humor with an edge. No actor ever seemed to make me part of the character he played.

  • Little Old Lady

    Favorite Cary Grant film is Arsenic and Old Lace. Hilarious, and great story line.

  • puppy pink

    i still think that my gal friday, is one his best.

  • Saw them in Theaters/Old Gal

    I agree with your picks so I’ll just add Bishop’s Wife, Topper, Charade, His Girl Friday, and I didn’t see anyone mention his Last Film Walk Don’t Run. Just as great as the rest but then you could list all 73 and not find a bad one. With his talent and dedication to his craft his hard work made them all worth seeing. I watch them so much I start smiling before he says the funny lines cause I know it’s coming and I still laugh or cry with an Affair to Remember. I just can’t have Halloween without Arsenic or Xmas without The Bishop. Cary will always be No.1. I just wish the younger people would watch these OLD movies,they don’t know what real talent is….

  • FalmouthBill

    As I have stated before I watch certain films at certain times of the year, so obviously Cary Grant list high in my yearly scenario !
    1] Arsenic and Old Lace [ Halloween ]
    2] The Bishops Wife [ Christmas]
    3] Mr. Blandings builds his Dream House [ April Fools Day]
    4] Charade [ anytime]
    5] To Catch a Thief [ anytime]
    In my scheme of things Cary Grant truly is “a man for all seasons !

  • BernardS

    My Top Five Cary Grant movies are: 1. An Affair to Remember, 2. To Catch a Thief, 3. Charade,
    4. A Touch of Mink, 5. Bringing Up Baby. Come to think of all the Cary Grant movies I have
    seen, he was always good, some movies may not be as enjoyable, but he rises above all
    material and he always make his co-star look good. Even iconic stars like the five above.
    Cary Grant is the BEST actor Hollywood ever “produced”.

  • Emeritus

    We each have our own favorites. I enjoy those spots where he pans the camera with that exasperated look on his face. My favorites, in no special order are:
    Operation Petticoat
    North by Northwest
    It takes a Thief
    Father Goose

    • Antone

      The actual title is the second part of “it takes a thief To Catch a Thief”.

  • Elizabeth

    Life with Baby, Walk Don’t Run, Arsenic & Old Lace, Monkey Business, Charade

    • Antone

      Do you mean Bringing Up Baby? [along with Monkey Business, a chance to catch the debonair Cary as a 4-eyed geek].

  • roger lynn


  • Virginia

    My favorites, in no particular order:

    North by Northwest
    Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House
    Suspicion (despite the strange ending)
    Penny Serenade
    Every Girl Should be Married (oops that’s 6, but I like almost ALL of his movies)

    • Virginia

      Someone just wrote about the 7th in my list of 5, My Favorite Wife. Love that picture! How could I forget it!!

  • Antone

    I own about 20 Grant films, so I have no need to pick 5. I’ll answer as though I was advising a youngster, which five would be a good introduction to his work. I’ll use the Chinese menu method of 1 from column A, etc.

    Col A: Hitch serious [pick 1] North By Northwest or Notorious;
    Col B: Hitch {or Hitch-like} caper [pick 1] Charade or To Catch a Thief;
    Col C: Unique comedy only possible with Grant, Ros Russell & Hawks: [pick 1] His Girl Friday*;
    Col D: Comedy [pick 1] Arsenic & Old Lace, The Awful Truth, Bringing Up Baby, I Was a Male War Bride, My Favorite Wife, The Philadelphia Story or Topper.
    Col E: Misc [pick 1] I’m not fond of his tearjerkers or Gunga Din, so I recommend a 2nd from D.

    *His Girl Friday is amazing in it’s use of overlapping dialog, without losing comprehension or humor, while keeping things moving at break-neck speed.

    Those anxious to see Cary in drag should choose I Was a Male War Bride. I was disappointed to find he was less pretty than Curtis & Lemmon but vastly cuter than Hoffman.

    If you want a Kipling movie, The Man Who Would Be King with Connery & Caine is much better than Gunga Din [where he is treated by the British officers like horse dung on their boots until after he dies].

    • Virginia

      Your comment about Grant in drag (less pretty than Curtis & Lemmon), is very interesting. In my opinion Grant is Far Better Looking than either of those men, but you’re right he looked Terrible as a woman. Does it have something to do with our perception of him? Wanting him to be the man he is in the movies–fatally attracted to, and attractive to women, ONLY? His “maleness”? Or, is handsome really Very Different from “pretty”?
      Very interesting.

      • Antone

        Of course the horsetail wig and wholesome makeup-free look didn’t help. However, everything about Cary screamed masculinity. His gaze, smile, body language, wit & humor were woman-drawing assets none of us mere mortal men could compete with. Burt Lancaster is another handsome man who could not look good as a woman.

  • movie buff

    Very tough. So many good ones. Bringing Up Baby, the Philadelphia Story, North by Northwest, Notorious, and Arsenic and Old Lace. Honourable mentions; His Girl Friday, the Awful Truth, to Catch a Thief, and Suspicion.

  • Mark Malak

    The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer,Mr. Blandings builds his dream house,North by Northwest,Father Goose,and my favorite,Only Angels Have Wings,where he comes as close as he ever did to saying”Judy,Judy,Judy”.

  • Dana Thompson

    Arsenic & Old Lace, Bringing Up Baby, The Philadelphia Story, An Affair to Remember, Suspicion, and for good luck Notorious

  • HenryT516

    Arsenic & Old Lace, North by Northwest, The Bishop’s Wife, Mr. Lucky & Gunga Din are my favorite Cary Grant films. I also liked Father Goose, Destination Tokyo (which was the 2nd movie ever saw Cary Grant in, Gunga Din was the 1st) & some of his older films from the late 30’s & 40’s. That is not to say I did not enjoy some of his films in the 50’s-70’s. He is among my top 10-15 actors of all time!!

  • DeLores Wright

    Impossible to limit Cary’s movies to “5” ! Love that man!!!

  • Bruce Reber

    My top five Cary Grant movies w/female co-stars (in order):
    “Notorious” w/Ingrid Bergman (1946)
    “North By Northwest” w/Eva Marie-Saint (1959)
    “The Bishop’s Wife” w/Loretta Young (1947)
    “Monkey Business” w/Ginger Rogers (1952)
    “Father Goose” w/Leslie Caron (1964)

  • Chibi

    My favorite Cary Grant movie is People will Talk, and others are An Affair to Remember, Walk Don’t Run, To Catch a Thief and North by Northwest. I cannot think of a movie of his that I DID not like. Best male actor ever!!!!

  • jim

    cannot argue with arsenic and old lace, a classic for sure, but another very fine forgotten grant film is mr. lucky!

  • Rex Bobinette

    Gunga Din, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, Bringing Up Baby, North by Northwest, Notorious

  • Becky

    My favorite films are An Affair To Remember and North by Northwest

  • Monique La Costa

    North by Northwest. To Catch a Thief, An Affair To Remember, Bringing up Baby, The Philadelphia Story. Anything with Cary Grant.

  • Debbie Collins

    Penny Serenade, An Affair to Remember, Notorious, Suspicion, Indiscreet

  • maureengp

    To Catch a Thief. Charade. An Affair To Remember. The Philadelphia Story. North by Northwest.

  • BigE

    The Bishop’s Wife, North by Northwest, Arsenic & Old Lace, An Affair to Remember; Charade

  • Daisy

    “Arsenic & Old Lace”. “Charade”. “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House” (remade by Tom Hanks as “The Money Pit”). “Gunga Din”, “Mr.Lucky”.

    • ronnie2

      Strange. I would never have associated “Mr. Blandings” with “The Money Pit”. They are 2 really different movies. One a very good movie, the other mediocre.
      I didn’t realize the Hanks movie was supposed to be a remake.

      • Daisy

        Actually, they have a lot in common. Certain changes were made as it was not an “official” remake, but if you watch the two movies, they are very similar. Both deal with a man buying a large house that has seen better times, both find themselves having to do major restorations at great expense, with many mishaps, plus he has to deal with his wife’s infatuation with an old boyfriend (in The Money Pit, it was an ex-husband. But both films work out inthe end.

  • Penny Wallis

    Not listed necessarily in order but the movies I would include are, “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, In Name Only, Penny Serenade, Arsenic and Old Lace, I Was a Male Order Bride”. It’s hard to stop because I’ve got at least 5 or more titles I could mention. Cary and Katharine Hepburn are my favorites of yesteryear!

  • Mark

    Bringing up baby, the Philadelphia story, north by northwest,

  • jcog

    All his films were great…..Arsenic and Old Lace, best comedy ever; North by Northwest; An Affair to Remember; To Catch A Thief; The Bishop’s Wife; Notorious; really all his movies. Talk of the Town with Jean Arthur and Ronald Coleman; Night and Day. You can’t just pick five when it comes to Cary!!!

  • dk

    Cary Grant stated that “Arsenic and Old Lace” was his worst film performance, but I think it’s because it was 100% contrary to his later cemented image as “smooth and debonair”, the LAST thing Mortimer Brewster could be under the circumstances!

    • ronnie2

      I have to agree with Cary. He’s one of my favorite actors of all time, but I didn’t particularly enjoy him as a bumbler. It just didn’t seem to fit him, though I too might be comparing those lighter performances to his later debonair persona, which seemed to suit him much better.

  • Maria

    I have to admit a fondness for Arsenic and Old Lace, but my favorite is Bringing Up Baby, followed by North by Northwest, Notorious, The Bishop’s Wife (which I watch every Christmas), Philadelphia Story

  • Bryan Ruffin

    I was never aware Mr Grant considered Arsenic to have been one of his worst performances! I always thought it simply gave an example of his versatility. He was really very funny, I thought. In my mind, it just proved that he was just that great of an actor! He was capable of fitting in any role.
    Monkey Business is another example! He played opposite my favorite female actor (actress), Ginger Rogers, was able to play both a serious and a comedic role. Both Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers played these duel roles without a hitch! Proving once more, he is able to do pretty much any role he has.
    Great actor.

  • Glenn Summar-Queen

    But I can’t do it in five but I can do it in ten:
    An Affair to Remember
    Arsenic and Old Lace
    My Favorite Wife
    To Catch a Thief
    Make Mine Mink
    I Was a Male War Bride
    Talk of the Town
    People Will Talk
    Every Girl Should Be Married

  • Cheryl Harris Wright

    His GirlFriday, Gunga Din,Bringing Up Baby, Notorious,Charade

  • dirkwrestler

    PENNY SERENADE, for sure. Very sophisticated to show the loss of a pregnancy by having a giant house beam fall on a baby rattle during an earthquake and crush it — thats all you need to see or hear; enough said.

  • Eric J Drysdale

    Sydney – Australia. Extraordinarily difficult. Cary Grant has been my favourite actor for 55 years. NORTH BY NORTHWEST, which I have seen 30 times, is my favourite movie, period. I keep a record of every movie I see (and every book I read – average 137 per year). The 2nd, 3rd and 4th time I saw NXNW was 3 times in 4 days when I was living in Townsville (North Queensland) in 1961. I rode my pushbike 30 miles each time for the pleasure. I have a copy of Ernie Lehman’s script on the book shelf.
    The other 4, with number of times seen in brackets, would be:
    AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER (16); PEOPLE WILL TALK (6); TO CATCH A THIEF (12) and MR. BLANDINGS BUILDS HIS DREAM HOUSE (12). However, I could readily select another 4 that would be right up there, too – as someone observed: not an easy task. Happy viewing.

  • djsteffen

    For some unknown(to me)reason I have not seen “Penny Serenade” but I would have to believe it would rank highly in my list. My favorites, not necessarily his best roles, and not in a particular order, are: Gunga Din; Father Goose; North By Northwest; Suspicion(fantastic film); oh, hell, anything else he did. In my estimation, the best leading man with the most talent and range. EVER!

  • Jonathan Silverberg

    Bringing Up Baby, Arsenic and Old Lace, Gunga Din, To Catch a Thief, His Girl Friday…just out of the money: Notorious, Charade, An Affair to Remember, North By Northwest, The Awful Truth, Only Angels Have Wings, The Philadelphia Story, My Favorite Wife…

    I’ve just read through all 363 comments (as of 3/24/15), and I am amazed that 1) there are so many (30 or so) votes for Holiday, which is dull, not funny and very dated, and 2) not one vote for Sylvia Scarlett, which is one of a kind. While financially quite unsuccessful upon initial release, the movie’s themes of sexual politics are now considered well ahead of its time; don’t miss it if you like offbeat material, and to see Hepburn disguised as a boy. P.S. It was a favorite of Pauline Kael’s.

    • John Sholin

      My favorite Cary Grant movie of all time is North by Northwest because it combines humor and scary drama so perfectly intertwined as only Hitchcock could. As a director Hitchcock had a sardonic sarcastic nature to most of the material he directed and Grant fit in so well with that vision. My other favorite Grant films include To Catch a Thief, Gunga Din and Charade. But I watch North by Northwest every time it is shown because I never get tired of watching it even though I know exactly what is going to happen. Also I love the Hitchcock cameos in both North by Northwest and To Catch a Thief.

  • Lorraine M.

    No way am I wading through 365 previous comments, so apologies if I’m the 50th person to point this out. But in fact Grant was supposed to have killed wife Fontaine in Suspicion. The original twist ending Hitchcock envisioned was that Johnnie gets caught because of a letter he’d posted for Lina in which, unbeknownst to him, she incriminates him.

    Anyway. My favorite Cary Grant movie? Too many to mention, but it is worth mentioning that 1937’s Topper, the film that put him on the Movie Star map, was his 28th film. 28th! Do we allow actors anymore that kind of time to find their footing? And I remain fascinated by the complexities of Grant’s private life which no doubt illuminated and informed his screen performances in subtle and myriad ways. (It could be said that Cary Grant’s public life was an ongoing performance.)

  • Laura A. Atiyeh

    Cary Grant was THEE quintessential leading man, smart, witty, charming, athletic, Tall, Dark& Handsome, need I say more? My favorite CG movies, in no particular order: North by Northwest, The Awful Truth, Notorious, His Girl Friday, To Catch a Thief, Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House, The Bachelor & the Bobby-Soxer, Bringing Up Baby, Arsenic & Old Lace, Monkey Business, the Philadelphia Story, Gunga Din, She Done Him Wrong, I couldn’t name only five. It’s safe to say I watch any & all of these whenever they’re on! God Bless You, Cary Grant for all the years entertaining all of us!!!!

  • Patricia Trevino

    Cary Grant was one of a kind, irreplaceable, charming, talented, versatile, etc., etc., etc. He was in more movies that I enjoyed watching than any other actor. Those movies include Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. Penny Serenade, The Bishop’s Wife, Suspicion, and Notorious. Talk about versatility! You have comedy, pathos, fantasy, drama. and he did it all well. He made them my favorite movies. What a class act! There will never be another like him.

  • Bruce Reber

    My Five Favorite Cary Grant movies (in order): 1-“North By Northwest” 2-“Charade” 3-“Notorious” 4-“Bringing Up Baby” 5-“Father Goose”. It’s really disgraceful that he never won an Oscar for any of his fantastic performances, in a career that spanned four decades. However, he was awarded an Oscar in 1982 for his body of work.

  • Alex Krajci

    1959’s North By Northwest Is One Of My Favorite Films.

  • Ronald Talbert

    To Catch A Thief, North By Northwest, An Affair to Remember, Bringing Up Baby, Holiday

  • Nicole

    Who doesn’t love Cary Grant? Mr. Lobosco came very close to my favorite films of Mr. Grant. I think #1 would be “People Will Talk’, #2 ‘North By Northwest’ #3 ‘Mr. Blandings Builds his dream House, #4 ‘Houseboat’, and #5 Suspicion. Picking a top ten would be easier!

  • SGF59

    With you on Mr Blandings, Also Arsenic and Old Lace, Love Philadelphia Story and Bringing Up Baby, I also really liked Father Goose as it was rather offbeat. Houseboat is a winner and at the holidays The Bishop’s Wife. His outings with Alfred Hitchcock are so different that while I enjoyed them immensely and his talent is without question….I guess I don’t associate them that closely, as things like That Touch of Mink….His light touch was spot on

  • Bruce Reber

    My 5 favorite CG movies – in the following order:
    1-“North By Northwest”
    3-“Bringing Up Baby”
    4-“His Girl Friday”
    5-“Father Goose”
    Also, I totally agree that CG was THE definition of the Leading Man.
    There’ll never be another one like him!

    • Bruce Reber

      I just noticed that I’d already posted my CG top 5 – I listed almost the exact same picks; the only difference is that I swapped out “Charade” for “His Girl Friday” in my post a few minutes ago.

  • Jim Kornacki

    Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
    North by Northwest
    Arsenic and Old Lace
    Destination Tokyo
    The Bishop’s Wife

  • Robert G. Clark

    An Affair to Remember

  • NJ Lady

    “The Bishop’s Wife.” I believe he portrayed a Christmas angel.

  • Kathy F.

    Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, North by Northwest, His Girl Friday, Father Goose, and I Was a Male War Bride.

  • wbausert

    North By Northwest
    To Catch A Thief
    Bringing Up Baby

  • Larry Bell

    The Philadelphia Story
    Arsenic and Old Lace
    Bring up Baby
    His Girl Friday
    To Catch a Thief

  • Eduardo

    Penny Serenade, An affair to remember, Gunga Din, Father goose

  • Miss_Pshaw

    My favorite actor of all time. (Even if, 20 years ago, my son said, “Who’s she?”). Father Goose; Charade; That Touch of Mink; Walk, Don’t Run; Arsenic and Old Lace

  • IceStormer

    I agree with 1, 2, & 5. I’d round it out with Operation Petticoat and Father Goose.
    Aw, who are we kidding? ANYTHING Cary Grant was in is eminently watchable and enjoyable. I don’t think he made a stinker his whole career.

  • 2mikey

    Operation Petticoat and Father Goose were my favorites !!!

  • Emmett

    1) The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer
    2) Gunga Din
    3) North by Northwest

  • M Raghavan

    1. Mr. Lucky
    2. Notorious
    3. North by Northwest
    4. Walk, Don’t Run
    5. Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer
    6. His Girl Friday
    7. Arsenic and Old Lace
    8. Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
    9. Father Goose
    10. Walk, Don’t Run