What’s Your Favorite “Great” Movie?

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  • Tito Pannaggi

    When I was younger there was a film called “The Great Waltz” (1972) made by Andrew L. Stone. I was a fan of Horst Buchholz and Nigel Patrick two forgotten actors today!

    • Wayne P.

      I think you’re referring to “The Great Waltz” from 1938 with Paul Muni and Luise Rainer.

      • Wayne P.

        My bad…Paul Muni was not in that one.

  • Bjodrie

    Great Expectations(1946)and Great Flamarion(1945)

    • Brighttyger

      I’d vote for the classic Great Expectations too.  Great cast!

  • Erny325

    The Great Waldo Pepper – Robert Redford -  1975

  • Dana-thompson

    The Great Santini is such an exceptionally good film and Robert DuVall nailed that role as a Marine Hoora! is that how you spell that?

    • CarterCE

      On the subject of The Great Santini, I think Michael O’keefe’s acting was equally as good as Duvall’s, and as I mentioned in a previous post, O’keefe should have won the Oscar that year over Tim Hutton’s performance in Ordinary People.  The performances of these two actors and the unique father-son relationship they brought to the screen help make this an excellent film.

  • Judy

    Where is “Great Expectations”?

  • Dave

    The Great Waltz (1938 MGM) featuring the Great singer Miliza Korjus and other Great actors.  A Great musical bio (with the usual historical liberties) of Johann Strauss II.

  • TruthFirst

    Great Expectations is one of the best Dicken’s books made into a movie ever.  Just wonderful acting and scenes!

  • Gfkseratt

    THE GREAT ESCAPE was such a “grab your seat & hold on for dear life” type movie the first time and every time I watch this one,  I see another NEW sequence which makes this one truly GREAT !!

  • Feather

    My personal favorite — just as a fun 90 minutes — is Preston Sturges’ “The Great McGinty.”

    But there’s no doubt that the greatest “Great” movie is Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator”, Ever wonder at the odds that the century’s greatest monster and the century’s most beloved clown would look so much alike? God Bless Chaplin for having the courage to use that resemblence — and his comic gifts — to lamphoon the German dictator (before it was fashionable … other than on poverty row).

  • Anicegirlwanted

    The Great Waldo Pepper with Robert Redford great cast of stars and airplane stunts.

  • Alex

    GREAT DAN PATCH…………………………………wonderful family film
    and GREAT WALTZ………………..The best musical of the 30′s.

  • David Alan

    The Great Waltz…wonderful musical. The Great Ziegfeld was super, and worthy of Best Picture!

  • Frankiedc

    there are many great “Great” movies on the list, but the worst one is the “greatest”…”The Greatest Show on Earth.” When I was a kid, I loved that movie, but I shudder when I see it on tv now. It is  a corny, hokey story with some terrible acting by Charlton Heston, Betty Hutton and Cornel Wilde. Jimmy Stewart and Gloria Grahame rise above the mediocre script, and there are some good special effects, but the movie is a stink pot and I cannot believe it actually won an Oscar for the best movie of the year it was released

    • pocroc

      Hate to admit it but I kind of agree with  you about GSOE.  Like it a lot as a kid, but now, not so much.

    • RBW56

       GSOE beat out “The Quiet Man”, possibly John Wayne’s and John Ford’s greatest collaboration, and that’s saying a lot.   What a travesty . . .

  • pocroc

    The Great Escape was good but I voted for Great Gatzby.  Didn’t know there was a ’49 version.

  • Stupidandforgetful

    I, went with “The Great Train Robbery” but, “The Great Escape” “The Great Race” actually I, could go on down the list they were all actually GREAT in there own way.  Donald Sutherland as a corpse in “The Great Train Robbery” is something I’ ll never forget, not that Sean Connery and Leslie Ann-Down weren’t great as well.

  • Kitkatpress

    The Great Race        Natalie Woods in garters-  what that did to a 16 year old boy !!!!

  • Tony

    The Great escape had so many great actors from all over the world.  Many sub plots to go with the common one.  And great directing.

  • spitfire1938

    Great Expectations, 1946, David Lean!  Perhaps the best “Dickens” on film and certainly among Lean’s best.

  • Marty

    The Great Escape was a terrific film. The cast was amazing.

  • Magman

    By far, “The Great Escape” is the greatest, but if you haven’t yet seen it, check out the “Great Santini”. It’s also known as “The Ace” with Robert Duvall and Blythe Danner.

  • Mount Pouce

    Tough to say.Different time different movie.

  • Mike F.

    David Lean’s Great Expectations

  • Mike

    I happy to vote in this poll.  The Great escape will surely gain the most votes, but…The Great McGinty is a tremendous film that I wish everyone could see. Preston Sturges wrote and directed this most timely of old films. The Roles created by Brian Donlevy and Akim Tamiroff are so clever and well done that you wish the film would never end, but end it does and I promise ..you are going to long to one day…walk into that tropical bar and strike up a conversation


  • Bonnie

    I liked several of the movies listed but voted ‘Other’ just because my first thought on favorite Great movie was Great Balls of Fire about Jerry Lee Lewis’s life.

  • Jer

    I have numerous “Great Movies”. How can one,pick just one?



  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1811678484 Tony Runfalo

    David Lean’s “Great Expectations”.

  • Stagbtm


  • SilentJoe

    And, why is SUNRISE not listed?  Afterall, it was the very 1st winner of 1927/8 Academy Awards Best ARTISTIC Picture.  If anyone doubts that, check out the ‘real’ history and see that WINGS actually won another category despite is current and erroneous listing as Best POPULAR Picture.  Following that year, there was only one aspect of BEST PICTURE.  However, that fact remains about SUNRISE and the first win.  Also, Janet Gaynor won the 1st BEST ACTRESS (for the year via her multiple pictures) in part, due to her role in SUNRISE.  Thus, for anyone who has not seen that picture, once watched you will never forget it.  It is, in *my* view the BEST picture and certainly belongs well up on the list!

    • Thegrouchomarxist

      Ummmmm….. was the title “The Great Sunrise”?? ‘Cause only films with “great” in the title are listed.

    • KenR

      Better stay ‘silent’ Joe. It may be a great movie, but did it have a ‘Great’ title?

    • Lolly828

       Understood, Silent Joe!  And, I love Janet Gaynor in anything she has ever done.  But Sunrise doesn’t start with Great!!

  • Lolly828

    As the name of the poll implies, the name of the movie must be “GGGGRRREEEAAAAATTTTTT! As Tony the Tiger would say!

  • Mlgoens52

    Where’s Great Expectations? Did it not make the list because it didn’t have “The” in front of the title?
    Wake up, Ed!

  • Dog888k

    There were at least five RKO quickie flicks of The Great Gildersleeve.

  • Dog888k

    John Barrymore’s last movie was The Great Man Votes.

  • simbasguard

    I voted for The Great Muppet Caper, I always enjoy the Muppet films.

  • sweetthing

    One of the greastest movies was WHY IS IT ALWAYS OVERLOOKED?

    • diacad

      sweetthing:  It doesn’t have “The Greatest…” or “The Great…” in the title.

  • dog888k

    The Great Man’s Lady–Barbara Stanwyck 1942