What’s the Best “Best Picture“ Winner from the 1930s?

MovieFanFare kicks off our annual spotlight on the Academy Awards by asking for your pick for the top Best Picture winner from the 1930s. We’re not sure which film will come out ahead, but statistically there’s a 30% chance it’ll be a Clark Gable film.

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  • Chuck M

    There are several movies on this list that are among my favorites, but Gone With The Wind, was probably the movie of the era. This was the most talked about movie of the decade, between the book and readers thought of which actor would play which character, and the studio publicity mill that kept the title in the public until the picture’s premiere. Movies like Munity on the Bounty, The Great Ziegfeld, and It Happened One Night, are movies that I enjoy watching and rewatching, but nothing can compare to the sweep of GWTW.

  • cicciuzzu

    GWTW may win the poll but I prefer Naughty Marietta whose pairing of Jeanette Mac Donald and Nelson Eddy over the years earned huge sums of money for MGM and introduced some culture to America.

  • ganderson

    Did I miss ‘Wizard of Oz” and “Stagecoach” on the list of nominees? GWTW will likely take home the trophy, but it’s just an overblown soap opera. The first time I saw it on the big screen I was about 12 and went home at the intermission, thinking the movie was done. When I finally got caught up, I realized it’s a much better film when you skip the second half. Put me down for “Wizard of Oz” as best film of the decade (and 1939 for the best year ever for movies).