What’s Your Favorite Godzilla Movie?

To mark this week’s opening of the latest Hollywood take on Godzilla–and the 60th anniversary of the fire-breathing behemoth’s Japanese screen debut, we invite you to vote for your favorite film starring the world’s most famous Green Monster (sorry, Red Sox fans). 

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  • Blair Kramer

    I realize that “Gojira,” the original Japanes release, is a better film than the American re-work called “Godzilla.” But I remember watching the Raymond Burr film on afternoon TV just after school. I can’t tell you the number of times I ran home so I could watch it from the start. I grew up with it. It holds a special place in my heart. So… the 1956 American “Godzilla” is the one for me.

  • mike

    The orginal Japanese version, by far, is the best but having said that, I still enjoy most of them even the stinker Godzilla 2000. The most recent from hollywood is bad also.

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  • williamsommerwerck

    The original Japanese version, hands down. As I said in my Amazon review, it’s the sort of film Bergman would have made if he’d made a monster movie.

    Though the American version “dumbs down” the story for a mass audience, it at least preserves the atmosphere of the original.

  • JC

    Gojira followed by Godzilla Raids Again.