What’s Your Favorite Film Directed by Paul Mazursky?

Filmmaker Paul Mazursky passed away last week at 84. MovieFanFare remembers the five-time Oscar nominee and asks which of his directorial works–Harry and Tonto, An Unmarried Woman, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, and more–is your favorite

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  • Quiggy

    I saw both “Moscow on the Hudson” and “Down and Out in Beverly Hills” in the theater. The first was pretty good, but disappointing, probably because Robin Williams wasn’t the wacky personality he was on stage. DaOiBH however was absolutely hilarious. I have that and “Ruthless People” on a double disc set of Midler movies, and enjoy watching them both from time to time.

  • Quiggy

    Just re-watched Moon Over Parador. I had forgotten Mazursky directed it. It would be at least in the top 5 on my list. Raul Julia was good, and Richard Dreyfuss was equal to him.

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