What’s Your Favorite Movie with “Heaven” in the Title?

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  • Feuchter2000

    Don’t forget “The Roots of Heave” have not seen it in more than 30 years but it still strikes a chord with me. Even has Orson Wells for a bit.

  • Jeffry Heise

    Let us not forget Terrence Malick’s 1978 masterpiece, DAYS OF HEAVEN.

  • Cynthia LaRochelle

    I must have watched this film hundreds of times,,,, excellent! Kerr & Mitchem were tops.

  • mrshowscan

    I like to nominate for the future “Heaven is for Real”.

  • TrippyTrellis

    Yay! Deborah is trouncing the competition!

  • Ray Smith

    “Seventh Heaven” withy James Stewart and Simon Simone.

  • Antone

    I’ll take the Boulting Brothers 1963 satire Heavens Above starring Peter Sellers as an idealistic priest whose honest, compassionate and inflexible actions alienate all of the special interest groups—both rich and poor. The Church finds a perfect congregation for him; where he can do no further harm.

  • Dwight Walker Mace lll

    All Dogs Go To Heaven

  • ronnie2

    “Leave Her to Heaven” is my favorite. Gene Tierney always comes across as elegant, even regal, even when she is evil.
    I also enjoy watching “All this and Heaven too.” Bette Davis is also one of my favorites. She “owned” every movie she ever appeared in, no matter how small the part.